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Troy Smith was and still is a better version of Johnny Manziel

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June 20, 2014 at 7:41pm

hey guys, I saw an article about Troy being named the starter of his Canadian team on Cleveland.com, but I kept getting an error message when I tried to post this comment on there.  So, I figured I would post it here and see what all you guys thought about the comparison.  Personally, Johnny Football gets under my skin more than I ever thought possible for a non TTUN player, and I'm a huge Troy Smith fan, as we all are, so I know we're all biased here, but what do you guys think?  here's my thoughts...

 Troy Smith was a more accomplished college QB than Johnny Manziel was.  He won a Heisman too, but He also lead his team to a National Championship game, and beat more highly ranked teams.  Just as exciting,  ran a little faster, scrambled just as well, and threw a great deep ball too.  And he's an infinitely better leader.  I watched every time he set foot on an NFL field and he always played very well.  In fact, a couple games with the 49ers he looked just as exciting and dominant as he did at OSU.  Especially one of the games against the Rams.  He simply did not get a fair chance in the NFL.  He's a gamer.  Remember how Justin Zwick had originally performed better than Troy during practices but turned into a deer in headlights during the games.  But Troy thrived in those game situations.  He just didn't get very many in game opportunities in the NFL.

my point is, Troy was available and more than willing to be the Browns QB this year.  in fact, it's his lifelong dream.   Troy plays the same style as Manziel, but without all the jackassery.   They could've drafted Watkins, and Roby in the first round and got Troy through free agency.  The Browns would be a more complete team than they are today had they gone that route.

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