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Best/Favorite Buckeye Offensive Lineman (not named Orlando Pace)

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July 23, 2014 at 12:14am

A follow-up post to the Wide Receivers from last week.  I don't do my research like Remy does for the jersey numbers as a countdown to the season, but I thought I'd pass the time between now and FNL by opening it up to who you think the best Buckeye Offensive Lineman is who you watched or who was your favorite.  I'm taking Pace out because he is clearly the best Buckeye OL ever and arguably the best OL in college football history.  

I would say my top two are Korey Stringer and Nick Mangold.  I don't know if Mangold won any big awards (I think the Rimington award is for Centers), but he came in underrated by these scouting services we follow so closely and backed up Stepanovich on the 2002 championship team and went on to have a great career with TS10 under center.  Stringer was 1st team AA and did historic damage to defenses with Pace, Eddie, and Robert Smith.

What say you?



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