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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2006 Ohio State vs Michigan ... GLORIOUS.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Touchdown Teddy Ginn Jr.
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Comment 03 Jul 2018

i think the 4 year deal has a lot to do with his oldest son, entering High School this year.    so he'll be graduating athletes the end of that 4 year period and won't have to move around and have to make new friends in the middle of high school.   The other big thing about that, is he has said a few times how his ultimate dream would be to play in the NBA with his son.      If the NBA goes through with the proposal to allow players straight from high school again, Lebron will be a free agent that can sign with whatever team drafts his son.   and if he has to go to college for a year, Lebron can wait, sign another 1 year deal, and then join his son whenever he's drafted.    By then, he'll be 38.   He could play a year or two with his son, and then retire.   It'll be like the NBA version of Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr.   

Comment 29 Jun 2018

YES!   I love that show.   You crushed it!  Congratulations man, I’ll be rooting for you 

Comment 16 Jun 2018

I wonder how much longer Pop is even going to coach.  He always said he would retire when Tim Duncan did.   But he kept going.   Maybe now that his wife is passed away he’ll want to keep coaching as long as he can, to help ease the loneliness.   

I always wanted LeBron to get a chance to play for a coach like him, but the Spurs don’t seem to have enough going for them right now.   In a perfect world they could build a big 4 in Cleveland, but that’s such a long shot at this point.  I’m kind of rooting for LeBron to go with Brad Stevens and the Celtics.   I think they could maybe beat the Warriors with that team.   

Its not really about loyalty to Cleveland anymore.  This time it’s just the whole league trying to find a way to match up talent with Golden State.     

Comment 05 May 2018

My band played at a one day music festival at 6 Flags, somewhere in New England, several years ago.   They gave everyone in the bands speed passes (We didn’t have to wait in line at all).  And it was amazing.  I don’t have a ton of theme park experience, but that was the best day ever.  Normally, it would take an entire day to ride as many rides as we did in just a couple hours.    

Comment 02 May 2018

I think so too.  If they get that, couldn't they use it to resurrect everyone who vanished?  But they would probably have to make a sacrifice, just like Thanos did right.   

Speaking of that, holy crap, the music was so intense when Thanos killed Gamora...  That scene got me.

Comment 02 May 2018

Peaky Fookin Blinders.   one of my favorite shows.   I love the music too.  everything about it is badass.

Comment 27 Apr 2018

Most epic movie ever made.  definitely a 9 or 10. 

BUT, if you're not a fanboy, then it might not have the same impact.  reason being, this movie has to be taken in the context of all the other Marvel movies.  it doesn't really stand alone.  it's also only part 1 of a 2 part story, so there's that too.   you have to be invested in all the characters and know all the backstories for the big moments to carry so much weight.   And this movie is nothing but Big moment after Big moment.   

like what i'm trying to say, is if you haven't seen much of the other movies, you might not appreciate everything that happens in this movie.  it would be like only watching the final Harry Potter movie, and expecting to know what's going on in the story.  Or reading only the last two chapters of an epic book.  But if you have watched the other movies, (and enjoyed them)  then this movie WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.      

it's a very minimal, straightforward plot.  the movie is almost entirely action.  non stop drama and excitement, from start to finish.   Literally, this entire movie is made up of what would be considered the climax scenes in regular movies.  Just strung back to back to back for 2 and a half hours.  it's intense.  but also has enough funny moments to keep your heart from exploding.     I definitely recommend it.  It's an experience.   

Comment 06 Mar 2018

Same here.  I’ve been through some intense hell with panic attacks over the years, but being aware of what was happening is like the anchor that helps you hang on and wait it out.  Knowing that eventually, it will subside and you’ll be okay.  

But that first time is crazy, because you have no clue what is going on.  I remember my first time, it was coming on, but I had to go to class so I tried to walk across campus, like normal.  3 minutes later and I’m literally on my hands and knees crawling across the parking lot and gasping for air.   I crawled to my car, climbed inside and called my friend and tried to talk to them.  She said, “it sounds like you’re having a panic attack.”  And I remember thinking, “Ooooooh.  So this is what a panic attack feels like”.   

Comment 21 Feb 2018

Yes!  that goaline, mid-air fumble punch against Wisconsin was one of the most epic football moments I've ever seen.  That's my favorite play of his too.   

as a recently disabled person myself, I understand Shazier's motivation.  I'm sure he knows it's probably not wise to play football again.  But for right now, it's crucial that he has the mindset that he will.   That mindset is what will give him what he needs to eventually walk again.  He can worry about whether he actually should play again, or not, later.   right now, it's battle time.   

Comment 12 Feb 2018

Is that for real?    He hasn’t really lived up to it yet I guess, but I’ve always wanted Noel on the Cavs, since we had the chance to draft him.   

A 6’11 version of TT except quicker and a better shot blocker.   I think we need a tall, quick defender to throw at KD and rough him up a little.  But he can’t be slow or KD would blow right past him easily.   I just think KD is usually guarded by guys who are 4 inches shorter than him, and hasn’t ever had to deal with a defensive monster who is the same size and is just as quick as he is.  It could potentially slow him down just enough to give us a chance.  

Comment 11 Feb 2018

I’m still excited from watching that game.  I definitely appreciate the fun returning 

Comment 08 Feb 2018

I don't know who keeps down voting you, Cooper, but it's ridiculous.  you're not saying anything inflammatory or anything.  But I agree, about the Bledsoe and PG deal.  and apparantly so does Lebron.  I'm still upset about that.  that would have given us 4 All-starts to match up with Golden States 4 all-stars, and all things being equal, the team with Lebron is usually going to win.   

But I don't blame Altman.  I think he's done the best he can with what he's been given to work with.  I blame Dan Gilbert for getting rid of David Griffen.  Griffen was a great GM.  He was the stabilizing force for the whole franchise.  sure, he caved a little bit too much in negotiations with Rich Paul, a few times.  But I'll take that, if it comes along with smart, stable, leadership.  

I also wish Ty Lue and Lebron would run an actual offensive system.  I get jealous of teams like Golden State, Boston, and San Antonio.  it seems like running a legit system allows your mid level players to overachieve, and ultimately makes the team better.  

Comment 04 Feb 2018

Galloway was my very first favorite player when I was a little kid.   Ginn later replaced him.  Both were lightning fast and exciting returners, who wore number 7 and had bad ass visors on their helmets.   

I’m going to have to say Ginn though.  He just blew people’s minds.  Especially Game announcers the first time they saw him in person.  You can hear their minds exploding during their commentary, sometimes.  

My uncle swears that Dustin Fox’s uncle, ( I forgot his name, something Fox). Was the fastest he’s ever seen.  But I think that was long before my time.   

Comment 09 Jan 2018

personally, I would LOVE that.    But I have a hard time even imagining that happens.   Why would 9ers trade a sure thing for an unknown?  a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, and all that.