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Kyle Snyder Hype Video: 30 Days to Budapest

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September 22, 2018 at 11:01am

If you're not hyped enough for football this fine fall Saturday morning, let the reigning, defending, undisputed world champion get your engines going. Kyle Snyder is 30 days out from his fifth World Championships, and is training to take Budapest by storm.

Here's a peek inside the mind of the master, via The Rudis:

"As long as I put 100% of myself on the mat, if I put 100% of myself on the mat, anything that happens is fine with me," Snyder says.

"I've studied myself just like these other guys have studied me, so as much as they think they know about me, I know more about myself than anybody in the world. Little changes, little things they couldn't see if they watched it over and over again, but I feel and I know is going to make a big difference. When I step on the mat at the world championships, they'll expect one thing and it might look similar to the untrained eye, but it'll feel much different."

If a 60-second hype video isn't enough Captain America for you, here's some technique work, on clearing to the inside tie to a single leg.

Snyder, alongside fellow Buckeye Logan Stieber, will represent Team USA at the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, Oct. 20-28.

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