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What if? Braxton edition.

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August 19, 2014 at 4:45pm

I know there are quite a bit of Braxton Miller, silver lining, JT Barrett threads but I want to pose a question: 

First lets assume a couple things:

1) Braxton doesn't make a miraculous recovery, opts to use his redshirt, and he comes back next season

2) Barrett plays well (maybe 1-2 losses but wins the bowl game and, obviously, beats TSUN) 

3) Braxton makes a full recovery and JT ends the season healthy putting them on an even keel health wise.

All that considered my question is: This time next year who is the starting QB for Ohio State?

My opinion*: It should be Barrett. If he played well enough to win us 10 games plus a bowl game, let him take the reigns since he is the future. As for Braxton....use him in some capacity. Maybe put him at RB or use him like Leek/Tebow at Florida. 

*Disclaimer: I see Braxton taking a redshirt as highly unlikely but I like asking "What If?"

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