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TBDBITL Alumnus - 2012-2014. Lurker here since right before Urban trashed us in early '07 (ugh).

Jon Waters will always be my director.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Curtis Samuel scoring in double overtime to beat TTUN
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
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Comment 02 Mar 2019

I'm pretty sure the guy who burned the OSU letters was Logan Tuley-Tillman, which made it even more hilarious when TTUN hired Warriner as he was the one who sent them - I'll be willing to bet that was an awkward first meeting. Kalis was the one who said, "I believe the Michigan-Ohio border is now open." and "There will be blood on the field and it won't be mine. Quote it, let them know."

Comment 24 Feb 2019

I grew up in the Cleveland area, and came to Columbus for school at OSU. So far I've stuck around too, so it still works!

Comment 13 Feb 2019

I have depression and anxiety, plus we're close in age so I can relate. I've been to several psychologists, but for me, I realized that the only solution was from within. The way I've overcome it without any medication was to just GO. Don't think, but do. Get outside, see your friends, do things that you enjoy. Eleven Warriors is great but it's even better to see people you know physically out in the real world, so reach out to some of us if you're in the area and need someone to hang out with or talk to. I've found that once you get the snowball rolling downhill things take care of themselves, so the most important thing is just getting started each day and not rationalizing why you shouldn't do something. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and it does get better as long as you keep moving forward. Go to bed on time and get up with the sun. Eat healthy food - it will make you feel better, as will regular exercise. I'm fortunate enough to have a dog, and pets are wonderful ways to put your focus elsewhere. Just try to care for yourself as you would someone else.