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Big Ten - ACC Challenge

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June 23, 2020 at 9:39am

The matchups are typically announced in late May/early June. Any rumors on when the announcements will be made?

Also who do you anticipate for the Bucks?

UNC (already on the slate with the CBS Classic) and Duke (could meet the Blue Devils in the Bahamas) are ones we know are off the table. The UVA home and home was pretty recent so I’m not expecting the Wahoos either.

Given an expected home game, Louisville seems logical with our trip there occurring 5 years or so ago. NC State, Pitt, GT, and BC are others we haven’t met in the last 10 years who will likely be hitting the road this year. I’d love to play at ‘Cuse soon, but again, fully expecting a home game...maybe next year when we hit the road and they host.

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