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Comment 23 Sep 2019
After watching Nebraska play this weekend, I drew the conclusion that the Huskers have a decent offense but are lacking on the defensive side. How do you view their offense and defense, and do you believe that OSU has good odds to win when you compare that to OSU's offense and defense?
Comment 28 Aug 2019
After a long period of introspection, I have come to conclusion that.. I was absolutely correct in believing that Alabama sucks, and I do not care about their injury reports.
Comment 16 Aug 2019
Don't agree with Alabama as 1. Psych peeps good only if a student truly has mental health issues, not one of the many bs labeled issues. And learning proper English is is very important and saying that it isn't, is the biggest load of crap. Chase Young is a beast. Take the Bucks out the CFP the year ghey should not have been in, put the Bucks in the CFP the 2 years they were screwed and we have 2 titles and Bama has 2 less.