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Greatest Buckeyes By Position - WR

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July 10, 2014 at 11:49pm

So my buddies and I passed the time last year in the last few weeks before the season by naming our favorite/best Buckeyes at each position a day at a time. The only rule we had was that the player had to play in the Cooper era through the Meyer era since none of us (my friends and I) are old enough to remember any players from the Bruce era or earlier.

I thought I'd give this a shot on the forum and see where it goes. If it catches on I will either repost other positions or edit this one. Maybe with Bron Bron threads and Scott and Baker news this will get drowned out. Worth a shot.

I will start with Wide Receivers. And let's go with your top two.

Mine are David Boston and Michael Jenkins. Boston was a freak athlete, and I think he holds the career TD mark, no? Three year starter. And I remember the Rose Bowl against ASU. Jenkins because, well, you know why. 4th & 1. And he was so reliable.

Let's hear it!

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