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Hearing from Fans of Other B1G Schools At Work

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August 22, 2014 at 11:23am

It seems the blood is attracting some usually timid mouths to become bold and empowered with Orson Wells-like prediction powers since the news on Braxton broke on the interwebs and such.  

This whole week has been full of, "dude, you're so done..." or with their big smiles, "dude, Wisconsin/Nebraska/Mich St is taking it this year..." or "how are you holding up now that you know you're going to lose for sure."

Of course, I did what any reasonable Buckeye fan would do.  I bet them that we would have a better record than each of them at the end of Nov, and the losers would have to shave their heads and let the other(s) draw a message on their shaved head for a day (for pics and posterity of course).  It's me against 3 others here... 

Oh, it's on... 

Also, for the record - we have a huge number of Rutgers alums at my work here in NYC, but they would not participate.  Either they are smart (not really), or they know their place as noobs.

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