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Comment 26 Jul 2017

Sorry for your loss, Ramzy.  Saying goodbye to friends without the ability to actually say goodbye sucks.  I also lost a very close friend last week to a hit & run.  Sultan was 35 and one of the most genuine people I know.  We had some fierce Madden battles and watched too many games together to count.  He will be greatly missed.  

Comment 12 Jul 2017

 But, do I want my kids to have easy access to it in the future and getting high all the time? No, not really.

That's the thing tho, I guarantee if/when the time comes for your kids to be interested, it'll be a lot easier to access pot than alcohol.  When I was 17-20 it was easier for me to get a bag of weed than it was to get a 6-pack.  Even to this day I can get weed delivered to my house but not beer.  Legalizing will restrict ease of access.  Drug dealers don't have to operate with the threat of losing their license if they sell to someone underage.  Legalize and regulate it.  

Comment 07 Jul 2017

What Fairfax said.  Basically the entire seating chart is the Buckeye section.  You'll be fine wherever you choose to sit.

Comment 06 Jul 2017

There are also a shit ton of cabins in nearby Brown County available for rent.  If you're going with several people this would probably be the cheaper option.

Comment 06 Jul 2017

I think so.  I paid $160 for two tix.  Which still isn't bad compared to what I'm used to paying to see a game in Columbus.

Comment 23 Jun 2017

That's the thing though, she's not recovering from anything.  She is treating this as preventative.  Her first visit was last week and she's gone maybe 5x now.  So far she seems to like it.  Her Dad has severe back issues which required major surgery.  Her hope is to avoid the same fate.  I'm skeptical but open to her giving it a shot.  I've heard of people swearing by them and just as many people calling them quacks.  Some of what she told me that can be corrected seems reasonable and some of the stuff sounds like snake oil.  So she's going to continue to go until she feels it's not beneficial.

Comment 23 Jun 2017

My wife recently started visiting a chiropractor.  She's convinced it'll help with a laundry list of things from child birth to posture.  I've expressed my concern for the legitimacy of the practice, but she swears that once she's done there that I'll finally be convinced.  Our neighbor is a personal trainer and in great physical shape who apparently swears by her chiropractor and has convinced my wife they're worth a couple hundred bucks a month.  I just sent her that article.

Comment 15 Jun 2017

This fight will last as long as Floyd wants it to.  If Connor manages to get under Floyd's skin in the lead-up I can see Floyd going for the KO early.  I like McGregor but he has no business stepping into the ring with an all-time great.  He has less than zero chance of winning.