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Warren - Trump Meeting Was Brokered by Clay Travis and an OSU Grad

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September 2, 2020 at 10:30pm

I found this article fascinating to get some backstory details on how the Kevin Warren and President Trump meeting came about.  It reportedly involved none other than everyone's favorite media personality Clay Travis, and a White House aide who just happened to be an OSU grad, Timothy Pataki.  I do not want to go back to jail, so there will be no political talk from me in this one.  I had not seen this posted and just wanted to share several interesting revelations in this one.  Maybe my favorite is that the B1G asked Travis to stop being so critical of Warren, and sure enough Travis has done a 180 on his attitude towards Warren the past 2 days.

Among the aides was director of the White House’s Office of Public Liaison, Timothy Pataki, a 2007 Ohio State graduate who played lacrosse for the Buckeyes. Trump eventually appeared on Travis’ show on Aug. 11, where he talked about his desire for college football to be played this fall. That same day, a few hours after Trump’s appearance, the Big Ten postponed its football season.

The conference’s decision to postpone football caused a cascade of negative press, which led the Big Ten to hire Carrie Cecil, CEO at Anachel Communications, a public affairs and communications consulting firm, to help with the fallout. Coincidentally, Cecil began her career as an intern in the late John McCain’s office, and through her 25 years of experience working with reporters, she has relationships with several media members, including Travis.

Cecil, working as a consultant for the Big Ten, spoke to Travis to see if he might soften his criticism of Warren, a first-year commissioner with a lengthy NFL background, but no college experience. Through those conversations, it became apparent that Travis was in contact with the White House and had taken part in meetings to figure out how to convince the Big Ten to play football this fall. The White House’s first contact with Warren came Monday at 5:12 pm from Pataki. The commissioner huddled with Cecil to evaluate the pros and cons, knowing that Trump would be seeking political gain from the exposure. Within an hour and 23 minutes, Warren responded and told Pataki that he’d speak with the president. By Monday night, they were all set for Trump to call Warren at 8:30 pm today. The call lasted roughly 20 minutes.

I reiterate, not looking for political discussion, just sharing some details I had not yet seen on the soap opera that is B1G football in the fall of 2020.


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