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June 12, 2019 at 4:29pm

Now that we know who is coming back and with early polls from next year showing us anywhere from 10-20, I was thinking about our roster and how I would ranking our players.  Nothing fancy like most important or concern about minutes points, rebounds, etc per game, but just ranking from best to worst of where they will be this year (not career projection).  I had an easy time with #1, but then, well I think there is a lot of debate.

1. Kaleb

2. Carton - I just think he has what it takes to be a leader early and is certainly ready from a physical standpoint.

3. Muhammad - I am going to say his first half was more indicative of what he can do than the second as the team is more balanced this year.

4. Washington - showed great court awareness as a frosh, though obviously didn't shoot all that well.  If his shot improves to what I think it can, it will make him more effective off the dribble.

5. Liddell - Plays hard and has college ready body.  Think he will be a really good defender at the 4.

6. Andre - Minutes may drop a little if the one of the frosh are ready at the 4 and if Jallow or Ahrens show good improvement.  I think he was pretty close to his ceiling last year, so don't expect any drastic changes other than maybe finding some easier shots and better percentage from three.

7. Walker - will do things that may not show up in box score and will bring a toughness at both ends in the back court. 

8. Young - Man I hope he can add something to his offensive game because I love how hard he plays and attacks the glass.

9. Jallow - I hate putting him this far down, but unless his ball handling improves, he's stuck being a spot up shooter and defensive specialist.

10. Gaffney - Really good athlete who has some skills, but a bit raw and under developed physically.

11. Ahrens - Kid could play a significant role, or be stuck on the bench

12. Diallo - redshirt candidate

NA - Sueing

I think there is a clear line between Kaleb and everyone else and a fuzzier line between 6 and 7.  I don't think the top 5 guys are going to be the starters and not really sure where the cutoff may be for playing time. 

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