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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 02 in the desert. Brought tears to my eyes right there in the stands. Made a futures bet $10 at 70-1 odds for us to win it all in July before the season. GO BUCKS!!!!
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Comment 21 Mar 2018

I sure hope you felt no joy in any of the 4 wins vs mishitgan or the NC in 14. you must have not been around to have to deal with the cooper years, so now you are entitled to a nc every year and if not, its ok, you have all the answers. Sure JT didn't produce like we would have wanted him to in a couple games but a record of 38-6 with almost every OSU record and undefeated vs ttun he deserves a little more than your condescending post.

Comment 07 Mar 2018

I know Kollin lost a couple at the end of the year, but the guy thats ranked #1 Jared Haught got pinned by Kollin so how does he get #1 hype? they have wrestled 2X......        last year for 3rd place in NCAA's and this year for the title in Cliff Keen and Kollin pinned him both times. I hope haught is #1 and Kollin is in his bracket.

Comment 05 Mar 2018

You are dead on Des!! He would be run out of the gym in lower weight classes. He would accumulate 5-7 stalling points per match if he were at 165.

But.... he is a smart cat for keeping up with that strategy if the refs are not going to call him on it. I am going to search to see if there is anyone that we as fans can contact for NCAA officials and ask them to review both tapes from this year and possibly a chat with the tourney officials. If I find anything I will post for all to see.

Comment 03 Mar 2018

I just finished Kyles 2nd match and came over here. SBB the great BTN is that you can start it from the beginning unlike espn and other networks. I didn't start watching the matches until 11:30 central so 2.5 hrs into the tourney. Pull up all 4 mats on different tabs and then you can just find Ohio State wrestlers by weight class and skip through the matches you don't want to watch. Only problem is the asshole thats calling the mat 1 camera he keeps shouting out everything happening on all the other mats so I mute when Im watching a non Buckeye match.

Comment 28 Feb 2018

There are plenty of people saying he's a first round guy. Why is it that pretty much everything you have to say is on the negative side?

You feel like you have to correct someone for making a statement that our All American and rimington award winning center is a first round lock? Why would you have to try and shut that down? If someone says something good like that why not leave it be? Does it make you feel better inside? Should you change your 11W name to Johnny Ringo

Comment 15 Feb 2018

Best: 2002 In Tempe. Perfect weather, perfect fan rations 25 OSU fans to 1 Cryami babies, going into OT and winning to cap off a heart attack per game season!!

Worst: 2008 at uSC. Walking to the stadium I was harassed and at least 4 different assholes tried to pick a fight with me. I was carrying a 10k lens for my friend that is pro photographer so I had to get away quick, fast and in a hurry. We got curb stomped by them and I lost over a thousand dollars in bets to several socal friends. Needless to say this win in Cotton Bowl helped distance the 08 debacle a tad bit.

Comment 15 Feb 2018

After a year of thinking this over I am still perplexed that you enjoy Beerfest (really good movie) better than ST.....

Comment 15 Feb 2018

Super Troopers 2 on 4-20-2018

Ohio State National Championship.......

Comment 14 Feb 2018

great quote!

I am on same page. A ttun grad could have a nice job and life in general, but if he has to face a Buckeye fan and get reminded that it has been 2272 days since anne arber community college has beaten Ohio State, well, he is now miserable man.

Comment 14 Feb 2018

It would also make me happy if we could beat them 10 more games in a row so that we are on the positive side for all time wins and have the longest winning streak instead of their 9 game streak from 1901 to 1909.  

During this ten game winning streak if Urban can just say fuck it one time and win by 87 points or more so the largest margin of victory in The Game will not show ttun 87- OSU 0. Screw them, a score from 1902 should not be able to make any of us cringe ever again.

Comment 29 Jan 2018

Have any of you on this site actually talked to a real Indian to ask their take on this before you comment? 

I work in the oilfield and spent two years between Oklahoma and North Dakota and discussed the Chief Wahoo and Redskins subject with pretty much all Indians that I met to get their take on it.  I spoke to over 200 guys and they all laughed at my questions. Not a single one said they were offended from either names or the logo, so I really wonder where these numbers of people come from that are so hurt and angered from simple characters. 

Comment 28 Jan 2018

Desymond, I have a hard time taking a man that is 125 lbs seriously enough to call them the goat. I was 5'4 125 when I was in the 3rd grade so I guess I have a different view of the sports world. I have never been a fan of the P4P tag because it just gives guys that couldn't possibly beat a heavyweight under any circumstances a participation trophy. To me its all about being the toughest, baddest fighter on the planet and right now that is Stipe...

Comment 21 Jan 2018

I would expect a pin or TF from Kyle. He is on a different planet now.

I am so excited to see these two teams go at it, but I am really pumped to see Kyle completely dismantle and dominate the # 3 wrestler in the country. People will shake their heads and say they have never seen a top 3 guy get his ass kicked in the history of NCAA 

Comment 04 Jan 2018

Yes... Meyer needs to let his coaches do their job and stay away from play-calling COMPLETELY!!

Coach Meyer you are one of the all time best, but micromanaging has kept you from winning one or two more championships