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Comment 28 Jan 2020
Only time will tell but on paper: 2020 QBs vs 2019: better. Fields will be better and we actually have a QB room 2020 RBs vs 2019. Worse. MT3 will get his but opponents feared and prepped for Dobbins. However the running game in general will be fine as Fields will prolly be running more, but will be tough to match the #5 overall rushing offense in the nation without a guy like Dobbins. 2020 OL vs 2019: better. Maybe much better. This is really what makes our offense so scary for next year. We could have the best Oline in the country paired with the best QB and best WR corps. 2020 receivers vs 2019: better, maybe a lot better. 2019 OSU *only* had the 36th ranked passing offense. Mostly cause we didnt need to throw much with Dobbins et al destroying teams on the ground and then not needing to throw with huge leads in almost every game. Then when you think that Olave should be a top 3 WR next year, combo with Wilson, Flemming, Ruckert, Jameson, et cetera, we could be the 2019 LSU tigers. Overall 2020 offense vs 2019: better. Probably much better. 2020 Dline vs 2019: worse. Losing a guy like Chase Young is insurmountable. He single handedly disrupted entire offenses. But I think overall the line will be better as a unit and still incredibly successful at rushing. 2020 LBers vs 2019: better. Losing Harrison is tough but the group of Hilliard/Mitchell/Borland/Werner as a lot of promise. 2020 secondary vs 2019: worse. Shaun Wade in 2020 = Okudah in 2019 but then things fall off. Well known this unit takes the biggest step back. But as others have written, it's not all gloom and doom and with Coombs at the helm we will be fine 2020 defense vs 2019: worse but only a bit worse. At the end of the day the 2020 offense gets a lot better and the 2019 defensive worse but not by much. Long story short: idk how you look at the 2020 buckeyes and say "doesnt look good for them, 2019 was their year".
Comment 21 Jan 2020
Remember, 2018 pre-season our QB room was Joe Burrow, Haskins and Tate Martell with Matt Baldwin as a true Frosh, and 2019 ended up with none of those guys in the QB room even though all 4 could have been here as QB in 2019. So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Mertz transfers from UW and wins QB1 in 2021! /s
Comment 16 Jan 2020
I'm really glad Burrow said what he did. 1. It makes LSU look foolish for saying it was fake cash 24 hours earlier 2. He is free from the confines and subjugation of the NCAA. I interpreted his quote as a big middle finger to the NCAA and loved it. "Yah it was real cash and there ain't a damn thing you can do to me about it". Bossman Burrow.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
It seems like a good RB class. Chubs, Taylor, Swift, Etienne, and Dobbins. Even tho I'd take Dobbins all day from that group, he could slide to 5th RB taken. Next year he would go #1. Other things on the table and within his grasp if he came back: heisman, natty, and all time tOSU rushing leader. Still think he goes, especially based on the tweets he sent out since the loss. Really seemed like he was saying goodbye.
Comment 26 Dec 2019
Good read it does seem these teams are very even but we all know it's not about RBs vs RBs or Dline vs Dline but how the units match up against the other units. Clemsons WR core may be better than ours given their studs, but I'd argue that our DBs match up better than theirs do vs ours. IMO that could neutralize the advantage Clemson has at QB since it's tough to argue that Lawrence isnt a better passer than Fields. We may end up having just as much success through the air as they do, and if that's the case, I like our chances on the ground a lot more than Clemson's.
Comment 26 Dec 2019
44-38 Buckeyes Slow start causes blood pressure to soar >180/90, then a big second quarter ties it up 21-21 at half. Bucks come out hot in 3rd quarter and lead 34-24 at 4th quarter. Big 4th quarter finish with Chase Young ending Clemsons hope with a 4th down sack and buckeyes kneel it to victory.
Comment 22 Dec 2019
You may be right, but also it may just be that Alabama and Clemson have been that much better than everyone else over the past 4 years, and that's why we've seen blow outs in the first rounds. You could then argue that 4 team playoff has been too narrow to capture teams that may have been as good as Bama/Clemson (2015 Buckeyes for instance), and that expanding the playoff could actually increase the number of quality games.
Comment 21 Dec 2019
Sci fi: matrix dodging bullets scene Action: Jurassic park Trex water glass rippling scene Drama: shawshank redemption escape scene
Comment 10 Dec 2019
Clemson is a great Defensive rushing team. Top 10 in the country. But tOSU has had great success running the ball vs top rushing Ds. In 2 contests vs Wisconsin, tOSU has rushed for 268 yards in October and 173 yards in December. WI is the #8 overall rushing defense, only 0.6 yards per game worse than Clemson. That is despite giving up almost 450 yards vs tOSU. tOSU rushed for 323 yards vs MSU, the #11 overall rushing defense. tOSU rushed for 232 yards vs Penn state, the #10 rushing defense. So while Clemson does have a great rushing D, tosu is the best rushing team in the country and has put up 170+ yards on 4 occasions, and 230+ yards on 3 occassions vs similarly vaulted rushing teams, the huge bulk of that on the back of Dobbins. If Clemson holds Dobbins to 100 yards of rushing that would be a huge achievement for them.