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Xbrax wins the heisman?

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May 29, 2014 at 12:48am

All things considered and looking at the improvement year over year. My question is this if Braxton stays healthy all year does he win the heisman? I went back and looked at the last two years and I honestly do not understand how how didn't win it yet. From a stat perspective Johnny did put up more yardage but he also lost two games and if your the best player you put the team on your back and win those games. In 2013 i understand he got hurt but if you stretch his numbers out over 14 games he had about what Winston had and he was undefeated as well so does he win it. Everyone else all the others years wasn't really close. Better numbers than Klein and he also lost that year and manti shouldn't have even been there. I just can't help but think he hasn't won because of his jersey and the team that's on it.

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