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Ode To Craft

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March 13, 2014 at 5:07pm
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Thought that I would create a fun thread to see if anyone out there with real talent would like to add verses or submit their own creation:


My offering, created in the last :38 seconds of the game:


(To the tune of Black Magic)

That old Craft magic that he wields so well,

Who he'll steal from next, you just can't tell.

His shot is ugly, but he drives so fine,

That old Craft magic gets him to the line.


That old Craft magic spurs the team along,

They pull together, 20 + win seasons strong.

The offense struggles, but their D is great.

That old Craft magic brings OSU all the hate.


The OSU alumni will have stories to tell,

About the old Craft magic that he weaved so well.

When all is finished and done today,

The Bucks will have another game to play.


Go Bucks!

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