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Comment 04 Sep 2020
I know I have no horse in the race other than personal satisfaction of getting to watch them play but this is typical for rich people. They can very easily have the meeting and get it over with but they choose to out it off and do it when they feel like it. It's starting to sound like congress taking breaks when there is still work to be done just because they can.
Comment 05 Aug 2020
That statement mainly focused towards the issue of pay to play in general but most of the requests require more money being given to them. If the concern is that big then opt out. I want football to happen so bad but I don't want it to turn into the minors. My argument for why college is better than NFL is that they are playing to go pro. If they start getting paid, I don't think it will mean as much because they know they are getting paid.
Comment 05 Aug 2020
This demand stuff is getting out of hand. Wanting others to protect you from something you choose to do. Players get a lot from scholarship, room and board, clothes, medical access and food. The point of playing is to try and make it to the pros. I don't care either way but stop trying to get your cake and eat it too. If schools didn't make the money they do, then they could not pay for all the items above. If they want to get paid then do away with scholarships and make then pay for everything required for college with the money they get from playing. Let's just say the total cost is 100k per player per year. That's 34 mil over for years per scholarship player. Not including facilities and staff. They should have to pick. Get paid and pay your own way or waive payment and get the scholarship.
Comment 11 Jul 2020
I think he should but probably won't. Everyone remembers how good Haskins was. He was dubbed the best OSU QB and how did his rookie year go? I think NFL teams might stop risking 1st round money on a 1 year started especially at QB. That probably won't happen either but it could.
Comment 30 Apr 2020
I sure hope everything gets back on track. I was rewatching the playoff game just now and I am still mad about the targeting call. We dominated that game and should have won it. I'm not sure how we let up just a tiny bit to let them come back.
Comment 31 Dec 2019

My friend just moved back from S. Carolina and his cousin is engaged to Clemson's center. He's a Game cock fan but has met a lot of people from Clemson. I told him that I hated Dabo and that he seems like a piece of crap. He said that he has met and hung out with him several times and that he is a really nice person. I wish I wouldn't have been told that. I'd much rather keep hating him and not know if he is a good person.

Comment 25 Dec 2019
I think we can stick to our normal play call and be successful but I really believe setting up some screens and fast crossing routes from the TE will open up a ton of things for us. This entire year we have not really done that and I'm sure they are not prepping for those plays. Another thing I think we need to add more of, is the wheel route out to JK. He is so good catching out the back field when he has some speed going.
Comment 14 Oct 2019

I think it is going to be very important for Fields to make decisions faster with keeping or trowing. I know that he wants to throw to show he's not just a runner but if there is grass that is open then he needs to just go and wait for the open receiver on the next plays.

Comment 14 Oct 2019
That could likely be the case if they don't win a game for the rest of the season.