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Comment 06 Jan 2020

We are in the same tier as Bama and Clemson, but we have challenges that they don't. It is very difficult to win a title, as was evidenced a week ago, so owning the narrative and getting the benefit of the doubt is enormous. Bama and Clemson absolutely get that, whether it is because they are southern schools, or because of their past success, but the point is we should have been #1 this year and would be playing for a title right now, not to mention that we should have won our game easily anyways (but, you know, officiating). Bama especially benefits from this narrative boost, and more than once in the past 6 years has made the playoffs over us solely due to this. When you get a guaranteed chance every season it's a lot easier to rack up the titles, and that is the only difference between us and them. We could have had 4 more titles since 2012 (2012, 2015, 2017, 2018) if we had only had a chance to play. The winners of those titles instead - 2012/Bama, 2015/Bama, 2017/Bama, 2018/Clemson.

Comment 27 Dec 2019

I wear my 2014 championship ring for every game the Buckeyes play. It’s worked pretty well, and I didn’t have it on for our last playoff game...sorry about that, I was traveling at the time.

Comment 26 Dec 2019

Fuck Jackson Carman and his tool coach who hosted a satellite camp for TTUN. Carman is no better than the token TTUN fan who is only their fan in order to be "different", and I can't wait until 11w stops pasting his name all over the website. Why not run an article on the 35 players on our roster that we got and they didn't? Enough of this already.

Comment 22 Dec 2019

It's worth mentioning if anyone didn't know the story behind this scene - Harrison claimed he wasn't feeling well that day on the shoot, so instead of doing the choreographed swordfight with that guy he just took the gun out and shot him, and they rolled with it.

Comment 21 Dec 2019

I've got two more of my favorites below: one from The Silence of the Lambs and one from my all-time favorite movie Good Will Hunting

Comment 21 Dec 2019

Joel is awesome, easily the best color guy/analyst in the business. Having him paired with Gus Johnson is a match made in heaven for football fans.

Comment 20 Dec 2019

Those two LB's, their safeties, and their undersized DL has to have Dobbins and the Slobs licking their chops in film study. Their offense will be tough to stop but the more film of their games I watch the more I feel like turnovers and Fields taking sacks after 6 seconds in the pocket are the only ways we don't score every time we have the ball. If we can get two or three stops on defense it might be over, but I still see this being a 75-ish over/under type game.

Comment 19 Dec 2019

I'm not AE, but it has been well known for a very long time now that we will not be recruiting him. The reason being that he was seeking payments for his services, and we moved on. The rumors as of yesterday were that he has already signed his LOI and it is for Oregon.

Comment 19 Dec 2019

Can we trade our OOC game with Oregon for Utah instead next season? We can see if they really want that smoke (they don't).

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Everyone is in aside from Stroud, Phillips, and Martinez. About as uneventful as a signing day can be, considering the drama already occurred over the past few days. Here's hoping Stroud is in too - tune in to ESPNU in an hour.