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Comment 12 Mar 2017

This isn't talked about enough. THIS YEAR was the year to right the ship. Do we just ignore the fact that he recruited a bunch of players that ended up being "uncoachable?" I'm so frustrated that we're accepting this as good enough.

Comment 18 Feb 2017

I agree that Ohio State is not a "loyalty and feelings" school. Think about a school like St. Joseph's - remember them? In 2004, they came into the tournament #1 with a 27-1 record under coach Phil Martelli, who is currently in his 22nd year with the school. At St. Joseph's, good teams from a decade ago and gratitude for being a good guy can keep you around for that long. Ohio State is not St. Joseph's and the last four years don't cut it. 

Incidentally, that one loss for St. Joseph's was in the Atlantic 10 tournament to Thad Matta's Xavier Musketeers, which almost certainly contributed to Matta's hiring at Ohio State weeks later. It's the circle of life. 

Comment 18 Feb 2017

2010-11: 34-3, Sweet Sixteen
2011-12: 31-8, Final Four; worse record, but further in the tournament, so I'd consider this an improvement
2012-13: 29-8, Elite Eight 
2013-14: 25-10, First Round
2014-15: 24-11, Second Round; further in the tournament, but this is hardly a meaningful improvement. I consider this a decline. 
2015-16: 21-14, NIT Second Round
2016-17: 15-13, TBD

So I'd consider that five seasons of regression. The argument for Thad is that we had a high ceiling from which to start this decline - when you make a Final Four, it's hard to call the season a failure when you can't replicate that success. 

But does Thad deserve one more year to "right the ship?" I say absolutely not. That was this year - purging half of the roster last offseason was the hail mary, and this was the recovery season - not to mention the Big Ten is weak this season, so even a mediocre team should have been able to finish in the top half of the conference. This season has been an even more embarrassing disaster than last year, and the recruiting trajectory remains grim. Thad's a good guy and he's done some great things for Ohio State basketball but that does not earn a lifetime pass to be the head coach. 

Comment 09 Feb 2017

If we were having this conversation in 2014 or 2015 I'd be more willing to be patient. This is our fourth consecutive season of mediocrity, and I disagree that we are better: we have already lost as many Big Ten games this season as we did in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons, with six more conference games coming up. I like Thad, I really do, but I'll be very disappointed if he's back next year. 

And speaking of "one more year" - that's this year, this is the year of benefit of the doubt. Last offseason when a ton of players were jettisoned, I reluctantly got on the "one more year" bandwagon - and here we are, stuck in another lousy season. No more years, Thad. 

Comment 06 Jan 2017

So do fans who refuse to acknowledge shortcomings and weaknesses until something humiliating like this happens. I've been getting told to relax for two years, and I had a feeling it would take a big loss like this to jar people out of that. Even in my pessimism, that loss was worse than I ever imagined it would be. 

Comment 04 Dec 2016

According to Eleven Warriors' comment policy: "If a particularly dumb comment reaches -5 votes, it's unreadable. Once it reaches -10, it's locked. We don't want that to happen often, but we realize that sometimes the trolls come out from below the bridge. Don't be that troll. Don't hold a grudge and downvote people you don't like "just because." Be conscientious and understanding of differing viewpoints; they're what makes the world go 'round."

So what the 2:1 downvote:upvote ratio here is saying is that your comment, which is rational, coherent, cites precedent, and provides a reasonable opinion, is "particularly dumb." You are "that troll" for thinking that Ohio State won't make the playoff. I've been increasingly frustrated by the tunnel vision around here recently. I want Ohio State to make the playoff. The original commenter does too. You do if you're reading this. But it is delusional to think that it is impossible that we don't make it.