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Please Stop Overrating Penn State

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September 21, 2017 at 9:45pm

Let me start off by saying I am NOT disrespecting the Nittany Lions. They are a damn good team, the defending Big 10 Champions, and will prove a formidable opponent come 10/28. However, I think our fans are blowing this a bit out of proportion.

The Lions came into the match-up with us last year sitting at 4-2, with a loss to Pitt and an ass whooping by TTUN. For 58 minutes of that game, we led and dominated PSU. Then came a critical juncture. Leading 21-17 with under 2 minutes left, we faced a 4th and long. Instead of calling a timeout and setting up for a FG or getting the punt team to pin them way back, Urban decides to send his FG unit onto the field with 9 seconds remaining on the play clock. The line sprinted onto the field with barely any time to set up, leaving the blocking poor and the snap was hideous. That led to a blocked FG returned for a touchdown. We then proceeded to march to mid field, where J.T. throws a perfect pass to James Clark that would have set us up at the FIVE YARD LINE. PI, but it isn't called. Incomplete on the next two passes, game over.

Penn State then went on to play absolutely nobody of relevance until the championship game, where they were getting demolished until Wisky shit the bed. Then they went to the Rose Bowl where NO defense was played and ended up losing.

Ohio State is still, by all accounts,the better team. If there was any instance where you could say "We beat ourselves", Its last year's game. Do I think the game this year will be a cakewalk? No, but I also don't think it will be as challenging as many believe. I see fans on here talking about PSU as if they're Alabama, and that's not the case. Penn State is good, but they still aren't on our level. There's a reason we made it to the Playoff over them. 

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