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Comment 14 Jan 2020

It can be both. Burrow definitely would have been very successful the past 2 years at OSU, had he got the nod.  He certainly would have had a much better year 1 at OSU than he did at LSU.  But he also wouldn't have had as good of a year 2 either.  So the LSU offense hurt him and then it helped him.

It is still a wash for me. Haskins + Fields the past 2 years has yielded just as good of a result as Burrow for the last 2 would have.  The bonus about the current OSU scenario is we have Justin Fields for another year instead of perhaps Baldwin or Martell next year.  Woof.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

I have no major complaints with Werner.  He was very solid and will be even more so with a whole year in this system under his belt.  Having Borland back for his 9th year is a bit depressing though. Browning isn't the answer in the middle either, so it would just be refreshing to see some of these other guys get a legitimate chance to show out on the field and see what else we have.

Comment 13 Jan 2020
Skalski hit was for me the textbook spearing play that deserves ejection. The Wade hit he didnt launch, but unfortunately lowered the crown right as Lawrence duck crouched. Two different plays but of course Fowler and Herbie say it is just like the Wade hit.
Comment 13 Jan 2020
Watching Burrow gash them on the ground is twisting the knife a bit, having not seen Fields do the same for the majority of the game. When it so obviously was there. I know he was not 100%, but 80% Fields is still an effective run option.
Comment 13 Jan 2020
Hell to the no. Even if LSU wins by 70 I would feel confident with OSU taking them on. OSU is the best team in the country. As long as the game was played somewhere truly neutral, like the Rose Bowl, with NFL refs, I like them to win.
Comment 13 Jan 2020

I don't know about anyone else, but I am choosing to believe this rumor because it seems like whatever can go wrong for this team will go wrong right now.  Also it has become a frequent tradition for the Men's basketball to have a key player suspended during a crucial stretch of the season. So yeah, would not surprise me at all if true.

Comment 11 Jan 2020
But imagine that alternate universe where roles were completely reversed then. OSU is getting dominated fully by Clemson, down 16-0. The hit happens to Fields. No targeting. The game goes on and we lose 37-10. We going to sit there and be heard about a missed targeting call in a blowout? Its nonsense, we'd get over it pretty quickly. I truly believe if they dont make that call it is curtains for Clemson.
Comment 11 Jan 2020
It doesn't clinch it. But it would have been very close. Clemson only had 1 TO. They use it during next set of downs, the clock is inside of 1:30 come 4th down. And OSU is at least in FG range, or 4 down territory. Or may have broke their back and finally hit a TD.
Comment 10 Jan 2020

Damnit guys, this was seriously the 1st day since 12/28 I think I legitimately hadn't thought about the Fiesta Bowl.

I'll never get over it either, but once they get the stupid championship game on 1/13 over, and the week or so of follow-up chatter, I'll at least be able to "move on". 

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Yep, that for me is why out of the 3 segments of the game I layed out above, the first 25 mins and 16-0 lead is not the one I pick to say "this is why we lost".  Oh, we kicked FGs, the horror.  FGs are better than punts, which is what Clemson was doing.  The game was headed in a direction (domination) it would have continued in if not for the 2nd/3rd/4th chances that the officials/OSU gave them.

The OSU inflicted "this is why we lost" for me is the last 5 mins. Get another 1st down, drain more clock and add to the lead. No?  OK, get one more stop on D with your opponent 94 yds away. No?  OK, drive the field and don't pick the worst possible time to break off your route on a possible TD pass.