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Gene Smith Interview on SiriusXM

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May 12, 2019 at 11:56am

Smith was interviewed on the B1G Channel last Thursday by Matt Schick (Nebraska background) and A.J. Hawk. (BTW, Ben Hartsock is a rising star on the SiriusXM shows and I think he is headed for a TV network position.) Several interesting nuggets:

Scheduling. It was pointed out 16 teams this year do not play an FCS team and 11 are in the B1G. Smith said you have to get B1G approval to play an FCS game. Smith said their scheduling philosophy will remain the same. One "best of the best" game, one against a top 40 team, and another FBS school. When Hawk joked about playing against an Urban Meyer-coached Notre Dame, Smith replied, "They are already on the schedule for 2022 and that is a beautiful year because we have eight home games." ND and Toledo are the only OOC games announced, but clearly there is another FBS game arranged, but not announced. Other home games: Rutgers, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, and TUN. I expect ND and TUN to be premium games with ticket prices in excess of $225. Wisconsin and Iowa will be around $200. Cha-ching. Coaches do not have input on who they schedule, but are asked for preference on sequence. 

Urban Meyer. Smith expects Meyer to get the coaching itch, especially as the season approaches, But he is finding and enjoying life outside football. Specifically, "There is still a health issue." Smith talked about the class he taught and visiting donors and playing golf in Las Vegas last week. He said it takes pressure of him. He was in Phoenix last week with Ryan Day and returned to Columbus instead of going to Vegas. Smith said Urban and a retired gymnastics coach will run a program for all OSU captains. There were 81 last year. Said he and Meyer "were in lockstep." Said he expects to joke with Urban about the Reggie Bush comment. 

Ryan Day. Flew together to and from Phoenix and talked issues. Share same values recognizing you have to win. Had a formal meeting with Day the same as every other head coach. Goal is to give them the resources to be champions. I did note he said Urban was in the room along with the asst. AD with football responsibility. 

Transfer Portal. Said the ADs want to give it a full year of operation before recommending changes. Said there are over 2,000 (that is about 1/5 of FBS players) players in the portal. 29 have applied for waivers and 19 have been granted. 

Smith is attending B1G meetings this Monday and Tuesday. I assume last week was the coaches and this week is the presidents. This is when someone usually leaks how much of a payout schools can expect. 

The segment is still available on demand. 

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