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Speculation on the Noah Brown declaration

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January 9, 2017 at 8:39pm

I have no inside sources, and know no one associated with the team personally, so what follows is simply conjecture, me wondering if this could be a possibility.  I'm not saying it happened, just hoping to collect some opinions on whether or not it is plausible.

Noah Brown's declaration to forgo his remaining eligibility and enter the NFL draft, I think, caught just about everyone off guard.  I don't know anyone that predicted he would take off when he did, but alas, he did.

My question is this.  We know what we have in terms of WR talent on the team. 

Ben Victor, KJ Hill, Austin Mack all represent the young guard.  Guys who are just scratching the surface, just finished up their first year, and all played and all are pure WRs.  We have to assume they only get better.

Terry McLaurin, James Clark, Johnnie Dixon are all guys who have eligibility left, all have shown flashes, and be it due to injury, or otherwise, haven't quite hit their potential yet, but the thought is we haven't quite seen the best they have to offer.

Then there is Parris Campbell, who while as a WR has left much to be desired, he has shown a propensity to make special teams plays, especially kick returns.

So given all that, and also the fact that as it stands the scholarship numbers crunch is still an issue, is there a possibility that the staff talked to Noah and let him know that it was simply his best move to go ahead and declare and cash in on the limited hype he created for himself with the few excellent performances he had this past season?  You have to believe that with the up and coming talent we have that's nipping at Brown's heels (no way Victor sits on the bench, and KJ Hill came on strong at the end of the season), he wasn't going to be the feature #1 WR last year, the talent behind him, and the talent on the way to Columbus next year was going to make that WR room quite crowded. 

So that's the question, it's not a guess, I'm just curious if this seems like it could have happened? 

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