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Comment 21 Jul 2020

To be clear, I wasn't suggesting that Matta was cheating ever and feel he was totally on the up and up.  I just recall going onto other teams message boards looking for information on Oden and Conley and the UNC, IU and Wake fans (yeah, Wake was relevant in basketball 15 years ago) were convinced we had to have paid them to come here.

Comment 20 Jul 2020

No return?   They get $100k plus a year in benefits/pay as well as training for a potentially lucrative career.  As a law student or med student how many hours they put with little or no pay in order to gain experience in their field?  And most of them have to pay hundreds of thousands to go to school.

Comment 20 Jul 2020

Weren't those cases all involving football players? 

I believe there were 3 football players accused of sexual assault.  One was found guilty.  He was dismissed from the football team upon arrest.  Another, the police chose not to arrest, but the prosecutor took evidence to a grand jury.  He was found guilty of sexual assault, but the conviction was later overturned on prosecutorial misconduct.  A third was eventually tried and found not guilty.

Comment 20 Jul 2020

Howland UCLA?  Crean IU?  when was this poll from?

There were lots of rumors of Matta cheating when he first took over at OSU, being able to sign the classes he did with NCAA penalties overhanging.  I have no idea on Drew.  He's been their coach since '03.  He's fared pretty well without getting a lot of talent (no top 25 classes according to 247 in the last 7 years, didn't look beyond that).  So if he's cheating, its not resulting in great recruiting classes.

Comment 20 Jul 2020

I think there are only a handful of athletic programs in the nation that don't lose money.  OSU lost about $600k last year.

Comment 19 Jul 2020

Its not a job.  Your parents have health insurance for you (by law according to Obamacare) and you are covered under school insurance while you play. 

You don't want to chance the risk/reward, don't play.  There are lots of guys that will be glad to fill your shoes.

Comment 09 Jul 2020

Should have subcategories, like based on true events, versus comedies, etc.

In the "true" category:

A League of Their Own



The Pride of the Yankees


Major League

Slap shot

Caddy Shack

The Bad News Bears (original Buttermaker)



Field of Dreams


The Natural

Comment 08 May 2020

Whatever his motivation might be aside, he is right about the fact that the NFL should not be preventing players that are ready to enter the draft from doing so.  Almost none are ready right out of HS, but there is no question some are ready after year 1 or 2 and in a sport where injuries can have a substantial impact on ones career and future earnings, I don't think the NFL should have a rule preventing players from entering the draft. 

I honestly believe that people (not saying on this board specifically) are being hypocritical when they support NIL and don't lobby for the removal of the NBA and NFL rules on players entering the draft freely.

Comment 21 Apr 2020

New York has been counting "suspected" coronavirus deaths for the last few weeks  (they went from 6600 to 10400 in one day from their inclusion).  More than 1/3 of their death count is unconfirmed/suspected casualties.  Also, underlying conditions is a major factor in NYC.  Of the 9562 reported deaths of confirmed cases, only 54 had no underlying conditions (7000 had documented preexisting conditions and 2500 were unknown).

I understand the argument behind the initial shutdown.  We are now a month into it.  Time to move forward.  Let the elderly and vulnerable self quarantine.  The rest of us have little or no issues with this virus.

Comment 21 Apr 2020

There have been multiple studies out (Standford and USC as well as others across the world) about the number of people with antibodies for CV-19.  It appears that the number of people who have had this virus is about 50 times greater than the actual number of confirmed cases.  That changes the mortality rate significantly.

Comment 18 Apr 2020

I think its gotta be CJ.  I thought by the end of the year he had started taking over that role.  Obviously it could be multiple guys and Young will be right there as well.  I thnk we are in pretty good hands with those 2 seniors.

Comment 17 Apr 2020

Last year the offense ran through Kaleb most of the time, either pick and pop or in the post.  What will next years offense look like without a pick and pop big or big in the post?  My presumption is we will look to exploit matchups versus having a "goto" guy and try to isolate those advantages whether in the post or on the perimeter.

Who do you expect to lead the team in scoring?

Comment 16 Apr 2020

It was in an article (I believe on 247) talking about his senior year and winning a state title at South.  Young was a much better shooter in HS than he's shown in college (was probably in the low to mid 30s).  You can tell he just doesn't have any confidence in it.  If you look at his HS tape, his shooting form was a bit different and I think he has been working on modifications to make the transition to the longer distance in college and he just hasn't gotten it.  Brandon Fuss Cheatam went through the same thing as he was a near 40% shooter from deep in HS, but had a really low release that just wasn't going to work for a short guard in college.  He lost all confidence and never got it back.   Diebler made a similar transition to a more consistent release and it took him a couple of years.  Kyles FT shooting finally came around a bit last year, so I guess there is a glimmer of hope that it can translate to 3 point shooting in his last year, but thats a very optimistic outlook.

Comment 16 Apr 2020

"The original poster never said they were going to lead the Big 10 in three pt pct. "

I never said he did.  The statement was made that we will "make a lot of threes" and I responded saying we will take a hit in our 3pt shooting from this past season when we led the conference. 

"I have not studied Justice Sueing's shooting form like you apparently have, but the line moving back will have a detrimental effect on him but Duane, Andre, and Kaleb bumped their pcts 8, 8, and 9 pts when the line moved back?"

You've not seen any of his highlights/game film?  Yes, I am not sure its rocket science to understand that people with good shooting form will not be as impacted by shooting from a little farther away.  AGain, the guys you mentioned showed improvement in shooting percentages from year to year.  Sueing essentially shot the same in year 2 (dropped a little).  He does a lot of things offensively that Andre couldn't, but shooting is not one of them.  Expecting anything over 33% seems overly optimistic.

