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When Did Urban Meyer Stop Being Urban Meyer?

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September 10, 2017 at 1:33pm

First things first: last night sucked. Not quite as bad as Clemson sucked, but only because of a few fortuitous OU blunders that kept the final score looking halfway respectable. Anyone who watched the game knows that Ohio State was thoroughly outplayed (and even more thoroughly out-coached) in all facets except special teams, which...yay! 

Like any Buckeye fan, I hate losing in general, but I'm also self-aware enough to know that we're fortunate to be fans of a team that loses so rarely that it's national news when it does happen. That said, I wasn't pissed after losing to Penn State last year. Although we didn't play well, it was a difficult environment and there were some crazy bounces/calls that just didn't go our way. Right now, however, I am quite frankly disgusted with our coaching staff, specifically with the man at the top of the pyramid. It's one thing to lose and admit that "we need to get better", but we've heard this same song and dance since early 2015. We've gotten promise after promise of "balance" and "we will get this thing fixed", yet nothing has changed. Actually, that's not quite accurate - things have actually gotten worse offensively. 

More to the point of my post: where is 2012-2014 Urban Meyer? Since the magical postseason of 2014, when was the last time that our gameplan was comprised of more than "Qb left, QB right, 5-yard crossing route on 3rd and 7"? Since the 2014 postseason, name one program that has done less with more the same way this program has? I could have accepted a loss last night if we had at least shown some creativity on offense, some semblance of a cohesive offensive gameplan that didn't resort to running the hell out of JT and forgetting that our two stud RBs exist. JT Barrett, Isaiah Prince and Zone-6 are deserving of blame. But after two full seasons (and a third seemingly well on its way) of offensive discombobulation and overwhelming futility, I'm directing most of the blame to the man who, aside from his legendary recruiting, has done little to change the issues that ail this program. His overall record at Ohio State may still be gaudy, but it's also deceiving. Aside from one season (and, admittedly, his record against TTUN), he's lost every game that mattered and we've heard nothing but the same empty promises after each loss.

I won't quite say that I've lost all faith in the man, as there's still a lot of season left. But I no longer take him at his word when he promises to implement changes. At this point, we've heard it all before. 


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