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Comment 17 May 2019

Yeah.  I’ve personally got no complaints about Urban’s run, (other than blown opportunity with the 2015 team).  But I can totally understand why the Ginn’s would be upset that their guys weren’t getting the consideration.  Especially after they worked so hard to establish that Pipeline in the first place.    And I can also see why Urban wouldn’t want to spend time recruiting anyone that wasn’t up to his standards.   

I cant really say that either side is wrong here.  It just is what it is.    But I do hope the Glenville pipeline picks up again under Day.  A lot of great Buckeyes came that way.   

Comment 13 May 2019

Also, to your point, GRRM named Rickon’s Direwolf, Shaggy Dog.   And if I’m not mistaken, in literature, a Shaggy Dog story is what they call a story that intentionally has a pointless ending.  So that’s some food for thought, that might actually reinforce the point you’re making.   

Comment 13 May 2019

Haha yeah.   There is definitely a running thread of that, that is intentional.  I can see that.  Like when Joffrey finally died, it was a huge relief but not very satisfying.  Because there was no heroic moment for anyone, no revenge for anyone, it just kind of was what it was.    

I can respect a deep and artistic approach to anything, but even still it’s only human nature to want to be satisfied in the end.   

But I feel silly complaining about something I thoroughly enjoy as much as Game Of Thrones.   It’s still the best show I’ve ever seen.         

Comment 13 May 2019

true.  Also could have been symbolic of all the death around her in that moment.   Or even better, her finally coming face to face with the many faced god (death) that she’s been chasing all these years. 

By riding it out of there, she’s literally making her escape, but hopefully also a symbolic escape from her obsession with dealing out death, herself.   But it could just as easily be symbolic of her riding Death for one last mission.   We’ll find out next week I guess, but I’m hoping it’s Jon that ends up having to put down Dany.   

Comment 13 May 2019

that's some good insight, my man.   

I just realized though, if next week, Jon does end up having to kill Dany...  then my idea of Jaime having to kill Cersei, would be a bit redundant in the context of the overall story.  You can't have both Cersei and Dany go out the same way, back to back.  So if that ends up being true, then I can see why the show runners made the decision they made, to save the lover heartbreakingly killing lover story beat for the two main characters.  Makes sense.   Ha, but like I said, I'm always wrong, so who knows?

Comment 13 May 2019

The Hound is the best.   What a great character.   I think he was named after this mythological Irish hero, named Cu Cullen, which means the Hound of the King, (Cullen was the name of the king at the time).  Like a mad dog warrior / body guard for the king who also, has epic and tragic stories.   So I expected the Hound was ultimately going to die...  but man, he might’ve just been my favorite character.   So many great ones it’s hard to choose though.

R.I.P Hound...   tonight, may you feast on all the chickens at that great big medieval pub in the sky

Comment 13 May 2019

Man, that was intense.  Dany is breaking my heart.  And Jon and Tyrion’s too.  

At least I’ve continued my streak of all my best predictions always being wrong.  

I was right about how Jaime would die but wrong about Cersei.  I knew they would die together, but I thought Cersei would have some plan like, “if I can’t be Queen then nobody can” kind of thing, where she threatened to kill the whole city with Wildfire, and then Jaime, would be forced to choke her to death with his golden hand.  ( I didn’t anticipate that Dany would gladly do all of the Mad Queening and destruction for her)   That would have resolved both of their “Mad Queen” and “Kingslayer” story lines.  With the Kingslayer being wrongly slandered for saving everyone the first time, but this time being redeemed by repeating the same action, having no choice but to kill the person he loved most in the world, and again saving everyone, but this time actually being recognized for it.    

Plus, why even give a guy a golden hand, symbolizing his family’s wealth and greed, in the first place, if he’s not going to ever use it to dramatically choke, his evil twin sister/lover/queen?  Amirite?   But I guess I should have seen my wrongness on that one coming a long time ago, considering the fact that the thumb was not really open wide enough to fit her neck in there anyway...

i also had a really good theory about The Hound, The Mountain, the Night King controlling the undead Mountain like a wrecking ball, the Hound’s mortal fear of fire, The Dead being able to be killed by fire, The Hound, The Lord of Light, and Flaming Swords.   

I was wrong about that one too, but at least it still ended in fire, and we got a good long fight, with an epic backdrop, and a great ending.

I still like my ideas a little better, but the shows ideas were still pretty good.   Good enough that I still feel satisfied.  Even though I’ve guessed wrong more often then right, this is still such a great and enthralling story, and still the best TV show I’ve ever seen.  

I have no idea what’s going to happen next week, to end it all.   I guess Dany has to die now?  She can’t get away with that can she?  I feel like she has finally crossed the line that she can’t come back from.   

Comment 12 May 2019

I haven’t read the books, but from what I gather, the White Walkers were supposed to have Ice Spiders, as big as hounds.   My guess is that in the books, Nymeria’s giant wolf pack is being set up to join the big battle at Winterfell as like an animal army counterbalance to those giant spiders.   Kind of like the Eagles in Lord of the Rings maybe?   I think that’s probably Nymeria’s only purpose left towards the story, so I’m afraid that’s probably it for the Direwolves.  It’s too bad HBO, for as much money as they do have, couldn’t afford to show us all that epicness.   They can barely even afford to include just Ghost.   

Comment 06 May 2019

I think Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig are my all time favorites.   

I loved Eddie Murphy, and also the entire 90’s cast.  

But I always thought John Lovitz was hilarious.  I know he’s not everyone’s style, but the dude just cracked me up.   

Comment 06 May 2019

Yeah I saw that too, and I could understand that mindset of being addicted to someone that’s bad for you.   But I think they just want us to think that until after next weeks episode airs.   Even if Jaime really is intending to join Cersei, I’m convinced he’s still going to end up having to kill her.   

But the way I interpreted that scene was like this, being up North, bonding with all the good guys, being with Brienne, put enough psychological distance between him and Cersei that he’s snapping out of it, and realizing how good life can be without her, and how good he can be.    So he’s spooked when he hears that Cersei killed a Dragon and destroyed a fleet, full of good people who he had just fought along side.   He’s afraid that Cersei might actually be able to win the battle now.   So as he’s sitting there staring at the fire and thinking, Brienne is in the background, representing his chance at redemption and anew life.   And to me it didn’t seem like he was wanting to reject that new life but preserve it.  Or at least preserve it for people who deserve it.  I’m not sure if he feels like he does deserve it.  (I could see this being the angle too... “I’m leaving because I’m a terrible person and I don’t deserve a good life...).    I don’t remember every line he said to Brienne, but he listed off all the terrible things he did for Cersei.   He never used the word love.   Back at Riverrun he gave a similar speech to Edmure, but he said he did it because he loves Cersei.  This time it sounded more like a realization that every terrible thing he’s ever done, was done in service to Cersei.  She’s a monster and she made him a monster as well.  With the threat of Cersei actually winning now being real, he realizes she must be stopped at all costs.   I think that’s what’s going through his head when he’s sitting there thinking.  And as he leaves he says “she is hateful, and so am I”.    Not exactly the same as “she’s not so bad and I love her”.    Since we’ve already seen Jaime do this cycle of flirting with the good guys and then always going back to Cersei, we’re conditioned to expect him to stay loyal to her...  but this time seems a lot different.   I think being with another woman, especially someone honorable like Brienne finally snapped him out of it.  

If not, if I’m wrong about all that, his misguided loyalty is going to get him killed.  Which I guess is a less poetic but more realistic way for his story to end.