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If You're Chris Holtmann, Where Do You Go From Here?

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January 22, 2019 at 5:42pm

Putting yourself in the shoes of Holtmann...

Now that Kyle Young will be out with his injury for some time, what should the strategy be going forward? You already have a team that is in a bit of a rut but had flashed at times earlier in the season. The issues of the lack of size, scoring ability, true ball handlers, and depth at certain positions are well known and documented, but you are now down to one foul-prone center on the roster and two forwards who are undersized and can't score. Do you insert either Andre Wesson or Jaedon Ledee into the lineup for Kyle Young at the 4 and continue with the plan as usual, or do you go small and play Kaleb Wesson with some combination of Jallow, Muhammad, Ahrens, Washington, Jackson, and Woods?

Despite the offensive woes, the defense has not fared much better as of late which may be even more of an issue now that Young is out of the lineup. Do you switch to a zone to attempt to limit the outside shooting that killed us in the Maryland game?

I'm not sure what would be the best course of action moving forward, but this is why they shell out the big bucks to Holtmann. I think that Micah Potter has to be kicking himself at Wisconsin for bailing on his teammates, now that it is completely obvious the playing time and impact he would have had if he were still here. Next up on the schedule is Purdue at home in the Schottenstein Center, which will be yet another test in this brutal B1G schedule for the Buckeyes. I'm interested to hear your thoughts, 11w community.

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