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Comment 14 Nov 2019

I suspect we could make a run at a grand transfer/JuCo big.  IT probably depends how much the frosh progress this year.  A three man rotation of Young, Gaffney and Liddell may not be the worst thing in the world (with a little Key or Diallo sprinkled in).  Yes, we won't have a banger to throw the ball into the post, but it will be a very aggressive defense and suspect a lot more up and down game. I suspect we'll see some small ball as well with Sueing playing some at the 4.

Comment 14 Nov 2019

The committee members are voters (they are not pollsters):

The committee's voting method uses multiple ballots, similar to the NCAA basketball tournament selection process ... From a large initial pool of teams, the group takes numerous votes on successive tiers of teams, considering six at a time and coming to a consensus on how they should be ranked, then repeating the process with the next tier of teams. Discussion and debate happens at each voting step. All votes are by secret ballot, and committee members do not make their ballots public.

Comment 13 Nov 2019

#1 most important thing is to stay out of foul trouble, especially in the front court.  We don't have much depth at the 3-5 and there is a big drop off in experience and talent if we have to play Gaffney a lot or Diallo at all.  Kaleb and Young both need to play over 30 mpg in this one.

#2 is to take care of the basketball.  Our half court defense is good enough to keep us in the game against just about anyone, so don't give up possessions and easy transition points.

#3 is to make some shots (including foul shots), but don't force up bad ones. 

Comment 13 Nov 2019

Having seen several dozen games at the Schott, I'd have to guess that our home court advantage as far as the crowd creating momentum is one of the weakest in the NCAA.  Sometimes the advantage is the other team has to travel far, or is on a quick turn around.  Philly isn't far away and Nova hasn't played in a week, so those 2 things are a non factor.  About the only advantage we have is being comfortable shooting in the arena. 

It should be a very competitive game, but if I were a betting man, I'd think being thin at the SF spot is going to create some issues for us and I don't think we win this game.

Comment 12 Nov 2019

Easy courses yes.  These were grades given out for not doing anything.  Online classes and a couple of papers that others wrote for the athletes.  They got away with it because there were some other flunkies that decided to pay thousands of dollars to not learn anything but get an A on their resume and the NCAA overlooked that the players didn't write their own papers.

Comment 10 Nov 2019

I can understand the CJ might be rusty comment, but our offense just runs at a different pace with Carton on the floor.  He does need to be a little smarter at times with his dribble, but he adds a dimension that is difficult to defend.  He can get into the lane quickly and has a good feel for where the open man is when the defense rotates.  He's going to be really good by the end of the season if he doesn't hit "the wall".

CJ looks OK as do the other guards, but they look like role players.  The two guys that make are team go are Kaleb and DJ.  Loved seeing the hustle from everyone, but I question the floor dives when we are a bit thin and playing with a comfortable lead.   There will be plenty of games we'll need that all out effort later.  Also can't understate how valuable a role Young is going to play this year.  If we can knock down perimeter shots and get everyone healthy, we could be really good by the end of the year.

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Huh?  What does YOung admitting to have taken an illegal benefit have to do with Michigan sucking at football?

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Its never wise to shoot when you don't have an identified target.

And Bilas is a dick.

Comment 07 Nov 2019

I have mentioned in other posts that Kaleb sets this teams floor, but Carton sets the ceiling.  Now of course there are other factors like if no one else on the team can consistently make shots from the perimeter, but Carton gives us something that no one else on the team can duplicate and he can control the game from the PG position.  I expect some growing pains, but look forward to see in season improvements.

As for who he reminds me of (that wore S&G), I am not sure I'd compare him to one person.  I think he is a mix of Conley and DAR.  Conley was really athletic and steady, always making the right play and a great defender, but he didn't look for his offense or shot too much.  DAR wasn't as athletic, but he was so smooth offensively with a great stroke, but not so great on the defensive end.  To me, Carton mixes the best attributes of both, but not as great as the others were at their strengths.  So what I see in Carton is a guy who is very close to Conley athletically (a bit bigger, but not quite as quick), as good of a ball handler, but not quite as polished or seasoned.  Carton has more flash to his game and can shoot better than Conley, which is where the DAR part of the comparison picks up.  He's not quite as crafty or on the level of shot maker that DAR was, but he can do some of those things and is a much better athlete.  Essentially, I see a combination of a poor mans Conley mixed with a poor mans DAR and that combination together might make him as good of an all around player as either when all is said and done.  I think the projections of him possibly being a 2 and done are pretty reasonable.  He was just different than anyone else on the floor last night.

