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Arch Manning and His #1 Ranking

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January 24, 2022 at 8:07pm

I remember reading one of these recruiting threads, and it seemed like basically everyone on here were saying they think Arch Manning’s recruiting ranking was inflated because of his last name. Obviously, I believe that sentiment would quickly change if there was a lot of hype around him ending up at Ohio State.

I decided to see what other fanbases’ opinions are and it seemed like everyone pretty unanimously thinks he’s worth all of the hype and is molded to be the perfect Manning, and is even better than Peyton was at this point of his high school career.

I don’t believe they just hand out #1 rankings, even if you are a Manning. He has to be pretty good. Bronny James is only the #34 ranked recruit in the composite and #54 on 247, so I don’t think you get to be #1 just because your family is famous.

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