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Comment 4 hours ago
I do feel like Cooper ascended to 5* status by dominating the camp circuit in a lot of no pads situations. Goes to show sometimes the evaluation process can be a little misguided. That said, he seems like a great person, great teammate, and great leader. Doesn't stand out as a weak link, just hasnt been able to have as big an impact as many would have expected.
Comment 18 hours ago
Palmer's top 5 I think is very fair. My big thing is if you are going on either SOS/quality wins or "eye test" (ie statistical domination) OSU has both Alabama and Clemson beat in either category. The only metric OSU isn't better than Alabama and Clemson is national championships won in the past 5-10 seasons, and that is what many voters are still using as their underlying logic for their rankings.
Comment 19 Oct 2019

Geez, Louisville just trading bad turnovers with Clemson right now.  Keep in mind Clemson narrowly avoided that bad punt fumble in the end zone. As sloppy a game as you'll see through 1 quarter.

But oh woe is Clemson, so disrespected. Defending champions, blah blah blah.

Edit: surprisingly overturned that Louisville fumble. But still, this game is ugly so far.

Comment 19 Oct 2019

OK, anybody watching Clemson Louisville?  I need a rules explanation on that muffed punt.  I guess I have never seen that play before somehow, but for the life of me cannot understand how it was not a safety for Louisville.

To recap for those not watching, Clemson returner muffed the punt at the 5, the ball rolled backward into the endzone.  A pile-up ensued and it was determined Clemson recovered it in their own endzone.  As a result, they were rewarded a touchback and then ball out to the 20 yard line.  Makes no sense from a rules perspective.  Announcers didn't say squat about it or even replay it after the commercial. Just seems strange to me. 

Comment 19 Oct 2019
I feel pretty good about the defense shutting down Wisconsin. Would have felt great if not for the so-so run D last night. NW was completely one dimensional and managed to move the sticks on occasion just not enough to score points. Wisconsin is infinitely better at that style, so they will get some points if it is not tightened up. The offense against their D is hard to make a prediction on. Only because their D has been almost unprecedentedly stout. It certainly could be because of their opponents, but I think they are mostly legit. But until we see otherwise, have to believe the OSU offense can score on anyone. OSU 31-20
Comment 19 Oct 2019
I think Fields could play perfect football the rest of the year and he won't be cracking the top 2 of Heisman voting. The competition is legitimately elite, and the story was already written for some of those guys, so it will take a lot more than a good game against Wisconsin to become the front runner.
Comment 19 Oct 2019
Yeah, if there is a team the media likes to disrespect it is Wisconsin. I think the media motivation will come AFTER this game. It will all be about how Wisconsin is a fraud, not that OSU is the clear cut #1 team. Because you know Bama LSU isn't moving off of #1-2. That's too good of a story for them.
Comment 19 Oct 2019
Depends a little how Wisconsin does today. They pitch a 5th shutout in 7 games I think you'll see the line at -8.5-9. If they just look normal good, probably -10.5.
Comment 19 Oct 2019
Everyone should get ready for this. Especially if OSU wins convincingly. Meanwhile, there is no evidence that Alabama is objectively better than OSU, or LSU is objectively better than Wisconsin. Yet when that game happens - before, during, and after all the talk will be about how the loser should still be ranked #2.
Comment 19 Oct 2019
Everyone talks about Borland's lack of speed, which is fair, but I think when coupled with his relative lack of size/strength for the position, everything compounds. You have to have one or the other, ideally both, to be an effective MLB at this level of football. Tuf makes the best of it, but his ceiling is many levels lower than Browning's. Disheartening to hear Brownings absence was not injury related. Hopefully the issue is done and behind him and doesn't affect his play, or have him in the coach's dog house for more than this 1 game.
Comment 17 Oct 2019
My favorite potential OSU/Wisc storyline for next week is the very real chance OSU could score more on Wisc in one game than they've allowed through the 1st 7 games. This is assuming Wisc locks down Illinois to 10 or less. Would have to be a statistical first.
Comment 16 Oct 2019
It was Northwestern Stanford actually. Same thing happened to NW. Under a minute left, spread covered, tried to make an unlikely desperation drive and sack fumble TD for Stanford.
Comment 13 Oct 2019

Those signature wins for LSU would all have 3-4 losses by the end of the year. Good wins still yes, but not like 2016 OSU who had 3 top 8 wins.

A 1-loss B1G champion (OSU or Wisc) would get in over LSU in this scenario. ESPN would certainly fake debate it to build drama and ratings, but it ain't happening. That would be some real gymnastics on the non-conf schedule since Cincy is going to win 10+ games this, FAU 8+.  And rather than an FCS team as a 4th game, they play an extra B1G game.

Comment 13 Oct 2019

It's a fair question.  ESPN/ABC actually has 1st pick that week, but it seems preseason they selected ND@Michigan, and preseason announced it as such.  So while it is believed to be technically possible for ESPN to welch on that and take OSU-Wisc, it doesn't seem likely.

I'm holding out hope for 330PM start on Fox.

Comment 13 Oct 2019
Unless I missed it, you never did tell me why the spread matters. I still maintain it does not, for this particular exercise. What other key variables do we need? What I will say as I had said above, is perhaps a possible conclusion is that the SEC consistently under performs in bowls. If all the experts in the media, Vegas, and the general public have them favored in 70-75% of their game but they win much less. Bias might not be the right word to describe that, but everyone involved in that equation seems to be giving the SEC as a whole too much credit. Its interesting is all. Certainly could be expanded from more sources. And I think ATS performance in bowl games is an interesting study as well but I view as separate from looking at just the media's variance in straight pick 'ems and actual results, which is what I was doing.
Comment 13 Oct 2019
This was annoying trend in this thread. I get it, we are on an OSU forum and OSU plays in the B1G. But I made no mention of OSU in the OP. This 100% was not about OSU, but yet half the knee jerk comments and passive aggressive mocking posts such as this one went right there.
Comment 13 Oct 2019
We'll find out tomorrow either way. Only other option is 330pm lead in to the world series. Which I would much prefer to noon start.
Comment 12 Oct 2019
I'm still waiting for a good replay of that holding call. They gave 1 shot for about 2 seconds from behind the goalposts. Couldn't tell if the defender actually held him or just merely placed his hands on the receiver's back side.