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I was born and raised in Cleveland, TN but my dad and his family are from Toledo, OH. We are Buckeye fans in my family, but I married a UT Vol girl... It's okay though because she is a wonderful woman and smokin' hot. I love to get on here and talk about Buckeye football. I'm an elementary school PE teacher, so each day I'm molding the youth of America.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: October 6th, 2012. My first experience in The Shoe versus Nebraska.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: JJ Redick... Sorry I know he's not a Buckeye but probably the best pure shooter ever to play college
  • NFL TEAM: Tennessee Titans
  • MLB TEAM: Atlanta Braves

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Comment 11 Sep 2017

I live down in Tennessee and see most of the UT (no I'm not a fan) games when I'm not watching the Buckeyes play.  What we are experiencing with JT is almost the same as UT experienced with Josh Dobbs for 3 years.  He isn't an elite passer (which you should be to play at OSU) and our offense shows it.  JT hasn't progressed just like Dobbs never progressed.  Unfortunately, I think the coaching staff rides out Barrett.  Only way I see a change is if we lose to a team not named State Penn.  And after seeing what our offense looks like against a good defense, I see us losing to State Penn.  It's going to be a tough year, but I'm excited for the Barrett era to come to an end and usher in Burrow or Haskins.

Comment 19 Mar 2017

Master Teague's little brother and sister go to the school where I teach PE. I've never talked to his family about recruiting but he has been to OSU before with WR Trey Knox from Blackman. I have talked recruiting with Trey and his mom has said Florida is his dream school, but I don't think he's leaning in any direction. 

Sidenote... we had hat day at school last week and Master's little brother was wearing a UT hat for those who are superstitious or read into that stuff. 

Comment 26 Jan 2017

I agree with this.  Didn't like the Paris Campbell transition.  Should've put weight on him and made him a RB.  I would like to see a 2 back rotation.  Maybe split the carries 65/35.  I know Curtis Samuel had success, but I believe he would've been a whole lot better off purely as a RB.

Comment 26 Jan 2017

Confused as to the need for another WR in this class.  We continually talk only about Grimes and Harris, but White moved to WR and so did Eric Glover-Williams.  That gives us 3 freshmen WRs and at least 2 years of Glover-Williams at the position.  Is there really a need for a 5th new face in the WR room?

Comment 03 Jan 2017

According to an article by Ari Wasserman, it looks like Urban wants to keep Warriner on staff but his role in unclear at this point.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

The co-coordinator title is used to get coaches more pay.  The duties for play calling will be decided by Urban.  It's just like when Larry Johnson and other coaches were given the "assistant head coach" title.  It's for money and resume building.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Key word:  "ALLEGEDLY"

There are 3 sides to every story.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

The thought behind Ryan Day has to be to implement Chip Kelly's offensive strategies.  From what I've read, Chip Kelly was his mentor and was grooming him.  Kelly's NFL stints weren't successful, but he was very successful on the collegiate level.  Put Oregon's offense combined with our defense, we should be blowing some teams out of the water and have much more success against elite teams. 

Comment 02 Jan 2017

Anybody think Urban might wait until after NSD to make offensive changes? I know a lot of kids commit to a school and not a coach, but coaches can have serious impact on a recruits decision. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

I thought the same thing. I tweeted 11W asking why there wasn't a pic stitch of Smith, Warriner, Beck; and Stud attached to this article. The offense hasn't been very good for 2 years now. The OL has regressed since Warriner moved to OC. The QB play has regressed since Beck was hired. Other than Thomas and Devin Smith, who has Zach Smith actually developed? And the play calling for both Beck and Warriner has been terrible. 

Comment 29 Nov 2016

My question is... Are we that weak behind Prince?  Have we not developed someone else good enough to put in the game over him?  O-line is my biggest concern because we need to be able to run and pass block moving forward.  A lot of these guys were very highly rated coming out of high school.  I know they're young, but they should be ready to go.

Comment 18 Oct 2016

I haven't seen any really early draft projections, but I can't see JT leaving early. He's not your typical NFL size and he lacks NFL arm strength. He's a great college QB tho. I'd like to see him stay 1 more year with these young guys then take a shot at pro ball. He needs to come back as an OSU assistant when his tenure in the pros is over. I think he would make a great college coach. 

Comment 26 Sep 2016

I live 25 minutes from Nashville.  Everyone is blasting Taylor Lewan.  I tweeted the Titans about 3 weeks ago asking them never to draft a player from TSUN again.

Comment 21 Sep 2016

I agree with all of your points.  I'd definitely like these guys to hang around for another year.  If most of the players with eligibility left stay... We will be absolutely ridiculous next year.  With that said, if I'm a projected 1st rounder... I'm gone.