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  • SPORTS MOMENT: My favorite sports moment has to be when the #1 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes defeted the #2 ranked team up north at home and the entire field was littered with fans...I have a poster hanging above my desk at work so that I can relive this moment everyday..what a game..
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: If your attire consists of scarlet and gray, then I am a fan
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • MLB TEAM: Redlegs all the way

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Comment 15 Feb 2019
I'm sure I will get some grief here, but here's how I feel about it all..CJ Jackson sucks, keyshon woods sucks, kaleb Wesson is extremely inconsistent and fouls too much..noone can box out or rebound except for Kyle young, this team is just a disaster right now..we need a dominant big man, that can finish..here's to turning things around next year!!
Comment 08 Feb 2019
Is it me, or does CJ Jackson turn the ball over too much?!? And why in the hell did we play the trap to their advantage? We would dribble 1/4 of the way up the court, before getting to the "trap", and then just stopping and looking to pass the ball off...if it were me, dribble that bitch up to half court as fast as you can and don't allow them to establish a trap..
Comment 06 Feb 2019
Regardless of what happens, or doesn't happen, today..this is an outstanding class for coach Day!
Comment 04 Feb 2019
Outside of the top 5, maybe 10 picks, it never ends up like everyone predicts..
Comment 02 Feb 2019
Ok look...we need someone taller than 6'9" tall to play the post, we need people that can shoot and not turn it over..also, box out and rebound the damn ball..
Comment 22 Jan 2019
Holtmann already knew this year wouldn't be like last, so, with that said, just play everyone.. rotate the young guys in and get them some experience, it will only make them better..just my 2 cents..