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Why This Could Be the Year

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July 31, 2014 at 10:08am

Every year I am optimistic about the OSU football season, but this year something feels special. Many people have elaborated at length about the strengths of the units, the coaches, recruiting, the facilities, the program support systems, the current standouts and the rising talent. There has been much discussion concerning the uncertainties of replacing graduating seniors, the potential for injuries, varying degrees of discipline issues, and further unknowns. These issues change a bit from year to year, but they are always there.

The program has mostly recovered from the turmoil of three years ago. Urban and staff are in their third year, the new system is in place, continuity exists. The new coaches have brought new ideas and a different vibe. The locker room is now the best in the country. Administrative, student, alumni, and fan support are incredibly strong. The players are among the most talented athletes anywhere. 

What best describes my optimism for this season are the words calm and confidence. I think this largely comes from the improved communication among the coaches and players about expectations, accountability, community, and leadership. Whether it is Urban buying into the leadership training and the seminars led by Tim Kight, or the position groups hanging out with the coaches and having fun, or the positive atmosphere created by the coaches and players at FNL, it is impossible to put a price on team chemistry. And with that I can

Go Bucks!


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