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Comment 12 Mar 2018

" ..... going to play the best receivers regardless of how much they played last season ....."  That's great news for CJ Sanders, as he was one of the, if not THE best receiver at gaining separation from the defender, always finding the open areas and having the most reliable hands in Zone 6.  I don't care if he can't pancake OLB's or DB's, as long as he can get in their way, that's a block. 

By having great receivers and a great passing game, it will move the back 7 off the line and open up the running game, just as much as a great running game will open up the passing game.

I really hope Zach Smith is true to his word and gives CJ his due .......

Comment 09 Mar 2018

Surprised TSUN is only listed at number 10 - With all those losses to OSU, I'm surprised that every individual in that state isn't hitting the sauce pretty heavy in an effort to forget .... I'll bet that percentage is through the roof on the third Saturday of December each year ?? 

On the other hand, the Buckeye State must see a serious increase in their numbers on that same day, as everyone toasts another humping of Puke & Blue .....

Comment 08 Mar 2018

The kid is a pass-catching machine, but more important - HE'S ALWAYS OPEN !!!  Let's understanding what blocking is - it's not the Orlando Pace pancake block that's important, but the ability to keep your body between the defender and the ball carrier.  You don't even have to touch a defender to make an effective block - it's all about keeping your body between the defender and the ball carrier.  It's the ball carrier's job to cut off the ass of the blocker and read it properly.  At 185 lbs, he should be able to block most of the secondary positions.

He's great in the open field, is more wide open than ANY of our receivers, because he runs such good routes and gets that all important separation.  I hope he gets more playing time this season - he's earned it .....

Comment 08 Mar 2018

Up here, we try to ensure our kids head off to school with a well balanced lunch, which often includes a pint in the lunch bag (we're not animals - it's usually just a light beer) ..... I do love that motto, Scarlet Arrow - "Can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning" !!

Comment 08 Mar 2018

If Thad is doing as well as Coach Mick and Meyer indicate, why are they retooling the right side of the O-Line, which was playing well last year ??  It took Isaiah a couple of years to figure out his role as RT, so why move him ??  O-Line probably relies on the strength of the unit, as opposed to individual play and chemistry is key.  I also don't buy into the concern of putting a rookie into the LT spot, as our left side had a heck of a rookie starting.  Start Thad at the LT spot, find a new center and move forward  .....  JMO

Comment 07 Mar 2018

Sorry, just not a fan of pulling Prince over to the left side, when it's taken him 3 seasons to figure out the right side of the line.  Leave the entire right side of the line as is, find a legitimate LT and C, but don't monkey with what you already have in place.  If you're going to move Prince to the left, it's good to know that we have plenty of talent at QB - we may end up seeing them all this season, if Isaiah has any issues making the transition .....

That being said, I'm just happy we have football back !!!

Comment 02 Mar 2018

What in the name of fuck was Jackson thinking on that last possession ??  Did he think we had 1:03, instead of 0:03 left on the clock ??  It looked like he was trying to go into a stall ??  I saw no sense of urgency to get to the basket, when a two point try was all that we needed, not some ridiculous three-point flub .... OSU should have been crashing the boards on any shot, but that ridiculous dribbling display by Jackson killed any chance.  He should be in the locker room begging forgiveness from his teammates .... I don't mind players missing shots, as long as there is an effort involved - Jackson showed zero resolve to get up the court with speed and take that shot ....

Comment 23 Feb 2018

Hmmm, very interesting ..... it seems the brain-trust at TSUN has decided to take their coaching hires seriously for some reason ??  Looks like they are actually trying to correct their original mistake of hiring one of the biggest coaching "posers" of all time in Hairball, by demoting a waste-of-space OC and hiring a very good O-Line coach .... Too bad though - hanging tough with Mindless Jim at the helm has cost TTUN in the recruiting battles, so these changes may be coming a little too late to make much difference over the short term ...

Makes you wonder how much longer they'll be putting up with Side-show Jim ?? 

Comment 16 Feb 2018

Could be something and then again, it might mean nothing, but it seems the chemistry of the team over the past three games was outstanding, but seemed to wilt once Kam was back from suspension ??  it might be that the team played harder, to compensate for Kam's absence and then once he came back, there seemed to be, "a disturbance in the force" !!

