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Comment 20 hours ago
Same, but I did get a lot done on Saturday. Watched the Bucks romp then cleaned out the garage, basement, and even did some yard work with the rest of my day. Normally my productivity on weekends during college football season is bupkis haha
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Yall are acting like tOSU is already out. Its week 3 we need to stop complaining about hypotheticals that are 3 months away. If we win out we are in. If we lose 1, gonna come down to the judges. And the BIG is not showing up so far so a regular season loss to anyone other than maybe UW is gonna look bad. Clemson is in the same boat but a 1 loss clemson probably gets in over 1 loss tOSU. Let's let the season play out tho before we start crying foul.
Comment 14 Sep 2019
This. I mean sure it's good when the B10 wins. Excluding ttun, it's always good whenever they lose. But truthfully I care little how purdue/maryland/MSU/etc does unless it's when we play them. This isn't the sec where the entire conference chest thumps cause Bama has won all their national championships the past decade. If the b10 sucks but tOSU is great I'm happy. If the b10 is great and tOSU doesnt win the conference I'm not happy. End of story.
Comment 14 Sep 2019
I mean I think most would agree tOSU draws big crowds and big bucks. I think hineygates point is FOX/BTN/etc are competing with ESPN for those bucks whereas with SEC teams it's not quite the same? Idk. I don't really care about this whole thing. But I can recognize logic and illogic when I see it. #bosashrug
Comment 12 Sep 2019
Man that pie looks good. I dont bake but tempted to try haha. I just bought a traeger so will be firing it up for the first time this weekend. Probably gonna see how she cooks up some NY strips on Saturday just to get my feet wet and see how they compare to my charcoal weber. Sunday is a big NFL game day for me since I'm a Packers fan and we play the Viqueens. A win sunday puts us 2-0 against the division. So for this game I'm tempted to make some wings but haven't found a receipe yet for the traeger. Theres a traeger app with a bunch of recipes so I'll probably search on there first
Comment 12 Sep 2019
tOSU vs Another B10 team and no SEC teams. Would enjoy watching the entire south and all of the pundits outrage at 2 non-SEC teams from the same conference get in the playoff.
Comment 11 Sep 2019
Yah I got the app and flipped thru it a bit but haven't dived in too much. Seems pretty handy especially with the wifi control. My plans are to fire it up this weekend!
Comment 11 Sep 2019
Awesome advice thanks! I actually have that exact therm probe and been using it on the weber grill. It was a gamechanger for me since I could do the sear and move technique for steaks and not worry about over or under cooking it with the thermometer. And yah, in Wisconsin staying inside and much as possible is a huge necessity when winter grilling haha!
Comment 11 Sep 2019
Great tips thanks everyone. When I go out and buy some brisket from my butcher, anything in particular I should be asking for? Or is it pretty straight forward?
Comment 09 Sep 2019
Theres 65 teams in power 5 conferences. You picked 3 of most prestigious ones, and a financial estimate of a scholarship at 1, to then make a blanket statement about college athletes. You also cannot use potential earnings unweighted as an argument on how much a scholarship is worth. You're assuming that either 1) the student athlete will not get into any college if they didnt have an athletic scholarship, and 2) they will not be nearly as financially successful if they didnt go to college. There are non-4 year degree paths that can be financially successful. Suffice to say, you're grasping at straws at best here.
Comment 07 Sep 2019
In a 4 team playoff, 2015 tOSU has no business being there. Neither did 2017 Bama. Both were the most talented teams for their year, but just having talent does not nor should it ever equate to auto championships. You gotta earn it by putting the product together on the field. The 2015 team couldnt do that so they dont deserve it. But in college football we are tricked into thinking otherwise sometimes. E.g. "the eye test". E.g. 2017 Bama. Its balderdash IMO.
Comment 15 Aug 2019
I thought that blocked punt return for the td and win MSU pulled off vs ttun was fantastic. It was fantastic, but it also kept us out of the b10 ccg and likely playoffs and probably national champions
Comment 06 Aug 2019
I feel really good about our DBs. It's been awhile since I felt that way. Of all the freshman I want to see Wilson get the most playing time. The more this kid gets acclimated to the college game the better. He has the talent to become WR1 by next year. Just needs the reps and the opportunity. Oline will dominate this year. Might not matter who technically starts either, that squad is ridiculous talented. LB the only question imo. All other units seem good, unless JK gets hurts or something. Need him and Fields to stay healthy all year long.