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OSU Wrestling... Look Out!!

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November 20, 2023 at 8:46pm

So far this season we are 4-0 and have 3 shutouts.... yep that's right 3 times!!

I just looked at the history of Ohio State Wrestling and in 102 years there as been 830 total matches and only 36 total shut outs.
Breaking it down a little further by the years we had multiple shutouts:
4X: 92-93  (Buffalo, Ashland, Toledo, Brockport state) with 23 matches opposed to the 14-17 we have now
3X: 23-34
2X: 09-10, 07-08, 01-02, 00-01, 95-96, 90-91, 87-88, 37, 26

Also we are really aggressive with multiple pins like I've never seen at Ohio State and I haven't missed any matches if they were televised since about 08.

In case anyone wanted to see the Hofstra matches here is the link:


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