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Comment 04 Feb 2020
I think they would need to make sure the collapse of the 49ers is mentioned, because without the mistakes, the game giveaway, on last 6 mins, KC would not be celebrating anything
Comment 19 Dec 2019
Disappointing that young men aren't taught to keep their word or notify people in advance so as not to leave others stranded at the last minute. You commit to a program, not a person although that does play somewhat I to it. He didn't commit to The Jeff Hafley or he would follow to BC. Alas, it is what it is and now we look elsewhere.
Comment 07 Dec 2019
Typical. Day not playing Buckeye football, playing Tressel ball weak ass shit instead. Speed up the game, and start playing right already. So stupid.
Comment 04 Dec 2019
Anyi e have any idea how many Buckeyes drafted in last 10 years are still in nfl compated to 'bama guys and whether or not they are benchies or busts, etc...
Comment 01 Dec 2019
Based on comments I've seen on MGoBlog today, I think we may have broken the Ttun mental state. Between the delusional bagmen, ref cheating assistance and luck theories - they are clamoring for new B10 alignments, new coaches and OSU's explusion. Sad day up North.
Comment 29 Nov 2019
It had been going on a long time and no one got hurt til some non-student duche had an accident. I'm sorry he died, but there are more than few reasons why he, in particular, should not have been there. Sometimes shit happens.