Comment 07 Nov 2019

I thought we were the beneficiary of the majority of the "bad" calls until about the last 8 minutes or so.  Not that you can tell from the upper deck, but it looked like some of the fouls on their bigs weren't any different than what we were doing on defense.

As others have mentioned Kalebs movement is much improved and is obviously quicker laterally.  His vertical is a bit better, but still got stuffed by the rim on a dunk attempt.  I am a bit surprised we didn't stick with him more on the block.  He was drawing a lot of fouls.  I get that they were doubling hard, but he's got a pretty good IQ and a good passer, so I think we could have stuck with that more than we did and adjusted what guys were doing off the ball to combat their hard double teams.  Obviously the scoring was better in the second half which was tied to making some foul shots (o-fer in the first half, 19 in the second) and going 4-7 from three (1-9 in the first half on mostly open looks).

Comment 07 Nov 2019

Cincy was doubling the post hard no matter who we dumped it to.  Instead of trying to fix the rotations in game, he went to all high ball screens.  The one thing I would have liked to see differently is for Kaleb to either dive to the rim or set a down screen instead of just hanging out by the 3 point line after every screen. 

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Got decent seats considering the opponent (304 row k).  I expected that the games with more interest the seats wouldn't be as good, but if this is the worst it gets, then I'll be pleased.

Comment 05 Nov 2019

I don't mind the idea of the power 5 conference championship games being viewed as a play in game for an 8 team playoff, but there needs to be a caveat.  There should be a BCS type ranking (combination of human polls, computer polls and SOS) and you have to be in the top 12 of that system to get the conference auto bid (ie, if NW had beaten us in the conf champ game last year, they wouldn't have been in the playoff and no autobid for the conference).  I would also include any undefeated team that finished in the top 12 of the BCS type ranking, or if no non-power 5 teams go undefeated, the top non-power 5 team in the top 12 gets an autobid.  The rest of the field is determined by BCS type ranking of the remaining at large teams with the BCS type ranking used for seeding.  First round games at home of higher seed the weekend before Christmas, second round New Years Day bowl game (quarter final losers make up rest of BCS bowl games), finals 10-14 days later.

Comment 05 Nov 2019

The problem for Oregon would be that their loss (yes close, first game of the year) would be a team that lost to both LSU and Bama (and at least 1 more SEC team).  Its tough for Oregon to get in over a 1 loss Bama or LSU, but they would probably have a better argument over Bama than LSU as Bama's schedule wasn't any stronger and their loss would be a home game.  Now, if Tua doesn't play or is clearly gimpy, then that obviously presents another situation. 

What will become real interesting will be if LSU beats Bama (without Tua) and GA wins SEC championship (essentially a home game for GA) and you have 1 loss conference champ in Oregon and undefeated Baylor (OK is at the back of the 1 loss pack and would stay behind the Bama/LSU and SEC champ game loser).  Tough to pick from those 5 teams for 2 spots.  Now, I don't think Baylor has a prayer of going undefeated, but they would have to be in the conversation if they did.

Comment 05 Nov 2019

Anyone else purchase this pass this year?  I have and still have yet to receive notification of seat location, but thought it was supposed to be sent 48 hours in advance.

Comment 04 Nov 2019

I've been clear that I have no issue with the NCAA enforcing the rules that Potter was more than aware of when he chose to transfer.  Others talked about NCAA inconsistencies and here is a perfect example that has to piss off Wisky and Potter.  Quade Green was a frosh last year at UK, played in 9 games and chose to sit out (left the team immediately and quit classes) and chose to transfer to Washington.  The NCAA has ruled him immediately eligible for play this season even though he played 9 games last year before deciding to transfer.  My only guess is that he chose to give his scholarship up and quit school, while Potter stayed in school.  That seems to be a very inconsistent ruling by the NCAA and I hope that Wisky wins their appeal in light of this recent ruling.