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McDonalds All American Game/D-Russ

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March 31, 2014 at 2:48pm

Who will be watching? I think the game is this Wednesday. After skimming over the rosters it looks like a Duke and Kentucky commitment party, but obviously our very own D'Angelo Russell will be making an appearance as well. Did Bates-Diop barely miss out on this game? What are the chances Myles Turner decides D'Angelo Russell is awesome and that playing for the same school as him would be equally as awesome? Yeah yeah we all know there's pretty much no chance Turner picks the Buckeyes but there is no room here for your pessimism or facts...I have only seen Russell's offensive highlights (and Bates-Diop's as well) but from someone who knows the game of basketball better than I, what are the chances Russell makes a significant contribution to the team next season? 

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