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Comment 16 Aug 2019
Don't agree with Alabama as 1. Psych peeps good only if a student truly has mental health issues, not one of the many bs labeled issues. And learning proper English is is very important and saying that it isn't, is the biggest load of crap. Chase Young is a beast. Take the Bucks out the CFP the year ghey should not have been in, put the Bucks in the CFP the 2 years they were screwed and we have 2 titles and Bama has 2 less.
Comment 05 Aug 2019
Hey Buckeyes! The Kiwanis are selling raffle tickets ($5 a piece) for 2 home game season tickets to all OSU games (Yes .. this includes TTUN). The proceeds from the raffle sale will benefit the Columbus Kiwanis Foundation and Community Charities. This is great opportunity to not only do something nice for someone else, but also get something great in return! (shoutout to Bier Stube). For those that don't know much about Kiwanis "We are a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time". Seats (2 season tickets) are in section 25C. The drawing will be held on 8/12/19 and you need not be present to win. Not all clubs are selling the tickets, but most are as well as other organizations on their behalf. Check with your local club, if they are not selling the raffle tickets please ask them who is, and also add a comment or send me an email if you have any questions or want tickets. (Winner agrees to be responsible for any federal, state or local income taxes due in connection with the prize). Rules are at: https://columbuskiwanis.org/buckeye-ticket-raffle/ Thank You and good luck!
Comment 23 Jul 2019
And so begins the yearly ESPiN bullshit that takes good players and downgrades them so that OSU cannot threaten ESecPN domination for best recruiting. God forbid we ever win that title. Meyer, robbed on a regular basis proves the point, only carried on by Day. However, learn title in this means nothing on quality of players.
Comment 05 Jul 2019
2 bye weeks are stupid. Playing on the weekend of (17th thru 22nd depending on year) was not stupid, it was the perfect weekend to kick Shitagain's ass - the stupid came from the NCAA by placing the title game in friggin next year. Really stupid. If we have to have a bye, only 1, and it should be random. The conf. and NCAA and TV should have zero to do with it. Or you just get more stupid.
Comment 30 May 2019
This site really needs controls, especially if you decide to critic anything. Becoming a mirror of the issues with people who dont agree with you in society. It discourages honest opinions or thoughts and is leading to less overall interaction on the site. Very sad.