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Comment 15 May 2019

Most players will transfer after their frosh or soph years to go seek playing time, or as upper classmen because they are good players on bad teams seeking post season success.  I assume no one in the regular rotation would transfer after this year because they are getting time and we should be pretty good the season after.  Based on that criteria, ahrens might be a transfer candidate since he would be seeking playing time for a few years, but again, I think he's happy to be part of a good program at osu.  That would leave young and jallow who would both be seniors headed into the '20-'21 season.   If they don't play at all this year, I could see them maybe making a switch just for one year, but I woudn't put it in the category of "expecting" one to leave.

It could be that kaleb plans to leave, but if the staff thought he was gone, I'd think they would be busting their butts to get a center.  While they are recruiting some, it doesn't appear they are going as hard after a big as they are guards/wings.

again, it wouldn't shock me if someone transfers or leaves early, but to make the statement that we are "going to sign AT LEAST 2 more in the '20 class" seems a stretch. 

Comment 14 May 2019

obviously oversigning is a bit different with 13 ships instead of 85. 

I guess I don't buy kaleb leaving to play overseas instead of a chance at winning a national title, but I don't know what is in his head.  If he leaves, that would leave us with 1 center who is a project.  young and jallow would be the most likely candidates given our current roster, but again, seniors leaving to play somewhere else (not going to be a top team) with the chance at playing on a national title contender isn't something I would expect.  But you could be right and that someone will transfer and the staff is anticipating that.  I guess we'll see how pt goes this year.

Comment 14 May 2019

Not sure I agree with this statement:

"Ohio State does not currently have any commitments for 2020, but the Buckeyes are expected to add at least two players in the class.  "

Tis true we don't have a '20 player committed, but currently we only have 1 ship available (Andre's graduation).  How are we going to add at least 2 players with only 1 ship available?

I think the addition of Sueing means we aren't going to take a SG with the only ship we have left, but it sounds like the offer is still there.  I think he ends up at TN.

Comment 14 May 2019

Prep schools practice way more than public HS teams and have the advantage of playing with and against better competition.  HS teams have limitations on practice/training time. 

I am not suggesting that everyone should go to prep school, but I think there are certain advantages they have in being able to develop your athletic skill set.  I would argue that they take away from development in other areas that may be just as important.

Comment 14 May 2019

"It's virtually certain they won't lose all 4 of the current so. class in one swoop, one or more will likely leave before they graduate. "

Well, I can't imagine Sueing transferring again and Muhammad and Washington played quite a bit as frosh and should see at least as much time this year, so not sure why they would leave (no SG's in the '19 class and doubt we use our remaining ship in '20 for one).  Ahrens seemed content with his limited role last year (said something to the effect that he didn't expect to play at all last year) and definitely seems like a program guy that if OSU has a strong team that he would embrace a limited role.  I am not saying it would floor me if any of those guys didn't stick it out to the end, but I think the odds are on the side of none of them transferring.

Wasn't Jackson quoted as saying he wanted to come in and lead a team right away as a frosh?  If he were a '21 guy he'd maybe have that chance, but he probably wouldn't play very much as a frosh here.

Comment 13 May 2019

yeah, I wouldn't be shocked if the 200 was a measurement before this past season and is closer to 220 now.  still, that would put him a year older than Etzler and 4 inches taller, but only 5 pounds more.  Etzler is thin, but not anorexic and he's definitely going to be a face up/perimeter player.

Comment 13 May 2019

Yeah, I think the conundrum is what position he can defend.  I think he's more skilled offensively than Gaffney who the staff pegs as a 3/4 (equal at the least with 2 years to improve).  Gaffney is quick enough to guard threes.  I don't know that Etzler will be able to guard most threes.  So yes, I agree that Etzler probably projects as a 3 in regards to offensive skills, he probably will end up mostly at the 4 because of who he can defend. 

I agree that I don't think you want him adding much bulk, but certainly needs to add strength.  I would think a pretty idea weight would be in the 210 range because he doesn't have a broad frame.  Thats actually heavier than Kyle Young was this past season at the same height.

Comment 13 May 2019

He's 6'8", 195 and certainly needs to add strength and a little weight, but he is well ahead of Gaffney (6'9", 190) and Diallo (7', 200) given he's just finishing his 10th grade year.  I'd think being a more perimeter oriented player and probably a combo forward, if he weighed in the 210, 215 range, that would be pretty solid.  I think mobility is going to be more important than bulk given his style of play. 

Comment 13 May 2019

First, the disclaimer.  Holtmann knows the skill sets of his young players better than I do.  But, I can't help but wonder if this is the best use of this scholarship.

First, in looking at the position/class chart above, IT seems we have the small forward position already covered (especially since I would call Jallow more of a SF than a SG).  Now, if you think Gaffney is going to play more 4 than 3, or that Ahrens and Jallow aren't going to be worthy of anything but role player minutes, then I guess we have a need at the SF spot. 

Which brings me to point 2.  This leaves us with only 1 ship for the '20 class.  Kaleb will be a senior and the only other center is a raw defensive guy.  We also will have 2 pgs, one a senior and one who some think will be 2 and done.  If Carton is a 2 and done, that would leave us with a serious need at the point and post for the '21 season and those are the 2 positions that are most difficult to find frosh who are ready to play at this level, but we will only be able to land only 1 or the other in the '20 class. 

