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Comment 18 Jan 2018

Sounds about right.  Although for some reason I feel like they trip up before the Purdue game, because it seems insane we could enter that game 12-0 in the B1G.  But I think we win 1 of @Pur @Um @IU.  So 15-3 seems like what they are on track for, 14-4 probably a little more realistic.  Which most years would win the B1G, probably not this year unless Purdue gets in a funk and/or we beat them.

Comment 12 Jan 2018

It is kind of crazy looking at the schedule and saying...they could be favored and win their next 7 games, heading into @Purdue at 12-0 in the conference. I don't care if the B1G is a little down, that's madness. They likely stub their two once or twice along the way, but the chance is there to get a higher seed than anyone thought possible just a week ago.

Comment 11 Jan 2018

Yeah and most of the reason Tua was "ready" for that moment was he had already played in 8 games and had like 500+ yds passing and 7-8 TDs to his name on the season.  It's not like he just came in from the cold and threw his first career collegiate passes in the national championship.

Comment 11 Jan 2018

Lol probably right.  But it's a fair and accurate representation of "if the season ended now" though, which is all you can ask.  That's about where they should be.  Means they're currently fighting with Maryland for a solid spot in the top 4 of the league and NCAA tournament status.  Big game tonight, since there's not a lot of good wins left on the schedule.  Have to get this one.

Given Maryland's injuries and OSU's trajectory, I like the Bucks in this one, but the past couple seasons has me wary of a let down.

Comment 11 Jan 2018

If he is not at least a "3 and D" rotational wing player in the NBA I'd be shocked.  He's probably never going to be a lottery pick, even if he comes back.  Been here 4 years, has his degree.  He's gone, and very well should be.

EDIT:  And he still has the rest of the year, and hopefully an NCAA tournament, to further enhance his stock.  He's just now on the national radar, and it is his time to shine.  Lots of games left to do even more for himself, and by extension the team.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

The only thing this Saban move proved to me is that making a mid game switch to a different style QB a team hasn't prepared for, can be very advantageous for a team struggling on offense.  So I don't see this as validation that Haskins should have supplanted JT and been "the guy" all year.  Teams would have then scouted him and he would have had some growing pains, and the results as far as W-Ls go probably would have been similar. Maybe even worse.

But when you get that end game, and all of your current QB's faults and limitations are being exposed and you have no means or gameplan to get past it, then why not give the backup with a different skillset a chance?

The Bama scenario didn't quite line up in our recent losses though.  Clemson last year Haskins was a frosh being redshirted, so it would have been Burrow.  Who is probably more similar to JT than not, as far as playcalling would have gone. But still was worth a shot given what the offense was doing.  Then Oklahoma this year was just the 2nd game of the season, and Burrow was hurt so you only have Haskins who I don't think had thrown a pass at the collegiate level yet.  And then the Iowa game I just don't think it would have mattered as the defense was getting torched all day.

The only revisionist history I can muster on this is maybe there was a slight chance Haskins starts against Wisconsin and we blow them out and the committee takes notice and says wow they are a different team with a new QB let's put them in the playoff.  But that was very unlikely on both accounts.

In summation, I don't think this season would have unfolded much differently with either of our QB options.  But I look forward to what the offense can be with a more polished passer at the helm, which is either Burrow or Haskins.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

Convenient that that argument doesn't hold any water as a comparison.  As the score was 21-3 and the only 2 OSU offensive possessions were a Parris Campbell fumble on a 1st down pickup and long FG drive.  So yes, OSU was down big.  But it wasn't because of anything JT Barrett had or hadn't done.  So there was no reason to consider pulling him.

The Clemson and Oklahoma games are another story entirely.  Iowa wouldn't have mattered as the defense was a no show that day. 

Comment 09 Jan 2018

I'm not supporting the Matta bashing but yeah that 2015 class was the backbreaker of the program. Lyle, Grandstaff, Giddens, Mitchell, and Harris was a top 5 class in the country, supposedly.  They should be juniors and the core of this team and none are here.  Their presence also handcuffed the staff for the 2016 class, so now OSU has a gaping hole in the roster. 

