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Most Realistic Big Ten Championship Scenario

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January 22, 2018 at 11:51pm

After watching Ohio State struggle against Nebraska, I have a hard time seeing the Basketbucks going into Purdue and winning. So for Ohio State to win a Big Ten conference championship, this is what I think needs to happen.


  Current Standings Toughest Games Remaining:
 Ohio State 18-4 (9-0) @ Purdue, @ Michigan, @ Indiana
 Purdue 19-2 (8-0) Michigan, @ Indiana, Ohio State, @ MSU
Michigan St. 17-3 (5-2) @ Maryland, @ Indiana, Purdue

As I said earlier, I do not believe we can beat Purdue outright but I do believe there's a possibility we can still get a share of the Big Ten Championship. I personally see Ohio State finishing the regular season with 2 losses in conference with our second loss coming to either @ PSU, @ UM, or @ IU at the end of the season.

Purdue on the other hand is likely to lose to Michigan State. The only hope for Purdue to pick up a second loss is for them to lose to either Michigan (who played them tough earlier in the season) or Indiana (Rivalry games on the road are always tough, IU is also 4-0 at home in Big Ten play).

If Purdue were to get upset by IU/UM and MSU was also able to win out, then that would put Ohio State, Purdue, and Michigan State all at 16-2 with single wins over one another thus making the Big Ten Championship a 3 way split...

Thoughts? Still amazing to think we're at this stage with Holtmann and we still control our own destiny. Hopefully I'm wrong about the Purdue game and we can win this thing straight out.

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