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I stand behind J.T. Barrett 100%

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August 19, 2014 at 9:47am

Now that we know the status of Miller, I am really looking forward to seeing J.T. Barrett get out there and show us what he can do.  I have 100% confidence in this guy.  In the back of my mind the past month, I have been thinking about the fragility of Braxton Miller.  Most of my concern was who will it be backing him up.  Now we know and the plan is being executed.

Here we are.  Eleven days to go and Barrett is stepping in.  If something were going to happen to Miller, I think it's better to have it happen at this point rather than mid-season.  This will give him plenty of time to prepare.  He and Jones have already been working with the first team.  I think he will be ready for the challenge August 30 in Baltimore.

Go Bucks!  And also, excellent job, 11W.


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