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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 02 in the desert. Brought tears to my eyes right there in the stands. Made a futures bet $10 at 17-1 odds for us to win it all in July before the season. GO BUCKS!!!!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman, Braxton Miller
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jim Jackson, Aaron Craft
  • NFL TEAM: Browns/Joe Thomas
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: XFL team DC
  • MLB TEAM: Tribe
  • SOCCER TEAM: Team USA, other than that I don't care

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Comment 26 Jun 2020

Congrats Kevin 2 points to you coming from a vet of 17 years. 

1. No matter how important your point happens to be or how absolutely wrong she is... let her have the win. UGGGH 

2. When she wants you to listen.... DO NOT try to fix her problem unless she asks you... makes no sense, but if you listen to this advice, I will save you at least 10 days of your life (time you don't have to spend with her telling you why she wants you to be a sounding board and nothing else) every 10 years.

For anyone that hasn't seen this video enjoy

Comment 25 Jun 2020

I actually played for Portsmouth Notre Dame my freshman year and then my dad got a promotion and we left in the spring. My dad Introduced me to Glenn Presnell at a Portsmouth football game, whom he worked for as an assistant coach at Eastern Kentucky when Glenn was the AD. That was a pretty cool time, he told me all about football back in the 30's as I was about 10 when i met him and football was just beginning to be an enormous part of my life.

Got to go.... Calling my dad to thank him for that night with Glenn.

Comment 14 Jun 2020

sec troll for the down vote. tAm didn't join the sec until Von was goooonnnne!!

The conference welcomed Texas A&M University on Sept. 25, 2011, and University of Missouri on Nov. 6, 2011, in the only other expansion in SEC history. Both joined the SEC on July 1, 2012 and competed in their first year in all conference sports in 2012-13,conference%20sports%20in%202012%2D13.

Comment 30 May 2020

Looks like he got over the air-ball chants at JV games and did pretty well for himself. I looked him up and this is the same person, He graduated from Ohio State and works for Cardinal Health

Where he met his future wife. 

I'm glad to see that this little speed bump didn't hold him back from making his way.

Comment 22 May 2020

Dwayne Haskins
Teddy Ginn Jr., Michael Thomas,  Chris Olave
Ezekiel Elliott
Nick Vannett,  Jeremy Ruckert
Wyatt Davis, Micheal Jordan
Taylor Decker, Thayer Munford
Corey Linsley
Joey Bosa, Nick Bosa
Johnathan Hankins, Cameron Heyward
Jerome Baker, Malik Harrison, Raekwon McMillan
Jeff Okudah,  Marshon Lattimore, Denzel Ward
Malik Hooker
Cameron Johnston
Blake Haubiel

Comment 22 May 2020

Go with an Expedition.... 3 years old with 30k miles on it and you can find it lower than a new top minivan. Had this conversation with my younger brother that loves his odyssey its his 2nd one. He said he didn't have the money to buy SUV's and then when we talked price point. I told him what I paid for my wife's Expedition with the low miles he said oh, I never knew, I just assumed it was too expensive and never looked.

Comment 17 May 2020

If someone read you comments without knowing how he died, it would sound like he offed himself when actually he had a heart attack.

Did he ever talk about getting assaulted as a wrestler? Because he was a bad man and I knew him for a little bit in 98 and I would have a hard time believing that he was one of the players that allowed themselves to be touched by the doctor in their no-no spot.

Comment 08 May 2020

There is going to be an article in the Athletic about the last game in Municipal Stadium vs the bengals  in the next couple weeks that should be pretty cool.