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Comment 17 Jul 2019

I think those odds are a bit optimistic, but maybe someone has been watching summer workouts.  I do think Maryland can challenge MSU for the league title if they shoot the ball well.  They've got a pretty solid post presence in Smith (who can also step outside) and can surround him with capable shooters/drivers and Smith is a much better passer than Fernando.  Their issue is going to be quality of depth because of early departures, but I always like teams with good back courts.

Comment 10 Jul 2019

My mistake.  Where Gaffney plays and how he develops will be interesting.  He has decent handles (better than Jallow) and is obviously a good athlete, but I don't know that he is all that quick laterally, though admittedly its a small sample size I am using.  I'd peg him as more of a stretch 4 right now and has some work to do if he wants to be a 3.

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Just figured out who Liddell reminds me of.  larry johnson from unlv.  now, understand, I am not saying he is at the level johnson was as a junior after 2 years of juco, but he is about the same height/weight, has a high release on his jumper and is very solidly built.  I have compared him to Glenn Rice in the past with his high shooting release and excellent vertical, but I think larry johnson might be a more apt comparison.

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Hard to argue any potential starting lineup as the only sure thing seems to be Kaleb at center.  The three will be very interesting.  I too assume Andre starts, but I do think he sees less mpg than last year.  He split time between the 3,4  and even 5 because Young played quite a bit at the 5 and had injury issues and Holt didn't think LeDee was ready.  This year, you'll have Young, Liddell and Gaffney at the 4 and another body in Diallo at the 5.  That doesn't mean I don't think we see Andre at the 4 at times in a small lineup, but not nearly as much as last year.  So then how many minutes will Jallow and Ahrens play at the 3?  My opinion is that Andre had pretty much reached his ceiling.  Thats not to say he might not do things a little better this year with the experience he got last, but he's not going to be taking people off the dribble and he's going to get points by spotting up for 3 or maybe taking a smaller guy into the post.  He's at best an average rebounder and I am not nearly as high on his perimeter D as others (not saying he's awful, but just kinda average).  Jallow on the other hand seems to have some room to grow and is a better athlete and Ahrens showed me a little better athleticism than I expected.  None of these guys are likely to give us much in the way of creating on offense.  Ahrens is the best shooter, Jallow is the best defender/athlete and Andre is a little better when you look at the total package and experience.  I tend to think Andre's minutes are going to be in the 22-24 minute range if Liddell is good enough to be the starter at the 4.  I don't know if Jallow and Ahrens will split the other SF minutes or one takes the majority of it.  My best guess would be Jallow getting 12-15, going small for maybe 5-7 and Ahrens gets spot minutes depending on the opponent and the defense they are playing.

And this only a minor disagreement, but I think Carton has the highest ceiling of the frosh (not just this year, but long term).  He has a good handle and is just as quick and explosive for a PG as Gaffney is for a 3/4 and he's got a college ready body.  If he finds a consistent shot, he's probably not going to be in college for more than a couple of years.  I would say Gaffney has the most room to grow because he is starting from a lower point as far as basketball maturity and skill set, but I see Carton having the best pro career of the frosh.

Comment 03 Jul 2019

The difficulty in building that is not many top 50 guys want to come in and not play a whole lot their first year or two.  Obviously playing time will be interesting with literally 11 guys that could play some sort of regular role, but we have 3 top 50 players that I assume are coming in expecting minutes.  Schools like UNC, Kansas, MSU and now maybe Villanova have figured out some method for getting good players who are content to wait their turn.  I would say the only way to be able to sustain that is to continue winning and challenge for national titles.  Kids don't want to sit around unless the program is very successful and developing NBA players.

Comment 03 Jul 2019

As covered in the article, there are a lot of question marks which is somewhat understandable with a young team and one that ended the season last year with a bunch of question marks.  But, on looking specifically at PT, I wouldn't peg Young in at just the PF spot.  I believe he will get more minutes at the 5 (probably about 10-12) than he will at the 4.  I don't think Diallo is ready for this level of competition and will play only in certain situations, not part of the rotation.

Also, I think Wesson and Gaffney split time at the 3 and 4.  Now, obviously some of that is dependent on other factors, but with Young playing a fair amount at the 5, there will be minutes available at the 4 and I think Jallow and Ahrens will see some time at the 3 (how much is the question).  I don't really see Jallow playing much 2G unless his ball handling improves drastically or a couple of the guards just aren't getting it done. 

Rotation is going to be something interesting to watch as there are just so many possibilities and no one other than Kaleb having an entirely defined role (he's our starting center that will play as much as his conditioning and foul situation allows).  I mean if Washington and Muhammad really improve, I could see us playing a lot of small lineups.  If Ahrens and/or Jallow expand their games, then Andre could be pushed down more to the 4 and see his minutes squeezed.  How ready are the frosh forwards?  IF they are ahead of the curve, what does that mean for Young and Wesson?   There are dozens of possibilities for how the rotation could look.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

I remember watching some film on him from HS and thinking that he would be a prototypical stretch 4.  I didn't expect him to be a high volume shooter from the perimeter, but I expected he would be comfortable doing so and apply adequate pressure on the defense to honor it.  For whatever reason, he hasn't looked comfortable at all shooting in college.  We don't need him to be a big time scorer, but if he could add the perimeter shot, it would really help open things up in the middle.

