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JT Barrett's NFL ceiling

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November 5, 2016 at 3:06pm

This week in the mailbag, Eric answered a question about JTB's NFL potential by comparing his ceiling to Russell Wilson:

To me, J.T. Barrett's ceiling at the NFL level is Russell Wilson. His floor is someone you mentioned like Crouch or Martinez but I personally think he will end up somewhere in the middle. Barrett is a much more determined worker and leader than Crouch or Martinez, so you put that together with his great athletic ability and the fact he can actually throw a decent ball (don't you dare try to convince me Crouch and Martinez can) and I think someone will take a chance on him in the league.

I think a more accurate "ceiling" comparison for JTB is none other than another Urban Meyer QB, Alex Smith. Compared with JTB:

  • Both are solid runners (JTB is better at this, but Alex runs well)
  • Both are "game-manager" types that rarely turn the ball over in bad situations
  • Both like to check down to the highest efficiency pass and aren't major risk takers
  • Both aren't great throwing deep, and each considered to have average arm strength
  • Both are trusted by their head coaches as kind of "field generals" 

What do you think? When JTB goes pro (I think he'll get a shot), what do you think his ceiling is as a QB? What pro-QB (past or present) do you think he best compares with?



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