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Playing Through the Other Wesson (Andre)

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January 12, 2020 at 7:25pm

So obviously the last couple of games haven't been pretty. The defense hasn't been bad by any means, but the offense has had its fair share of problems. Turnovers are arguably the biggest problem, but the lack of ability to hit shots the last couple of games has killed us as well. Our points and shooting percentages during the four game losing streak:

West Virginia: Pts: 59    FG: 31.3%     3PT: 33.3%

Wisconsin: Pts: 57     FG: 40.4%     3PT: 30.0%

Maryland: Pts: 55     FG: 31.3%    3PT: 18.5%

Indiana: Pts: 54     FG: 32.7%     3PT: 34.6%

Simply put, we have severely struggled to make shots. Now you can argue about shot selection as well (last Friday's Skull Session explained how the Buckeyes have been getting less open shots of late). But either way, they are not making the shots they have open either. Pretty much all of our guards have went cold from the floor. Kaleb is typically dependable, but he wasn't great against IU and we need more than one guy. So looking around the roster, there's been one other guy who has been dependable: Andre Wesson. His stats this season:

8.9 ppg, 46% from the field, 44% from 3, and 81.5% from the line, as well as 2 assist per game.

Nothing mind blowing, but very dependable and a great role player offensively that can give you a boost and is rather dependable. That being said, a lot of the team still has decent stats because they shot so well early on, but have went cold since Big Ten play has resumed. Andre however, has remained pretty steady. His stats during the four game losing streak:

10.25 ppg, 51.7% from the field (15/29), 50% from 3 (7/14) and 100% from the line (4/4) plus 1.5 assist per game.

Those are good numbers, and remarkably better than the rest of the team. He's shown the ability to post up on the block, shoot from three, and even occasionally drive. When he gets fouled, you can count on him to make his free throws. Early on in his career, he was not good offensively, so as a fan base, we wrote him off as a scoring threat. Now as a senior, he's a legitimate threat from multiple levels.

Now I'm not saying that he should become our number 1 player, or that he's suddenly an all-star that will solve all of our problems. We still need others to step up. But on a young team that is very much struggling for offense, why not draw up more plays for your senior who has been one of your most consistent players all year? It certainly can't hurt.

(All stats from ESPN. Regardless of what you think of them, they're still decent as a data base. Kinda hard to mess that up.)

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