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Not trying to be over confident... But why are we panicked about Navy?

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August 26, 2014 at 11:02am

Unfortunately... I am a graduate of MTSU.  I looked at the stats from last year's bowl game with MTSU and Navy.  Reynolds only threw the ball 7 times and had 3 completions.  MTSU held him to 86 yards rushing (they did let him score twice tho).  Navy gave up 218 yards through the air to MTSU!!!  If Barrett can't throw the ball against them then I definitely will be worried.  Navy is going to run the ball and we are a great run defense.  Our defensive line is going to be deep and the best in the country. I know it's a completely different style of offense that we don't normally see, but we should be a lot better all the way around than last year. With all of this said:

Do I have a small amount of anxiety?  Yes.

Do I think Keenan Reynolds is that good?  No.

Should we beat them by at least 2 TDs?  Yes.


My question is... Why does everyone else kind of seem to be over anxious and worried?  WE ARE THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY!  If we want to compete with teams like FSU, Bama, LSU, Oregon, and Oklahoma we have to dominate teams like Navy.  Just my 2 cents... But what do I know?


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