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a little Brax/Jones trickeration..

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April 8, 2014 at 9:38pm

After reading the write up on Cardale Jones, and seeing how much he has progressed as of late, it made me go back and watch some of his highlights..and then the train started rolling, I got to thinking if maybe we would see more "trick" plays brought out of the playbook..I'm talkin CJ lined up as a TE , a slot guy, or even spread out wide to receive a swing pass, and then throw one deep to one of our speedsters..Anyone else have any of the same thoughts?

**just for some clarification, what I mean by CJ taking a swing pass is having trips right, or trips left, CJ stepping back while 2 block as he catches the pass (from brax)...he then would look for a deep post down the middle...not him actually catching the pass, and then trying to bulldoze his way into the end zone from 60-70 yards out...if the pass is not there, which I dont see why it couldn't be with our outside speed, and CJ's arm, simply run for a few yards and step out of bounds..if it doesn't work, it may throw the defense?!? Who knows..just throwing that out there..

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