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Division Tiebreakers in COVID World

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September 20, 2020 at 4:05pm

Has the Big Ten announced division tiebreak procedure given the possibility that not all games will be played?

Should division winners be based on:

  • Winning percentage?
  • Total wins?
  • Head-to-head if one team wins based off total wins and the other by winning percentage? Ex. OSU (6-0) beats PSU (7-1) but had 2 games canceled.

In one scenario you could have a 6-0 team make the title game over a 7-1 team (winning percentage). 

In the other, you could have a 7-1 team make it over a 6-0 team (total wins).

You could break this “tie” by head-to-head. 

Winning percentage is how the MLB is deciding division winners, but playing 50-60 games is much different than 8 or less. Has the tiebreak procedure been determined by the Big Ten or any other conferences if total games played is not equal?


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