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Basketball Teams January Woes Continue

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macdaddybuckeyesupreme's picture
January 11, 2020 at 9:22pm

This is now the third straight season where the team comes out dragging opponents in November and December, and as soon as we get to January, we go on a multi game losing streak.

Also it's not like the team is scoring 70 points a game and still losing, no this team is once again as the last 3 years as well cannot score points.

Where is the upper classman leadership? Where is the go to scorer who can take over a game at a moment's notice?

Where is the bench? Why is their such a lack of bench depth.

People keep saying Justin Ahrens is a defensive liability, well multiple times in the Indiana game, jump shooters were just left wide open. So maybe the entire team is a defensive liability.

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