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Comment 20 Jul 2019

I think that Day himself is more of the comparison to Herman than Hafley is. Day was an unknown, as Herman was, who had barely worked with Meyer (grad assistant 10+ years earlier) who Meyer tapped to be his co-OC. Herman was the OC at Rice and Iowa State before getting the call to come work here. Both are whiz-kids, offensive-minded, and young at the beginning of their tenures as OC here in Columbus. One with personal problems and not as good timing ended up being the HC at a major elsewhere, one with all the intangibles you could want and even better timing ends up the HC here.

Hafley had previously worked with Day in an equivalent role on the same team in the NFL while having previous college coaching experience and recruiting chops. Herman never worked in the NFL before arriving at OSU.

Comment 14 Jul 2019

Maybe they should just make a movie for once without trying to specifically promote these social justice narratives. Even if you're trying to pander to a different audience you don't have to come out and say that you are. Maybe let the movie be a surprise (since Daniel Craig will still be Bond AND in this movie) so that these dumb narratives don't form around things.

Comment 14 Jul 2019

As I'm sure my fellow TBDBITL alumni can attest to from their own experience, I have episodes where I spring out of bed at 3am thinking I'm late for report on gameday and then start ripping through my closet looking for my uniform - only to realize it's a Tuesday in late February and I turned my uniform in over 5 years ago.

Comment 07 Jul 2019

We are going to have an unbelievably good offense for the next few years at least with the names we have starting and on deck. As long as our defense gets back to the standard we are used to, get ready for the title runs to continue!

Comment 04 Jul 2019

I'm praying that you're right and the visit happens, Ricks has always been the guy I wanted the most in this year's cycle. I haven't thought we've had a legitimate chance with him since Urban retired, but man oh man if Day pulls this off somehow...

Comment 04 Jul 2019

I was looking over our class on 247 when I realized I didn't know if there was a moniker for the class this year, a-la "Dream 14". Is that something that doesn't happen anymore, or did I just miss it?