"Given EJ's shooting form (which seems good to me, but you may pick apart) and his proven ability to make midrange shots consistently, is it crazy to think he could jump his made threes of 5 (19%) to 15-25 and bump the pct in the 30% range?"

EJ shooting form is pretty good, but has a very high release which is great for getting shots off in the post and midrange, but leads to a very flat shot from distance.  His shot didn't look that flat in HS, but the extra foot and a half seems to have made a difference.  I'm sure he will be better than 19% but he's going to have to make some adjustment to get more loft on his jumper.  I see his game as being perfectly fit for the 4, but with Sueing and Towns on roster, he's probably going to be spending a lot more time in the post.  Now, the one thing he could do at the 5 that Kaleb and Young can't is attack off the dribble.  IF he can be good enough from three to make a big respect the shot, he will have the ability to take most bigs off the dribble.  I think expecting a jump to 30% from three is pretty optimistic, but not completely out of the question. 

CJ just completed his 4th year of college, had an entire year off to work on his shooting and his shooting percentage dropped from 35.5 to 32.1 (25.4 in B1G play), so no, I have no reason to believe he will see a jump in year 5.  Kaleb didn't shoot many threes in HS or as a frosh, so the idea of his shooting percentage improving as he concentrated on developing it should not be foreign.  Yes, 42% was unexpected.  Young shooting over 25% from three would be just as unexpected.  Andre was a shooter coming out of HS (46% as a senior).  OF course no one expected him to go from 34% to 42% in a year, but his shooting form was always solid. 

"Make a lot of threes" is a subjective statement.  I added my point by saying we wouldn't be as good of a three point shooting team as last year.  We may very well take as many threes as last year, but we aren't going to be as good at shooting them.  Its not nitpicking, its called perspective.

Comment 15 Apr 2020

Andre always had good shooting form.  His jump to mid 40's was unexpected, but he was always viewed as a shooter.  Kaleb also jumped more than expected, but he had improved from frosh to soph, so continued improvement was not unexpected.  Walker is a career 33% shooter and actually dropped a little this past season, so I don't see reason for a major jump.  Going from 32% to 35% would be great.  Sueing's percentage also dropped from frosh to soph year and his shooting form doesn't lead me to believe that he will make much of a jump especially with the line back further from when he last played.  I expect Washington will improve some with better shot selection and Towns is a good shooter.  But I think Kalebs ability to hit the three is not something Young or Liddell (both below 20%) will come close to.  Again, as stated above, I don't expect us to be a poor shooting team, just not as good as this past year when we relied on it quite a bit led the conference.

We were 11th in the B1G in pace of play this past year.  Transition points are mostly scored by guards and wings.  Kalebs role in transition was to trail (which is always someones responsibility) and spot up for threes which was probably our best transition offense last year once Carton sat.  Our guards are very average finishers in transition.  Sueing certainly ups that, but I don't believe 1 guy is going to drastically increase our transition production.  Transition generally comes from steals.  We only had 4 guys with more than .5 steals a game and 3 are gone.  A lot of that has to do with Holtmanns defensive philosophy.  AGain, you seem to be thinking I am saying we will be a worse transition team than the past 2 years and that is not what I've said.  I was disagreeing with the notion that its going to be a significant part of who we are.

Comment 15 Apr 2020

Our 3 point shooting took a big hit with the Wessons leaving.  Walker is at best an average shooter for a PG.  Sueing, just above 30% for his career and none of the guys who play center will come close to what Kaleb shot last year.  Towns is a very good shooter.  I wouldn't call us a poor shooting team, but we aren't likely to lead the conference.

Sueing gives us a little more ability in transition, but Walker and Washington aren't transition guards.  They'll take whats there, but they are nothing like what Carton would have given us.  I think we'll be more of a half court team that looks to exploit whatever matchup we have an advantage at. 

Defense will be interesting.  We probably lost 3 of our best 4 defenders (Walker is good at the point) that played last year.  Sueing isn't a good defender, though he has enough athleticism to improve on this.  Towns is OK at the 4 and while he can play the 3 on offense, I think he would struggle to defend wings. Jallow is a good defender.  We are undersized in the post, but should be able to switch onto wings with Liddell and Young and hopefully be good at rotating when we have to double.  I think we take a step back defensively mostly due to Kaleb's departure.

Comment 14 Apr 2020

Crazy that athletes choose to play for the "slave masters" instead of getting paid 6 figures and selling their image for whatever its worth.

Comment 13 Apr 2020

I don't think as much of Sueings ball handling as you in regards to a creator/initiator of offense.  He's a solid ball handler for a 3, better than Andre was.  He's a good passer (good vision) and can finish around the basket with either hand.  He's a decent athlete, more smooth than explosive, but probably only a little better athlete than Andre (at 6'7", he finishes around not over people).  Not a consistent shooter.  Overall offensively he's a clear upgrade from Andre with his all around skill set and ability to get into the lane and finish.  Defensively, from highlights I've seen, he is "lazy" (guessing he was never forced to play differently).  I assume he was working on this aspect before his injury, but in Cal highlights, he doesn't fight through screens, put a body on anyone blocking out, help and recover well, etc.  He's got to improve this area of his game.

I think he will be a solid starter, probably be around a double digit scorer.  I don't think we will have one guy that consistently leads us in scoring and it will be Sueing some nights along with Washington, Towns and LIddell.  I think he probably plays about 25 mpg ,similar to Towns, Young and LIddell. 

I don't know how to project the guards.  Looking at conference stats games (mostly without DJ, but with Muhammad as a starting guard, CJ averaged 31.6 and DW 27.1 (58.7).  I have to imagine they will get 5+ mpg more next year.