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  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
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Comment 30 May 2019
This site really needs controls, especially if you decide to critic anything. Becoming a mirror of the issues with people who dont agree with you in society. It discourages honest opinions or thoughts and is leading to less overall interaction on the site. Very sad.
Comment 18 May 2019
They deserve nothing from the University. They can sue the estate if they want. I give no pass for stupid or for waiting so long to open their traps if provable.
Comment 12 May 2019
I am a Mason in Ohio. As someone who is part of an organization that has supported SO for 30 years, I am happy for what we do as Freemasons to support these individuals and the $ we give yearly. But our organization has been told after this year that our members, clowns and tent city including the free dental we provide with OSU, may not be welcome, unless we follow a whole new set of rules established by the international crazy woman they hired to run the US organization. Please be aware of this as events go forward and you no longer see us at Ohio State every June. Maybe you all may have some say in it in the future. God Bless the Special Olympic organization.
Comment 05 May 2019
The Stewards' decision was a travesty to racing. The horse chose a line to run that clearly was in relation to it's footing and since the ridiculous minor impedance that occurred had no impact on Country House, the results should never have been overturned. Maximum Security was clearly the best horse in the field and won that race.