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So - Let's Talk New Top 5

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September 20, 2015 at 7:24am

It's getting tougher to justify OSU's lofty ranking in the weekly polls, following two very lack luster wins at home.  Defensively, we can certainly justify our Number 1 ranking - especially after yesterdays shut down defensive performance against a very talented QB who came in completing almost 80% of his passes, with no interceptions. He finished with a completion percentage of only 46.2% and 2 interceptions, including a game winning pick 6 by Darren Lee.

However, our struggles on offense against some determined, but under-manned defenses, really makes it difficult to put OSU in the top ranking position.  Mind you, last season we had a couple of let downs (VT and Penn State), then took off to become the most improved team in the country, finishing with the NC.

So for that reason and until they lose (IF they lose), I'm keeping them in the number one slot.  After last night, however, sees my top 5 shaken up a bit:

1. Ohio State

2. Ole Miss

3. MSU

4. Georgia

5. Notre Dame

It would be tough for anyone to deny the offensive prowess of Ole Miss, especially after waltzing into Bama's home and laying 45 points on their defense.  MSU still has that signature win against the Ducks and Georgia just looks to be a notch above anything in the SEC east.  The toughest pill to swallow was putting ND in the top 5, but after losing their starting QB and beating up on a very good Georgia Tech team, Notre Dame is almost taking a page from OSU last season and is rising from adversity to play some of their best football.

Anyway, that's who I've got in my top 5 - who you got ???

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