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Comment 21 Jun 2019

The most frustrating thing about the red zone offense was once both the coaching staff and Haskins himself committed to him being a running threat, they were much better the last 4-5 games of the season.

But the Purdue debacle had already happened, which I maintain would have been a completely different game if OSU didn't bungle multiple red zone trips in the first 2-3 quarters. Instead of a desperate defense getting gashed in the 4th, they would have been playing with a small lead and who knows what happens from there.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Perhaps, but 2 years in a row a 30 point loss to a mediocre team was a major part of the undoing for OSU.  So I would say not getting blown out by said mediocre teams is now a worthwhile data point.  Also, not having a faux scandal hanging over your program's head in today's culture is worth noting. 

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Show me the data on that.  Having fairly closely watched the conference finals and NBA finals, I would say at most he was balanced in his 3 pt / mid range / close range attempts.  Would not say he lived by the long 2.  In fact would still guess based on what I saw that fewer than 30% of his overall attempts were mid-long range 2s.

Which I think the takeaway can still be the same.  He was effective at an MVP level because he did use the whole court and could score from literally anywhere.

Comment 13 Jun 2019

The NCAA's credibility has been shot for years, with their wild inconsistencies and general toothlessness. This could be an opportunity for them to re-assert themselves as some sort of legitimate governing body, but I won't hold my breath.  These were some pretty serious violations committed by big name schools, so if they don't have some backbone on this case, one would doubt if they ever will again.

Comment 07 Jun 2019

My primary takeaway is he's 24 years old.  I know he was a RS SR, but did he also fail Kindergarten a couple times?  That's one old ass NFL rookie.

Comment 28 May 2019

I don't know, maybe the NCAA tourney committee still agrees with the OP.  I mean, they get the AQ bid from the B1G and are still the equivalent of the #63 seed in a tournament of 64 teams.

Comment 26 May 2019

It wasn't one guy. It was dozens. And they are still right, this unfortunately extends his job. As an ex-player of his it is so hard to not air it all out in these threads, but now is not the time.  The time now is for honoring the players' achievement and supporting the team as they head into the NCAA tournament, which I will always do. I guarantee you whatever the hell happened this weekend had nothing to do with Beals.

Comment 16 May 2019

It was definitely a terrible hire from the start.  But Beals had some good teams at Ball St who in the same year were objectively better than OSU at the time.  Problem was those teams he had were comprised mainly of the previous coach's (Maloney who went to Michigan) recruits.  Once it was fully his program, yeah Ball St went to mediocrity fast.  Which made the hire stunningly bad at the time.  He was literally going to get fired from Ball St, and somehow parlayed that status into the OSU job?!

He's not a good coach, period.  And that is in regards to the purely baseball knowledge and player development aspect.  He is an equally bad recruiter, or I suppose assessor of talent when it comes to whom he recruits.  In his early days he had an obsession with bringing in kids who were from his good old boy area of Ohio, and had similar traits to himself.  Which was a bunch of midgets with no projectability or potential at the college level, let alone professional. 

Comment 10 May 2019

Lol, easily the most confusing yet technically accurate thread title of all time.  Probably could have gone with I don't know, "California SF Justice Sueing transferring to OSU?!"  but this was probably more fun.

Glad to hear Boom Herron isn't being sued.

Comment 08 May 2019

I don't think anyone would argue that Radon in and of itself is not dangerous, therefore Radon in and of itself is not a scam.  The scam is the currently accepted system of realtors/inspectors/mitigators working hand-in-hand to make it an inevitability that millions of homes have these systems installed in there, when it likely is not needed in the majority of cases.

Comment 08 May 2019

Exactly Earle, is it worth risking your family's health over $900?  Whose family is at "risk" though, the buyer or the seller?  That's where the whole thing has gotten backwards.  If the buying family is that concerned about it, they can fork over the $900.  They just know they have leverage on the seller and the seller will eat the cost to do it, so that's why they push for it.  They don't even have to have an opinion on whether it is a real risk or not, it's free for them, so why not.

