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Best QBs for 2021

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January 16, 2021 at 4:18pm

247 posted an article today highlighting the projected best QBs for next season

I looked over the list and outside of Sam Howell and probably Spencer Rattler, its not that impressive. Wouldn't be surprised if someone from the list of QBs projected to declare end up staying another year to try and shoot up the draft boards. But it also got me thinking, with Ryan Days ability to develop QBs and our offensive line getting a huge boost with Munford coming back, what are the chances that Miller/Stroud end up being a top 5 QB next year?

I feel like it would be a very good chance. Howell and Rattler are likely the only two guys that will definitely be heads and shoulders above Miller/Stroud. Penix, who didn't make 247's list, has the inside track to best QB in the B1G next year (Mertz was otherworldly in one game and meh in the rest). DJ Uia-shouldhavegoogledhisnametogethespelling will likely have a great year given the team hes playing for. But other than these guys I see our QBs potentially being just as good as anyone else (maybe JT Daniels as he really came on at the end of the year for the bulldogs).

So while we will certainly have a huge drop in QB play with Fields leaving, the rest of the country will too, and if our guys play as good as we know they can, we may still have a top 5-10 QB on the team next year.



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