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Comment 5 hours ago

Spot on - you see it after the pick six too from the redhead wearing glasses. They don't even understand that the rules allow other teams to do that to Alabama. 

Comment 5 hours ago

"Displaced"... haven't we all seen that dreaded "displacing the kicker". 

Comment 7 hours ago

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't making my peace at that moment. 

Comment 7 hours ago

I have probably rewatched this game 40 times. Maybe on the 41st I'll notice something I new. 

Comment 9 hours ago

It would be from Back to the Future where Doc Brown says, "The Libyans - they found me, I don't know how but they found me." Someone get on that. 

Comment 01 Aug 2015

I've heard others say that I just don't get it. I don't mind the maroon and orange. 

And I'll be saying it around here until I'm hoarse - do not underestimate this crowd and stadium. I'm sick of seeing polls where the majority say there is ZERO chance Penn State beats Ohio State and I'm sick of hearing people talk like we're playing a scrimmage at a high school stadium here. I hope our team will have more respect for its opponents this season. 

Comment 31 Jul 2015

To me the band news was much more embarrassing and disappointing. Whether you think the players' actions were really all that bad or not, they broke an obvious rule and I'm glad they're getting some tough love in a game that matters. I expect others to step up and the team will move on quickly. But there is just no way to spin that news about the songs into anything but an embarrassment that will haunt the band for a long time. 

Comment 29 Jul 2015

It doesn't give coordinates like that, but it gives "location codes" - I'm not sure if it's something unique to ZeeMaps or if it's something universal. My location in Blacksburg shows up as "d0cb44ae15a57c740e8e6341312eafd3". Does that mean anything to you? 

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Wow, thanks for the shout-out DJ! This must be how Warren Gamaliel Harding's cat feels! 

The website also allows for some cool summary spreadsheets, so once I get some spare time (don't hold your breath), I can get counts based on state, city, etc. It won't be 100% accurate, for example, I don't think MMan is really in a Russian gulag somewhere, but I'm sure I can get some more interesting information out of the map. 

Thanks to everyone for your participation and enthusiasm. 

Comment 28 Jul 2015

I guess I didn't realize it was such a sensitive issue. 

COMMUNISM?! You didn't realize COMMUNISM was a sentisitve issue?!

Comment 22 Jul 2015

Honestly, I don't see the problem in having all players try out. He's starting a new team, and I think it's perfectly legitimate to set a standard that just because you had the position last year, doesn't mean you've earned it this year. It looks like I'm in the minority but I don't think players should be entitled to a position just because of seniority. 

Comment 22 Jul 2015

I was about the say that I respected the diversity (by which I mean, lots of different schools represented) of great teams that the SEC has fielded over the years... but then I looked at how the SEC and Big Ten have fared since the BCS era. The results surprised me - I guess I subconsciously absorbed more of the propaganda than I thought I did, because the results in terms of record and diversity of teams represented were closer than I expected. Here are the records of each team including all Playoff and BCS games since 1998:

Big Ten                          SEC

Ohio State (8–4)           Florida (5–2)
Michigan (2–3)              LSU (4–1)
Wisconsin (2–3)            Alabama (3–4)
Penn State (1–1)           Auburn (2–1)
Iowa (1–1)                    Georgia (2–1)
Michigan State (1–0)    Tennessee (1–1)
Illinois (0–2)                  Arkansas (0–1)
Purdue (0–1)

15-15                            17-11

8 different teams           7 different teams

Somebody has to be the "best", and I still think that's the SEC, but we're not comparing apples and oranges here. The conferences are quite comparable.