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Comment 9 hours ago

I think that was about as good of a game as we could have expected out of the Browns considering the injury situation. The defense produced 3 turnovers and the offense, for the most part, took care of the ball. You can't control the awful NFL refs making awful calls on you, but ultimately the injury that cost them the game was to the OL. The pressure came from the edges the entire night, and unless the Browns improve there when Hubbard returns or upgrade somehow it will be a long season. Maybe Joe Thomas can come back? /s. I'd have loved for them to pull off a win, but you pushed the best team in the league to the brink with half your defense out, at least they weren't stomped like week one.

Comment 14 hours ago

I really, really liked New Riff when I tried it recently. Would recommend either that or their Rye.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

No, they are the other major school aside from us who lost out on the 5 star RB circus this summer with Milton, Robinson, Evans, et. al. This will be a dogfight now that they're involved unless Bradford has already silently pulled the trigger for the good guys ;)

Comment 12 Sep 2019

It's not just fans, but specifically, students who have no money anyways - but the point is that even if they are profiting from the resale, the resale value is still usually less than face value, so it's sort of a double whammy. As soon as OSU ever has a two or more loss season or any sort of other dropoffs, we will have attendance issues. Rutgers last year had only about 93k at the game.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I don't understand why they can't find someone who is an OSU fan/alum, from Columbus, who plans on staying in Columbus. That seems to have been the problem with Taylor and one or two others. The new guy doesn't seem to fit those criteria either, so I'm sure it'll effectively be another temporary hire.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

From logging in myself I believe it’s just through a confirmation with your @osu.edu email, so maybe it’s possible for former students to make use of the transfers but not the average person on the street you’d try to sell your tickets to.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Ohio State will always find a way to make things worse. I’m a current student and while I was a member of the band a few years ago I bought tickets every season with the sole intention of reselling them (as I had no use for them). Now that it’s app based ticketing only, I would not have purchased them as I did if I were doing it again. I bought the B1G package this year because the OOC sucked and I knew I’d find a way to go to the games anyways (alumni reunion for FAU, gifted a ticket from a friend for UC, same again for Miami). Even if the majority of students looking to resell for profit aren’t selling the whole package, just being allowed to sell that one big game ticket is huge. Ohio State attempting to tamp down any exchange or sale of tickets that doesn’t directly give them a cut of the money will result in a half empty stadium with them getting nothing instead of some profit and a better atmosphere. Ticket prices are way too high and I would not have attended any games this year if I wasn’t a student due to that, regardless of my close proximity to the stadium or my super-fandom. My TV and fridge work just fine.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I just remember reading that from the 40 times this spring, the fastest two current Buckeyes were Olave (1) and Teague (2), both were sub 4.4. I know Wade and Okudah are right there as well.

Comment 05 Sep 2019

Browns fan here - the first episode was pretty good! I will say though - I know you addressed the elephant in the room, but man, it's hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube with things like that. DJ crossed into the shadow realm of the two forbidden topics (politics, religion) in a big way and now that his views are out there in our polarized society it will be hard to see past that for many. As I purposefully avoid those topics in conversation/general I'll tune in until that line is crossed, and hopefully, it isn't. We all know Ramzy's skills with turning his status as a bourbon/sports-knower into words and DJ was great with Skull Sessions/as a general online instigator, so the sky's the limit for this!

Comment 04 Sep 2019

I like Klatt a lot too, but as a reminder/asterisk, he was the leader of the ttun bandwagon/parade leading up to The Game last season, and he could not have been more mistaken. No one is perfect with their #takes

Comment 04 Sep 2019

They gave up just 82 on 26 carries to UCLA's top back last weekend

Joshua Kelley didn't play last week, so that was their backup RB (I think he's normally a slot receiver).

Excellent as always Ramzy, especially since you stirred up some old (but good!) memories about the leader of one of our present thorn-in-the-side divisional opponents.