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Best Big Ten B-ball Venues to Escape with a Win

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February 11, 2019 at 6:19pm

Yesterday’s win may have been ugly but it’s a win at Assembly Hall. W’s at that place are historically hard to come by. And I’ll take it..

What are the most rewarding Big Ten road venues to escape from with a W? Here’s my list:

1. Assembly Hall (IU) - always seems like 5 on 8 when we go there.

2. Breslin Center - rowdiest student section in the conference.

3. Mackey - same rowdy b-ball loving crowd as IU, just without the NC banners.

4. Crisler - maybe a bit high, but it’s our rival and rumor is they now value b-ball over football.

5. Kohl Center - a better version of the Schott but first to 50 wins” rules apply and W’s are usually a battle.

6. Carver-Hawkeye - when Iowa is middle of the pack or better this has been a death trap for high-ranked teams for years. But when the Hawks stink it’s a breeze.

7. Assembly Hall (Illinois) - could be / should be higher when the Illini are the Fighting version but lately the orange haven’t packed as much punch.

8. Williams Arena - best arena in the Big Ten; just rarely has the talent to match.

9. Xfinity - not so much the arena as the team most years. Probably could say the same for us...

10. Pinnacle - the Huskers have had more bite the last couple years or the dribbling Pat Fitzgeralds would jump them.

11. Welsh-Ryan - the place would be Cameron Indoor-North if the Cats had the talent to match but they don’t. Still not always a gimme.

12. Jordan - if you like to see that natural seat color shine, this place is rarely blocked with bodies.

13. Brown Athletic - has anyone ever seen the actual report on why the Big Ten needed Rutgers? On a depressing note it’s a venue we’ve lost in.


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