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professional musician living in Nashville, originally from Lima OH.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2006 Ohio State vs Michigan ... GLORIOUS.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Touchdown Teddy Ginn Jr.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Nashville Predators
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Whatever preschool team my Nephews play for

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Comment 10 Jul 2020

It’s depressing for sure.  they want to be out there, I want them to be out there.  It would really help lift everyone’s spirits if they could manage to pull it off, safely.   but I really have no right to ask these kids to risk their health for the sake of my entertainment.  Who cares if they die or not, it’s still a horrible illness to experience, regardless.   They’re not even getting paid for this.   I’m sad about it, but ultimately ok, with whatever decision is made, as long as it’s safe and what’s best for the kids.   

I’ve been through some insanely hard times in my life.  A cancelled football season would not be among them.  

Comment 04 May 2020

Well, at least ‘06 because we wouldn’t have had to face him in the national championship.  
Maybe ‘05 as well?  Texas and USC were both awesome that year, but we were right there with them, especially by the end of the year.  We had an absolutely loaded roster, And in ‘05 Urban’s offense was still new, unsolved, and unstoppable.  Maybe that gives us the edge we needed?  

seeing him with Pryor at QB would’ve been awesome. Pryor would’ve been in heisman contention, but I don’t know how that would’ve played out with the rest of the team.  

and if tattoogate never happened, then no postseason ban in 2012 and we DEFINITELY win it all that year.   Alabama was probably better that year, but that’s irrelevant because they had already lost, so it would’ve been an undefeated OSU vs Notre Dame, and we would’ve just crushed ND.  They were so overrated.  

Comment 11 Apr 2020

You and I have been chatting about this a little bit over on the Browns Reddit, but we are even more on the same page then I thought.  This would be a perfect draft for 2020, in my opinion.  All starting holes filled with strong players for the first time since like the mid 80’s?    

My only difference is pick 74.  I still agree it should be an LB there, I just don’t know anything about Akeem, so I want Malik there, because I already know he will be good.   

Comment 28 Feb 2020

Hmm.... I guess I don’t really hate anything unless I feel like it’s a song that has nothing to offer or sounds like it was written by middle school children just learning how to make music and is being forced on my ear drums through tons of radio play and commercials and tv shows.   But ever since I got Spotify, and got rid of my TV, I pretty much don’t hear any songs without me being in control of it. I’ve been kind of in my own bubble for years.  
 When I was younger I hated a lot of stuff because it was lame and uncool... but now that the radio isn’t forcing me to listen to those songs anymore, I have learned to appreciate them for the goofiness, or euphoric fun.  They still aren’t cool but at least they make me laugh and put me in a good mood, every once in a while.  (I’m looking at you Chumba Wumba, Ricky Martin, Enya and friends...)  Smashmouth still kind of annoys me though.   Boy Bands too, (except Boyz II Men, I’ve grown to really appreciate them)  

currently, I’ll say Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, Country, and Mumble Rap.  There’s a lot of stuff out there right now, that has no melody, harmony, or rhythm, the 3 defining, fundamental, elements of music, it’s all just production sounds and lyrics.  I definitely hate that type of stuff.  

honestly, I don’t even know cuz I don’t ever hear it, but I just assume I hate almost everything that’s popular right now.   I’m kind of horrified by the current trends, for the most part.  

Comment 28 Feb 2020

But dude...  Zamfir is the MASTER of the pan flute.  How many young babes used to stay up late and gather around the TV , just to watch Zamfir infomercials and dance and cheer and get crazy and throw their underwear at the TV?   I don’t know about you but all those Pure Moods infomercials were a pretty wild time in my life.   Woooooooo...  I’ll tell ya hwat.

Comment 28 Feb 2020

You hate country... but do you only hate Canned Heat because they’re “going to the country”? 

Comment 28 Feb 2020

Lol.  Wonderful Christmas Time literally makes me belly laugh because it’s soooooo bad.  Not just bad, but like... dumb.   That dumb untimed delay effect just clashes with itself in a way that sounds so ham fisted.  It’s hilarious.    

Comment 20 Jan 2020

Maybe just a slight concern in the back of my mind.  But not enough to dull my excitement.  There’s ample evidence that he’s a great coach in general, and the experience he does have, suggests he could most likely fill the role that Halfley did.  Still have Mattison too.  There’s not really very much risk here.