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August 28, 2014 at 12:03pm

In a couple of sentences, I'm going to ask a favor of each and every member of this site.  I first have the break the very rule I'm going to ask you to follow.  But I feel it is well worth it.  And will make the site better.  [Full disclosure, even tho I'm a Mod, this is not sanctioned, encouraged, or endorsed by the staff] 

Can we please refrain from making any mention whatsoever of Mark May?  The season hasn't even started and I've read multiple comments already mentioning him.  I get it, he's a douche.  He makes a living saying shit he may or may not even believe himself just to move the needle.  Please don't bring his douchiness here. 

This site would be better off, imo, reading comments about the progression of JT, the improvements of the defensive scheme, and the O-line coming together.  Not comments about what Mark May is looking forward to in week one. 

So help me help you, 11W.  Together we can rid this site of douchey (sp?) Mark May comments. 


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