Comment 08 Jan 2018

The RPI is not a fan of the B1G this year.  The Butler loss still stings as each day passes.  Could have been another top 25/50 feather in the cap and gave a lot more wiggle room in B1G play, because as you've pointed out... Not a lot of good wins left on the schedule, only opportunity for bad losses.  Which this team has done a great job avoiding so far, but it's a given to trip up once or twice on the road in the B1G no matter who you play.  Nobody is that bad this year, just not a lot of great teams.

Comment 08 Jan 2018

Definitely think that should be considered for Booker.  He just hasn't looked like he has the instincts for LB, for whatever reason.  But I think he has just enough size to be a situational pass rusher.  Seems like we have more depth at LB, I'm all for it.

Comment 04 Jan 2018

They did continue where 2014 left off, for one game.  Offense was genuinely explosive against a VT defense that obviously gave us fits the year before.  Believe they averaged 10 yds/play that game.  Zeke had a long TD, Braxton with the spin move, Cardale connected on a couple long TD passes and was efficient.  The guy this thread is about broke kendall fuller's ankles on a beautiful TD. They gashed VT the whole game. ESPN began talks that night if they may be the greatest team in CFB history, seriously it happened.

And then they largely sucked the rest of the year against inferior teams.  Even the so called resurgence at the end of the season was overrated.  They out physicalled and bludgeoned TTUN and ND on the ground for sure, but the passing game was disgusting as it often was.

Comment 02 Jan 2018

Only consolation for me is that I think 75% of the nation will tune out for this one, just as they did in 2011.  If there is anything that spurs change in CFB (and ESPN), it is bad ratings.  It is extremely unlikely they change the selection process or move to a 6-8 team playoff at any point in the next how many years the current deal runs through. But behind the scenes, there may be some more than subtle nudging to not put 2 teams from the same conference in ever again to avoid the ratings issue.

I do like that we already have other coaches coming out publicly and calling this for what it is, a sham.

Comment 31 Dec 2017
You could say it was just an honest mistake but they've been making these "mistakes" routinely when comparing Bama and OSU. It more upset me then when they talked about said graphic and compared Bama this year to OSU last year, and said OSU "can't have it both ways". That is inarguable B.S. There is no comparison to the two. Bama had a shit resume this year and there is no other way to describe it. That still is my biggest problem with the whole thing. That they got in, not that OSU didn't.
Comment 31 Dec 2017
Link? If you're talking about just an orange bowl recap, sure. I'm talking about some reaction/analysis from their experts on the B1G sweeping 3 NY6 Bowls and being 7-0 overall. Haven't seen or heard much on that yet.
Comment 31 Dec 2017
Yeah no, it is just that much more frustrating. They never should have let that game even get close let alone lose it.
Comment 31 Dec 2017
I honestly never bought into the ESPN conspiracy and I still do not believe they "hate" OSU. But after last night and now tonight, it does seem like they are going out of their way to not address what is happening in these bowls. Very little sportcenter coverage, and no articles on the website. Hmmm...
Comment 30 Dec 2017
I agree with this, but it is also kind of making his point for him. Whether you believe these fairly consistent struggles the past couple years are because of JT or the playcalling, both should change with a new QB under center. Whether that ends up being ultimately "better" remains to be seen. To me, the book has been out on this JT-led offense for a couple years now. And the teams with enough defensive talent to execute give us fits. I am not celebrating no more JT so much as I am celebrating the possibility of a different skillset back there and the hope the coaching staff takes advantage of it.
Comment 29 Dec 2017

That Butler game could come back and haunt them come selection time.  Would have definitely gave them a little more leeway in conference play.  With the B1G looking a little weaker and OSU only playing MSU/Purdue once each, they HAVE to go at least 10-6 with the remaining B1G games, for a 12-6 conference finish, to make it.  Seems doable based on what they have shown us and what the rest of the B1G has, but won't come easy.