Lastly, was this point made above: "Since Sueing will redshirt, he'll eventually be part of the class of rising sophomores – Justin Ahrens, Luther Muhammad and Duane Washington Jr. ".  We are going to lose 4 guys at one time that are 2's and 3's, your perimeter shooting/scoring positions.  That could make for an odd transition in a few years.

I don't really know how good Sueing may be here, but given the reality of or roster and scholarship availability, I have to think the staff believes he will make a significant impact and is a clear upgrade at the SF postition from what we will have in the senior Jallow, junior Ahrens and soph Gaffney in order to sign him and limit our scholarships for the '20 class.  Maybe Holtmann thinks Sueing would be a starter over all three of those and feels the '20-'21 season is one that could be special and is willing to maybe sacrifice a little in the following years to make a run at a title.

Comment 12 May 2019

The P12 was really bad last year.

Its an interesting add.  IT wouldn't look like its a position of need if you think gaffney can play the 3 and jallow and ahrens improve.  I guess maybe he can play some 2 also?  I think we could really use a big an a pg in the '20 class (especially if you think carton is 2 and done).

Comment 02 May 2019

While looking at college numbers isn't irrelevant, the pro game is quite a bit different than the college game.  I think there are valid questions about both their games.  Haskins has a great arm and his accuracy is very good.  I think what some teams question are his ability to extend the play (not just to gain yardage, but mobility in the pocket) and make quick decisions on the fly.  I think he is pretty good at pre-snap reads on who the best guy is to target and when he has time to set his feet there aren't many QB's better at delivering the ball quickly and on target.  But, NFL defenses are more sophisticated and obviously things happen a bit quicker.  They have higher level athletes (his receivers aren't going to physically outmatch defenders) who are better trained.  I don't think Haskins will be a bust, but I can understand the reasons that some teams backed off.

Comment 02 May 2019

Good article.  I know you looked at both national and fan based expectations, but to focus on the later, its always interesting to see what expectations are for OSU fans.  In football, its pretty unanimous that we are expected to be the best and that making the 4 team playoff is the goal each and every year.  In basketball fans have generally been much more conservative.  Thad opened up possibilities of what this program could be that exceeded most fans expectations.  Unfortunately, he could not maintain that level of success and the last 3 years or so, fell well below even pre-Thad expectations for the program.

Clearly Holtmann has elevated expectations back to where we expect to go to the tournament just about every year, but I don't think many are expecting what Matta did at his peak, at least not yet.  I think we are still another year away from making a serious run in the post season.  After that, I don't see any reason we can't get back into that second tier of programs just behind the blue bloods and hopefully stay there.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I can't be the only one that got a chuckle out of this line:

"Clark, the No. 57 prospect in the country, has power schools chasing him. He holds scholarship offers from Ohio State, UCLA, California, TCU, UNLV, USC".

I mean obviously UCLA has a great tradition and even with recent woes is still a formidable program in recruiting, but the other schools?  Don't think many college basketball fans are listing any of them in their top 20 programs.

That aside, he is a hard nosed player, similar to LM but with a little more of an offensive skill set and of course, 2-3 inches taller.  Seems like a good fit and a big guard is a priority.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Maybe my interpretation, but I think Holtmann was talking about having 13 guys on the roster that feel they should be playing right now, not that he wouldn't ever look to have 13 guys on roster.  For example, might not be too difficult to convince a PG in the '20 class to come in and sit a year behind Walker and Carton, knowing at the very least he will be looking at the backup pg role the following year, or possibly the starter if Carton is on the path put forward by Holtmann.  And I think Diallo is coming in knowing he might be a few years away from getting PT.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

yeah, I actually mentioned KJ before I got further down the thread to see these comments.  I agree with you that raw bigs are really difficult to project.  I mean he's not close to as good offensively as say Amir Williams was coming out of HS.  He does remind me more of KJ than Bell though in how he moves.  He definitely has a lot to learn about the game of basketball though, so I think its going to take a few years before he is ready to make any kind of impact at either end of the floor.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

I know there was talk that Nick Ward gained a lot from this experience last year, but I have to be honest, I don't see that he was a lick better this year than last.

Kaleb knows what he needs to work on.  there is no way a 6'9" center is going to make today's nba with limited athleticism.  Needs to get a pair of those old school jumping shoes.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

Yeah, next to Kaleb, those 2 guys were probably the most consistent/reliable guys on offense the last half of the season.  Thats not to say they were great or super consistent either, but in relation to the other players on the team, they were second and third.

There is reason to be optimistic about Walker and Carton, but until you actually see it on the floor, its difficult to quantify what level of improvement there will be at the lead guard position.  Kinda the same thing for the returnees.  I don't expect much change in Andre's game and if Young doesn't figure out his shot, his game won't be much different either.  The guards/wings are the ones we need to see improvement from as we need to see some consistent outside shooting and improved ability to put the ball on the floor from that group. 

We were a borderline top 45-50 team this past year (42, 44, 55 in BPI, KenPom and NET rankings) and in a normal year would not have been NCAA tourney worthy.  We don't lose a ton, but as mentioned, probably our 2nd and 3rd best players off that team.  We only had 1 guy make honorable mention (1 out of top 25) and none of our frosh on the all freshman team.  We add a good recruiting class and transfer who should at least be on par with what we lost and some added depth/athleticism.  Yes, the returnees should improve, but so should those guys on other teams, so no reason to act like our returnees are going to improve more than those from other teams.  I think a borderline top 25 teams is a pretty reasonable expectation given those factors.  Thats not to say a higher ranking is a pipe dream, but I think the top 10-15 talk is more like a ceiling than what should be expected.