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Amir Williams senior season....

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July 27, 2014 at 4:22pm

Maybe this thread will give us a little break from the recruiting drama for a bit.

I don't intend this to be a hate on Amir thread.  Something just bothered me all last season. When I was younger I attended lots of basketball camps. I remember certain fundamentals were drilled into the campers. Some examples of these fundamentals were things like: never foul a jump shooter! use your left hand to shoot on the left side of the basket, when going for a steal of a pass reach with the outside hand etc.

One thing I noticed that Amir would do is bring down the ball real low after a rebound or after a pass inside. This is something that was drilled into us from youth. Never bring the ball down, because it brings the ball to the level of the opponent where they can steal it or knock it away.  I remember this year watching Tim Duncan catch a rebound and keep the ball at its highest point, then shooting the ball back up from the highest point.

It was frustrating to watch Amir always bring the ball down or try and dribble in the paint and it would get knocked away or stolen. 

I wonder if I am being to hard on the guy. Perhaps he was never taught the fundamentals?  I'm sure Matta and the other staff would drill this into his head, right? It just bothers me that he makes the same fundamental mistakes over and over and he is going to be a senior.  Is it just a matter of him having learned bad habits in high school when he was taller than everyone else and could get away with things like bringing the ball down low?

What are everyone's thoughts on Amir's development? 

Lastly, what can he do personally during offseason workouts and through the season to improve and make this last year his best? Is he capable of having a standout senior year, and eventually be an NBA draftee? I wish him the best, and really think he is a good kid. 

What are other people's thoughts in regard to Amir, his development and his future?I'm hoping he can finish strong, and have good memories of his senior year at Ohio State, and give himself a bright future in basketball.

Thanks in advance for your replies! Be honest with your responses, but avoid any personal attacks on Amir.


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