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Agree with that, but I think the general criteria is to make the matchups even which will draw more interest.  They also want the "challenge" to be close so that it will create a little more interest even for the "Wake Forest-Rutgers" matchup, at least in ACC/B1G country.  I think UNC is projected somewhere around 3rd or 4th in the ACC and I"ve seen us anywhere from 2nd to 5th in the B1G.

Comment 13 Jun 2019

Is Oden going to be on staff at OSU?  He was a student assistant the last couple of years, but now that he's graduated, I think he's looking for a full time coaching position somewhere (and I'm pretty sure its a requirement that you are enrolled in a graduate program to stay on as a graduate assistant).

Comment 12 Jun 2019

We did look for grad transfer bigs and none materialized.  I think the staff sees diallo as a project and that young gets the lions share of the backup center minutes.  diallo obviously has something to offer physically, but I don't think his basketball IQ is at a high enough level.  With kalebs foul issues he probably won't redshirt, but I do think it would be the best scenario for him.

It was really difficult to project ahrens and jallow.  On the one hand, I could easily see jallow taking more minutes at the 3 if his ball handling improves because his confidence seemed to grow at the end of the season.  ahrens showed a little more athleticism than I expected and with the 3 point line moving back, I think the adjustment will be easiest for him as he clearly has the range.  His question is more on the defensive end and that he is pretty much stuck at 1 position.

agree on Gaffney and am basing my projection on the fact that he was more of a role player this past season in hs.  now it was a very talented hs team, but he was less than consistent on the offensive end.  If something clicks for him over the next 5 months he's certainly capable of being a 20 mpg guy. 

Comment 12 Jun 2019

an argument can certainly be made for that and if I were doing a rating of last years team after the end of the season, I would have put him at #3 and ahead of washington and muhammed.  Its my opinion that washington and muhammad are likely to improve more in this off season and that they will benefit from improved PG play and will not have to look to create as much which is something they were forced to do this past season.  If andre is a top 3 player, then I think we are looking at being a borderline top 25 team.  I think he will play a valuable role on our team, but I don't see a guy likely to make an all B1G team.  also, it seems to be a popular opinion that he is a really good defender, but he had the worst d-rating on the team last year.  Thats not to say I think he is a bad defender, but I see him as just average on that end of the floor especially when asked to guard athletic wings.

Comment 12 Jun 2019

The transfer talk is interesting as it certainly appears the staff is looking at adding 2 to the '20 class, but currently only have 1 ship.  Obviously upperclass guys who don't get a lot of minutes are going to be talked about the most (at this point, Jallow, Ahrens and Young), but I question why they would leave. 

- Young at worst is going to be the backup center this year and will probably get 20 minutes or so per game unless Gaffney and Liddell are just plain better as frosh.  Where would he look to transfer to improve playing time if he can't beat out good, but not great freshmen as a junior?

- Ahrens didn't expect to play at all last year and earned some time.  How much his role increases this year is anybody's guess, but, his brother has been patient with limited PT at MSU and he seems to really relish being a Buckeye.  I think he'd stick it out at least another year with the hope that he can play a decent role on a national contender.

- Jallow is probably the best bet for a transfer, but he saw an increased role at the end of the season.  With none of the incoming frosh likely to limit his time at the 3 and the possibility of some minutes at the 2, I don't see his playing time dropping from last year unless Ahrens makes a big move.  Being young for his class, I could see him possibly being a sit 1 to play 1 candidate, but I am just not sure he is going to have a much bigger role on a team unless its a middle of the road power 5 team.

None of those guys is going to develop into a pro anywhere else and while we are no guarantee to go far in the post season, there probably aren't any teams that are real contenders that would have any minutes for these guys either.

I don't think the LeDee transfer was that big of a surprise because Young was getting the backup C minutes and LeDee didn't come here to play center anyway.  Also, with Liddell and Gaffney coming in, there was going to be a lot of competition for minutes at the 4.  I just don't see the same transfer situation with this years roster especially with the team first attitude that seems to permeate within this group.

Comment 29 May 2019

Obviously its nothing more than an educated guess at this point.  I think very highly of Carton and there have been good reviews on CJ, but how high of a level are you expecting?  I think better than average in the B1G which is an upgrade over last year, but I don't see either of them being all conference guys next year (honorable mention or all frosh team maybe).  I think Gaffney is very raw and will take a little time to develop.  Liddell is more ready to contribute and has a solid offensive game, but I don't see him coming in and averaging more than 10-12 ppg.

I hope I am wrong and the frosh are that good and everyone else improves, but I am obviously a bit more pessimistic on their impact in year 1.  I think they will play and provide an upgrade for sure.  I just don't see us competing for a B1G title or making it to the final weekend of the tourney next year.

Comment 21 May 2019

I haven't seen you post a thing on what scouts have said about Kaleb, so I have no idea what you know.  I also know that what one scout says, doesn't speak for all scouts. 

"Bryan Kalbrosky of Hoops Hype aggregates 5 different mocks from Bleacher Report, SI.com, ESPN, The Athletic and NBA Draft. Wesson doesn’t appear on any of them.

Aran Smith’s NBA Draft Net ranks 100 prospects, and Wesson again is off the list. ESPN’s Draft Board doesn’t rank him, either."

ITs clear he isn't getting drafted this year.  I'm guessing the feedback is work on upper body strength, quickness, agility, cardio and defensive positioning.  They are never going to tell an underclassman he has no chance.  Its not in their interested to do so.