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Buckeye Watch Locations Map (Where can I watch the Buckeyes?)

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September 12, 2016 at 8:53pm

With so many threads popping up to ask where displaced Buckeyes can go watch our favorite team play, I thought perhaps we could consolidate them into a map people can reference. 

The idea stemmed from the 11W user map thread started by Ohio1St81. The following is some CTL+C, CTL+V action from that thread. 


Just click Additions -> Add Marker - Simple. Put the establishment name under Entry Name and enter the location. I've gotten the ball rolling from Manhattan, Kansas. 

Disclaimer 1: I didn't come up with this myself, I got this idea from the guy who borrowed it from the Virginia Tech blog, The Key Play. 

Disclaimer 2: If the link isn't opening to the map, click map to go to it. 

Credit to 07/10 for bringing this up earlier. I didn't see that, but since he threw it out there, props to him. (Credit DWeinz) 

So, come on Dubbers, start populating the map with your places where Buckeyes can watch games. 

Edit: Link to the Ohio State Alumni Association map. 

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