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Comment 13 Mar 2018

I married into UNC fandom and I am a big fan of Joel Berry.

He's done some great things on the court, but now he's done a great service to college basketball fans everywhere. Think about that next time you wanna make a fake classes joke!! (Okay I do realize fake classes are bad, but Teddy is worse)

Comment 09 Mar 2018

What alcoholic beverage will you enjoy after we punch our ticket to the final four?

Comment 05 Mar 2018

I just hope we don't drop to a 7. I want us to have a legitimate chance to make it to the Sweet 16. I'll gladly take a five or a six seed.

At one point Arizona State was playing some good ball, but I wouldn't mind the chance to see KBD swat some of Mickey's famous missed layups.

New Mexico State with a former OSU player seems like a recipe for an upset. At least we aren't playing against Jordan Sibert again (cries in the corner)

Comment 05 Mar 2018

As long as we don't drop to a 7 seed, I don't care too much. Anything to avoid playing a 1 or 2 seed in the second round (if we are fortunate enough to make it out of round 1)

Like someone above said, the only 5 seed any of us probably expected was an NIT 5 seed so despite the fact Holtmann kept using Andrew Dakich to guard Tony Carr, there's really nothing to complain about at all...this season has still been a miracle

Comment 23 Feb 2018

I say just punish the kids and coaches who were caught, but don't put programs on probation. The last thing I want is to watch a version of college basketball where the Dukes and UNC's of the world are inelligible. Who wants to win a title that way?

I did not think of Bridges potentially not playing this weekend...that would be interesting. I still think MSU wins that one but you never know

Also, it would be one of the most shocking things ever if Thad had any connection to any of this. Spoiler alert, he didn't. 

Comment 23 Feb 2018

I sympathize with driving in the snow...I'm from Chicago but am probably not only the worst snow driver in history but I about go into the fetal position any time I have to commute thru the snow.

That being said, that win on Indiana's senior night has to be the sweetest non tournament victory in Thad's tenure...especially living here in Indiana...that win was the type of win that is almost organism (just take out a few of those letters).

Comment 22 Feb 2018

I've always been an unabashed fan boy of Evan Turner, but Tate's done everything he can to sway my vote.

When it comes to football, nobody is ever going to tell me there was a better one than Braxton Miller. Sorry, I don't care! Braxton and Tate are two dudes who gave it all they had 100% of the time, the kind of dudes who make you proud to be a fan of the team you cheer for

Comment 22 Feb 2018


As a UD grad I really wanted Archie to leave for OSU just so that I would finally have something to mock my peers for after losing to them in the 2014 tournament. In essence, that game MADE Archie Miller. A win over Ohio State with their best player being an Ohio State transfer...I don't think I've ever been more upset about a loss than that one even though the 2013-14 team besides Craft and Ross was ungodly mediocre.

I think it's kind of hard to figure out just how good Archie is...the Atlantic 10 is not a great conference, and I think it would be interesting to see how that Elite 8 class would have fared (scooch, pollard, pierre) in a power 5 conference. What I will say is that I've never seen a team play faster regardless of the competition. Those dudes flew around the court for 40 minutes. If Archie can leverage IU's basketball prominence and get more elite players to provide that kind of effort, then IU should be pretty happy with the hire.

THAT BEING SAID. Even though the whole Thad firing was completely botched and should have been done sooner, I don't think we could have asked for a better hire. This season is definitely a combination of a favorable conference schedule and the wizardry of Coach Holtmann....but I'd like to fall more on the side of Coach Holtmann's wizardry. You'd be hard pressed to tell me we win at Purdue and blow out Sparty at home with Thad still at the helm. All in all, I think both OSU and Indiana made great hires.

Comment 20 Feb 2018

Tate's last ride in the Schott...probably KBD's too. I realize KBD has mostly been fire this season but I think I'm going to miss Tate the most. Nobody in Thad's entire tenure brought it as hard as Tate did each and every night besides Aaron Craft

These guys have been thru a lot. Last week wasn't ideal, but they're still positioned for a nice tourney bid and considering pre-season expectations, that is amazing.

Comment 19 Feb 2018

Just happy that barring something insane, OSU will be back in the tournament.

Also, they will get a large amount of rest between the Indiana game and the BTT, and then a larger amount of rest between the BTT and the NCAA Tourney. Maybe that's just what the doctor ordered and OSU will surprise us all 

Comment 19 Feb 2018


Tony Carr is a stud.

KBD played out of his mind early in the year and is coming back down to earth. With the short turnaround between UM and Rutgers (who is a good defensive team) and at Indiana on Friday night, I would expect more frustrating performances from our boy. 

As long as we beat Rutgers tomorrow, we lock up a Top 4 spot and a double bye for the BTT. A whole week of rest could do wonders for a clearly worn down KBD. And then we will have a ton of rest time before the tourney starts.

Comment 16 Feb 2018

Kyle Young is way more athletic than Micah, I wouldn't mind seeing Kyle get more minutes. But Micah's offensive game is far above Kyle's at the moment. It's kind of a damned if you do damned if you don't situation.

I've kind of been hating on Potter this year, but I do think he played hard last night. The problem is that effort isn't enough. If I took a shot every time he got out-rebounded, I would have died back in December