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Comment 19 May 2015

I hate Purdue. They are a conference parasite. They are the obnoxious little brother who can't do shit and tags along with the older kids, but never grows up to one day beat them at anything. We missed our chance to jettison that dead weight into the MAC during the conference realignment years. Think of who the ACC took - Syracuse, Louisville, and even Pitt (who I also hate) would have been upgrades over the train wrecks. 

Comment 12 May 2015

The chemistry and overall likability of our current team made our National Championship that much more enjoyable. For me, it would have taken away the thrill if Cardale Jones was a sexual predator as opposed to the charitable, hard working player he's shown himself to be. When I wear my Ohio State National Champions shirt (and I go to Virginia Tech, so I wear it often so they know the hurt is coming soon) it doesn't represent any divas or criminals so there's nothing but pride behind it. 

Comment 12 May 2015

It is absolutely not a consensus among FSU fans who defended his long list of despicable behaviors - if there had been a consensus, they would not have stood for the fact that his "antics", from the immature to the criminal, went unpunished. If FSU is embarrassed, they deserve every bit of it, but frankly I think a large portion of them are too pleased with their National Championship to care about the fact that their entire university is rightfully despised by everyone outside of Tallahassee. 

Comment 11 May 2015

Oh man I could do this all day. 

- Newman singing "Three Times a Lady" as he drives the mail truck over the sewing machine and it catches on fire (oh the humanity!)

- Any of Elaine's interactions with Mr. Pitt: the 3D poster, the socks, "Have you gotten the salt off those pretzels yet?"

- The Jon Voight car, as George goes from pure joy to heartbreak when he learns it belonged to Jon Voight - the periodontist

- The Willard tip calculators (mine doesn't have a 7! I'm ruined!)

Lots of other classics already up here. 

Comment 08 May 2015

I'm not one to criticize someone just because they're with another team - I try to be impartial and give credit where it is due - but I was not impressed. The talk had an overall feel like a commercial for Penn State football, rather than a way to impart ideals onto the audience that they can use in their own lives. Instead of describing ways for people to use the team's core values to better themselves - which should be the goal of a TED talk - it came across like fifteen thinly veiled minutes of "look how hard working and altruistic our football team is". That being said, I can't blame Penn State for trying something creative to improve the perception of their football program. And I'm not sure what that accent is (Philadelphia?) but good God. 

Comment 23 Apr 2015

I like Bill Snyder at Kansas State. 

Edit: I am the second person who likes Bill Snyder at Kansas State. 

Comment 16 Apr 2015

Also, the Orton bell tower also played the VT alma mater later that week. I wore the only maroon shirt I owned. 

Comment 27 Mar 2015

One of my greatest regrets in life is being unable to attend Ohio State's NIT game against Cal my sophomore year at St. John Arena. I remember the game, but I don't remember what I was doing that prevented me from attending... rookie mistake. I did go to the game against Dayton at the Schott and it was awesome, paradoxically, because there were a lot of Dayton fans there. 

I don't have a lot of experience with different venues for college basketball games - just the Schott and Virginia Tech's arena, which is like a slightly larger version of Jesse Owens North but with worse lighting. But for its faults, it has character and good acoustics - I think that's important. I cannot get over these big curtains at these venues - they must absorb sound like a sponge. 

Comment 19 Mar 2015

Oh Purdue. You deserve the misery in which you will rightfully wallow tonight, but the rest of the Big Ten does not deserve the mockery and disrespect it endures because of your consistent, never-ending ineptitude in a plethora of sports. I HATE PURDUE. The MAC exists because of schools like Purdue. Go join the MAC you losers. Oh how I hate Purdue.