What also didn't help was once Wesson dominated the first few minutes and had the Buck's only points, he then had to be helped from the court and it just seemed that PSU smelled blood and went on a major run .....

Frankly speaking, regardless of how the rest of the season goes, this team and what the coach has done to put OSU basketball back to a respectable level, has far exceeded anyone's expectations and I'm just glad that their hard work has paid off .....

Comment 13 Feb 2018

Nah, AwlinBrutus - no $20 for the plow and never the finger (they have far too many ways to get back those who shovel to risk the gesture.  Nope, I just throw the toque back on and head out to clean up the "snow plow excrement" ..... I also know a city plow boy and he's confessed to chuckling once in a while as he fills up someone's laneway after they just finished shoveling - as I said, the devil's spawn .....

Comment 13 Feb 2018

Oldschoolbuck - well, we've had the snow drop here at - 20 degrees Celsius, which isn't bad - it's just that damn wind chill which makes it feel like -40 (which is the same in F and C) ..... God bless you, OSB and all of us over 60 year olds that need that "hands on" feel when we work .... Yes, some of us will drop, clutching our hearts in the driveway, but my hope is that the those of the younger generation will pick up our shovel and continue to keep that black top clean !!  

I also believe that those that drive snow plows are the devil's disciples and hide behind snowbanks, just watching and waiting for us to finish shoveling ..... there is a special place in hell for those bastards ......   

Comment 13 Feb 2018

Snow ??   Let me tell you about snow ...... First off, I live in the coldest capital city in the world - in the world (not opinion, fact) and although we've had one of our colder winters this year (which usually means Arctic highs, lots of sun, but little snow), the snow came, even in - 15 degree weather - and stayed.  Our plows relish the opportunity to pile snow at the end of driveways and it's a bonus for them, if they arrive just after the laneway has been shoveled.

Snow blowers ??  I keep my 4-car driveway shoveled down to the black top and am in my mid-sixties .... oh sure, they'll find my frozen carcass out on the driveway one day, after suffering a massive heart attack, but if I'm lucky, I'll drop at the end of the driveway, so that the snow plow will pass by and cover my body with three feet of packed, icy snow and I won't be discovered by neighbors until the Spring thaw ....

Comment 09 Feb 2018

I don't see him as an interior lineman, again, because of body type .... He is long in the body, but is a knee bender, not a waist-bender and has long arms.  Perfect build for a tackle and as you suggest, likely candidate, eventually, for the LT position.  The interior linemen are generally shorter, stocky linemen, in the 6' 3" range ....

He's gonna be a great one, both on and off the field ....

Comment 09 Feb 2018

My advice to Hairball and his recruitment staff - "Go F**k Yourselves" ..... and you can quote me on that ..... I am very comfortable with the way they recruit - wondering how Urban would do, if he was climbing trees, drinking milk, going on sleep-overs and walking around with his shirt off ??  I suspect he'd still out-recruit the idiots from the Puke & Blue >>>>

Comment 08 Feb 2018

I wish Carman the best of luck with the Tigers, but having a look at NPF and Carman, it's pretty obvious why NPF is the number 1 tackle in the country.  Totally different body types, as NPF looks athletic and has the length to add on 30 lbs., while still maintaining his athletic build and quickness.  Dabo will have his hands full in working to keep Carman's weight at a reasonable playing level. 

As well, just listening to NPF's interview following his signing event - this is one of the more articulate young men you'll ever hear and with a 3.8 academic level, he's got the smarts to go with his athletic ability.  I don't think there is any close comparison to the attitude of NPF and Carman - this is where I believe we really cashed in, as NPF will not be an issue off the field during his career.

As much as we hoped to keep an Ohio kid in his home state, I think we definitely got the better of the two (remember, Carman didn't start in the AA game and when he was in, looked very slow footed) ..... Welcome big Nick !!!!

Comment 07 Feb 2018

Just listening to his interview after signing and the difference between Carman and NPF is like night and day.  Aside from looking in great shape (he'll need to add another 25 lbs. to that frame - paging Coach MIck !!), compared to Carman, he is extremely articulate and certainly oozes respectfulness ..... I'm very happy that things transpired as they did - not wishing Carman any bad luck, but very happy with getting the top ranked OT and not the # 2 ranked OT .....