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Comment 10 hours ago

Not to try and nitpick, but I read elsewhere that his junior stats were 11.9 and 6 boards a game.  I don't believe the link provided has statistics for all his junior year games.  He floated between starter and 6th man depending on the opponent.  He will be a starter and should be a focal point of the offense this year so we shall see how he handles that role.  As mentioned, he had a really good summer, so he should be building off of that.

Comment 11 hours ago

Key isn't really anything like Tate.  Tate was better ball handler, much quicker and more explosive.  Key obviously is taller and will be a better shooter.

I've mentioned it before, but I think a better comparison is Terence Dials.  I'm not expecting him to be as productive as Dials his last 2 years because the team leaned on him a lot offensively and I don't see Key ever being our go to guy, but I think his skill set will end up being very Dials like and hopefully his quickness continues to improve so he can guard perimeter 4;s.

Comment 19 Sep 2019

I don't think a lot of people look at Key as a "scorer".  He didn't start most of the year for his HS team and wasn't a guy they looked to much on offense.  Now, over the summer, he has put up some pretty good scoring numbers, mostly from improving his range and making jumpers and also goes hard after offensive rebounds, but I would say his scoring is more opportunistic than him creating a lot of scoring opportunities for himself.

Here is a video of the state HS championship last year.  Key does very little in this 11 minute "highlight" video, but to get an idea of his height/size, he posts up for his only 2 points in the clips at about the 8:55 mark.  The guy he is posting up is listed at 6'4".  Also, #33 for Christ the King was listed at 6'9" last year but now is listed at 6'10" (he is a 5 star prospect in the '21 class).


Comment 19 Sep 2019

Sure he plays a lot in the post which most guys that size do for their HS teams.   Of the highlights I've seen, I've seen him take many more 3 pointers than moves isolated in the post. 

I actually think his ceiling is decently high if he gets quicker.  He's not big enough to play center (something he mentioned himself in a recent interview), but he's a little slow to guard perimeter 4's. He moves pretty well and jumps much better than Kaleb, so if he improved his quickness, he could be a legit NBA 4. 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Not missing your point at all.  YOu are missing my point that the only absolute of your height is barefoot because every shoe has different heel depth.  Do you think DAR is wearing his 1.75 inch heeled combine shoes in that photo?  We have no idea, but we do know his absolute height is 6'3.25". 

I'm sure Key has some shoes he can wear that make him 6'8", but thats not how tall he is. But as mentioned, standing reach and wingspan are more important measurements than height.  We just don't know what his are.  But regardless, if he's 6'8" in shoes with a normal wingspan, he still only weights about 220 and thats not big enough to play center, which is a position he has no intention of playing.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Official combine measurements had Russell at 6'3.25" and Turner at 6'5.75" barefoot which is your actual height.  Your height isn't how tall you are with platforms on.  I doubt Zed is 6'7" barefoot.

I agree that length (vertical and horizontal reach) are more important, but we don't have any listings of those for Key.  I think his athleticism can best be described as a little above average, but clearly behind the top prospects.

Regardless of his actual height, he fancies himself a 4 and will carry his weight accordingly.  He will be too small to play post D against B1G bigs.  Agreed that Spellman was not a traditional big on the offensive end, but he was 6'8" (barefoot) and 254 with 7'2" wingspan, so he was equipped to battle bigs on the defensive end.  He was also pretty quick for his size which is not something I've heard to describe Key.

As another poster said, I am not necessarily against the offer, but I don't see that he fills our need at the 5 if Kaleb leaves and my main concern would be on what position he can defend.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Spellman didn't play like a traditional center on offense, but he was 6'9", 250 plus with a big wing span and good athleticism, so he could guard guys that bang in the post.  I think thats his point with Key.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Liddell has more quick twitch and is a bit more explosive.  Their skill sets probably aren't all that dissimilar, but I do think Liddell has a better face up game, particularly changing directions off the dribble.  I think their size is fairly comparable with Key probably being an inch or so taller.

I like Key's skill set on the offensive end and how he approaches things (some would say old school).  He can shoot a little baby hook over either shoulder, can knock down shots from 16-18 and put the ball on the floor for straight line drives.  My concern with him is on the defensive end.  He's pretty prototypical size for the PF position, but not sure he would defend well against perimeter 4's.  I also think he's too undersized to defend the post, though he does have a pretty good reach.  He fancies himself as a PF and I'd guess if he has any thoughts of playing pro ball, he's going to do it by slimming down and improving his quickness more than bulking up for a power game.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

In all honesty, I don't really see Key as a replacement for Wesson.  There was a photo of him standing next to Turner on his visit and he was at most an inch taller (Turner was 6'5.75" without shoes at the combine) and didn't look a whole lot bigger.  Key is gonna be a PF.  He's got some game in the post, but I think he'd struggle going up against B1G centers.  I do think he has the ability to develop into a Terrence Dials type of player and has range to the HS 3pt line (not sure about the new college one).

Comment 17 Sep 2019

Its really difficult to say.  He was in the 80 range before last summer and saw a significant drop before his injury.  We have no idea how much he may have improved during last hs season or this summer if healthy.  I think the only thing that separates him from say Moody is ball handling (he dribbles a bit high).  I think because of that he probably ends up playing mostly at the SF and he has plenty of size for that position. His athleticism is good, not great, but its hard to say how much that might improve.  IF I had to guess, he's a 3-4 year player

I mentioned above that he reminds me somewhat of Buford.  Not as good of a pull up midrange game, but has better range.

Another guy he reminds me a little of is Mikal Bridges who didn't hold a great offer list.  Bridges would post up a bit more where Brown stays out by the 3 point line, but their length and movement is pretty similar.

Comment 17 Sep 2019

Thanks for the information and well written article.  Its hard to tell from video, but I don't know how great his athleticism looks.  Not that its bad, but as I've seen mentioned elsewhere, looks kinda like Buford.  More smooth than quick.

Comment 17 Sep 2019

While I probably wouldn't have chosen the words "not very good", when I saw the score in the article, my first thought that it wasn't an indication of high academic achievement.  But lets be honest, he didn't get a scholarship offer because of those test scores, he got it because he is a good basketball player with a good head on his shoulders and he fits a need of the team.

The average incoming score at OSU is 1344 and 1260 is generally what is recommended for applying for acceptance (though no absolute minimum is set).

Comment 16 Sep 2019

He chose OSU over local schools and cancelled visits he had set up.  I'd like to hear what was it about OSU that made him know it was the place for him.

I also like self reflection questions about his best attributes and what he needs to work on. 

Comment 30 Aug 2019

My feeling right now is that its Duke, UM, then the other 3 (I know Stanford has an old CB out there, but I just don't see it from a basketball perspective), but my thought is that Duke gets Kessler and Howard being a first time college coach will maybe create some cause for concern as commitment day approaches.

I'm certainly not making any prediction that he's going to OSU and its more of a gut feeling based on Williams demeanor/perspective.  He hasn't said anything about OSU specifically, but being in his final 5 is more than I expected and it just seems like a good fit.

Comment 30 Aug 2019

I'd take any of the three and not be disappointed.  Williams fits a bigger need, especially if Kaleb leaves, but its a guards game.  We obviously don't see what goes on in practices, but I have to guess with the number of big guards/wings Holtmann has shown interest in for this class, that he sees that as a significant need as well.

Comment 30 Aug 2019

That is a very odd list of teams for a top 30 center out of Virginia (playing now at IMG).  Stanford and UCLA have been down and are obviously far from home.   Michigan doesn't typically use a traditional center though that may change with the new coach. 

I don't know why, but for some reason, I feel we have a real chance here.