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Comment 15 Nov 2019

You've left a few things out, and I'll include the video below for everyone to view for themselves. Disclosure: I am a Browns fan but I am attempting to lay out the facts in a fair and objective way and am in no way defending Garrett for hitting another player in the head with a helmet as a weapon.

This all starts with the background of the game that has happened to this point and the current situation. There are a handful of seconds left in the game - a game in which Rudolph threw 4 interceptions and undoubtedly led his team to defeat. A rivalry game in which there were other hard hits with helmets, subsequent ejections, and various injuries. For some reason, the Steelers decided to run a passing play when the game is almost over, and Garrett along with Schobert made it home to Rudolph. Garrett wraps him up and Schobert bounces off as the pass is thrown, and Garrett finishes the tackle to the ground (1:25). An argument can be made that he should have let up before taking him to the ground as the ball was out, but the point is moot because no flag was thrown (in a league where if you breathe too hard on a QB they throw the flag).

An understandably frustrated Rudolph then decided to take out some of his frustration on Garrett by wrapping his leg around Garrett in a wrestling move to hold him in place (1:50) while simultaneously twisting at Garrett's helmet in what looked like an attempt to remove it (beginning at 1:48). Garrett, who undoubtedly was incensed by this, decides that he will be the one to remove someone's helmet and not Rudolph. He grabs at Rudolph's helmet until he gets a grasp of it, and then attempts to stand up while pulling it off (1:51). Rudolph tries to get away and lands a kick to Garrett's groin area (1:52), but Garrett ends up removing his helmet anyways and then allows himself to be shuttled away from Rudolph by DeCastro.

At this point, it probably should have ended with at least penalties and possibly ejections to both sides, but Rudolph decides to run after Garrett and continue the altercation by grabbing at Garrett and yelling at him (1:57). Garrett then swings Rudolph's helmet and hits him in the head with it (2:00). DeCastro takes Carrett to the ground and Pouncey comes in swinging with punches and kicks to Garrett as he is pinned on the ground by DeCastro (2:02). Ogunjobi comes in and takes out Rudolph with a cheap shot as retaliation for what he saw happen between Rudolph and Garrett (2:04), and the altercation effectively ends here.

While there is no doubt that Garrett was incredibly foolish in his actions and deserves whatever punishment comes his way (so far an indefinite suspension with the minimum being the remainder of this season), Pouncey (who received a 3 game suspension), Ogunjobi (1 game suspension), and Rudolph (so far no punishment) all are guilty parties that deserve some form of punishment. I would have said a minimum of 1 game suspension for everyone, with more for Pouncey and much more for Garrett, plus fines all around. Mostly that has come to pass but for some reason, it seems as if Rudolph will get off scot-free. That doesn't make much sense to me given what the video shows, as he himself recommended we watch in his post-game comments.

Source video:

Comment 14 Nov 2019

100% correct. Garrett is an idiot and deserves his suspension but he is not the only guilty party here.

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Yeah, your account of what happened doesn't line up. Garrett had a legit, clean tackle on him and Rudolph was upset about it for some reason and tried to pull Garrett's helmet off while they were on the ground. Garrett then retaliated by pulling off Rudolph's helmet, Rudolph came after him, and Garrett made the poorest of choices in hitting him with his own helmet like a club. Garrett should be suspended, Ogunjobi, Pouncey, and Rudolph should all be fined (although I don't think what Pouncey did in defense of Rudolph was dirty, you can't be allowed to throw punches and kicks in any circumstance).

Comment 11 Nov 2019

If there is ever a day in which I casually toss around completely unsubstantiated and coincidental internet conspiracy theories (there won't be one), I can only hope you stand up for me the same way. This is the same as people buying the Julian Fleming will flip to Penn State crap. Navy said it perfectly below:

I think it's possibly the most ridiculous post we've seen yet on the Chase Young story.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Yes, because having Chase Young sidelined would totally swing the game in their favor. Plus, with such a huge advantage gained by having him off the field it was worth permanently torching your connection to the biggest local producer of talent, and potentially costing yourself a current recruit in the process /s. Come on man.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Interestingly, 14 of Ohio State's 19 seniors are actually of the fifth-year variety.

I mean, even Urban at the time that class signed lamented how 2015 turned into a sort of recruiting outlier. The part that has been interesting to me is how I thought that class would create a talent void around this time in the future (2018-2019), but that class has turned out to have provided some nice, solid contributors in addition to the few who ended up succeeding and leaving early for the NFL.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Panzram: A Journal of Murder, by Thomas E. Gaddis (and Panzram himself) - dark but a really interesting peer into the mind of a lesser known monster.

Democracy In America, by Alexis de Tocqueville - I'd say this is a must-read in a general sense, an absolute classic.

Comment 05 Nov 2019

I'm really surprised I'm saying this but there isn't much that I would disagree with them over. Perhaps it would have been nice to show IU some love and putting UC at 20 seemed a bit low, but I'm not really that upset about those two things. Next week we will be #2 behind the winner of LSU/Bama and if we continue rolling along we will end up at #1 again when the final rankings come out. That's a big "if" though, obviously. Beat Maryland.

Comment 31 Oct 2019

All I'm saying FWIW is that Birm recorded that video just prior to the interview with Angulo dropping, so it's possible he wasn't aware of the communication either.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

Right, because Harbaugh has all of that stellar QB play and development to point to over his tenure (especially recently). Oh, wait...

Stroud is a fool if he even considers entering that program under Harbaugh as a QB.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

You're right, TWD should do something to spice things up. Something like changing their icon would probably work.