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Who to Trust? A Few Notes on Flugluar, Portykus

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September 15, 2020 at 11:27pm

they represent Wisconsin and Minnesota beat writers respectively. I'm starting to have doubts in fall football, and that these guys can't be trusted based on the actions and statements of their schools/chancellors.

Minnesotas president, welll she has always been pro Spring, but they have been quiet outside voting down 9-3 a BOT resolution calling for immediate football. No indication or official word other than the rumor mill that Minnesota is on board. Obviously the Flug knows that this is bad for Minny. He may be intentionally trying to make good news, or to try and cast his team in a better light for the future.

Same can be said of the Jeff Portrykus guy from Wisconsin. UW chancellor Blank has been scaring me the most out of everyone. Yesterday was the whole "conference stays unified" as the bigger goal and even said big twn is looking to play OR NOT as one solid unit. Then today she made a bunch of medically ignorant claims including stuff about "we should ask what's changed" and she even started talking about Myocarditis. So yeah, I'm not trusting anything coming out of Wisconsin right now.

On the positive I think PSU is firmly in our corner, and there was an interesting tweet from a PSU player today

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