But I could guarantee you, if it was common practice for that cost to be on the buyer, you'd have at least a 50% reduction in systems installed.  Because then the buyer would actually be forced to do the research and weigh the "risk" against the cost.  But that would be bad business for those other entities involved in this transaction, so you have what we have today.

Just follow the money, health issues around the world are only a big deal if there is big money to be made off of them.  I think you could legitimately argue long-term usage of cell phones is equally as dangerous as radon.  But, that's a billion dollar industry, so the powers that be have determined we're not supposed to care about that.  

Comment 08 May 2019

Scam.  I would venture to guess that the vast majority of first time home buyers have never heard the word Radon before they go to buy the house.  They first hear it is from their buying agent/realtor.  It gets put in basic terms to the buyer as hey this is this potentially dangerous thing, so pay a little extra for the test along with your inspection for peace of mind.  And then if it comes in above the totally arbitrary level of 4 pci/l, the seller is going to be on the hook to mitigate.  The buyer has no skin in the game, so of course they are going to demand something whether they believe it is a real threat or not.  If you really take the time to read the studies and how they came to some of these conclusions, it is flimsy at best, and you have much greater risk just walking outside everyday then spending a couple hours a night in a basement with a 10-15 pci/l reading.

We built our first real house, and the builder was clear they won't test for it, they won't mitigate.  We didn't either.  When we finally sold last year the levels came in around 9-10.  We also were on vacation so it was a totally sealed house and I think it stormed.  So that lead to a $900 mitigation and ugly ass 4" pipe running up along the garage to get out. 

We built our next house and it was the same deal with the builder.  Since the sting of the last house was still fresh I decided to spend $150 on one of those 24/7 radon testers from Amazon.  Supposedly much more reliable than the little test kits.  It was interesting keeping an eye on it for 30 days. Levels generally stayed low but it would spike up to 6-8 when there was bad weather.  30 day average was like 2.2 so I boxed it up and returned to Amazon.  Whenever we sell the home I will do the same to get my own personal baseline.  No more $900 surprises.  I like the one posters idea of putting in the sale contract, that it will not be mitigated by the seller, don't like it, walk away.  Most will not walk.

Comment 06 May 2019

From a pacing standpoint, this is where I think the theories of Jamie kills Cersei, and then Arya (or someone) has to kill Dany make sense.  They win over Cersei at great cost in episode 5, but Dany is in full Mad Queen mode so she has to be put down early to mid episode 6.  The rest is wrap up.

I just think they will leave at least one last major surprise / death for ep 6. 

Comment 30 Apr 2019

That or Nebula did know the truth but didn't want to tell them, lest they may not want to go.  I mean, they are our heroes, so whether they found out in advance or on the spot, someone would have done it.  A little more dramatic how it went down versus an advanced discussion on Earth pre time jump.

Comment 25 Apr 2019

It just sounds crazy Haskins is supposedly falling from the one time top QB to the fourth taken.  I usually don't care too much about the draft, but this QB angle really intrigues me this year.  Lots of conflicting rumors out there.

Comment 24 Apr 2019

95% of the comments in the article don't seem very friendly towards the reporter, so unless those are all OSU fans with scarlet colored glasses, I'd say he doesn't have the best of reputations.

I do think Dwayne Sr. handled this a little bit strangely, but I don't think they are hiding anything.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Yeah, and consider Martell is not doing so hot at Miami so he may not even win that job.  That's the reality for some of these guys.  They lose out on the starting job at school X, but are young and inexperienced anyway, so heading to school Y is no guarantee of winning that job either.

In some regards, they may be making the path to playing tougher on themselves.  We don't know what the future holds for Baldwin, but here may have been just as good or better than anywhere else.  He's already in the system for a year, Fields has looked a little shaky, and even if he picks it up is still an injury away from being the guy.

But, transfer somewhere unknown and have to start over. If it is a top 25 caliber P5 school, there's probably already someone there on at least equal footing with you, and somebody coming in the next recruiting who is just as good as you.  It just seems like a coin flip at best for this transfer spree to work out for these kids, but more power to them.  It's their choice.