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Comment 6 hours ago
He'd be a top 5 lock. It's not like he'd the only one who had his season taken away. EVERYONE in the draft wouldn't have played in 2020. It would be status quo and that status is he's a top 5 pick right now.
Comment 26 Mar 2020

RB and DB are the only two where you can say there will be a notable difference from last year, and the hope is that drop off is not too severe.

I think Fields will be a little bit better at QB, but the bar is already so high it will be hard to measure it in a tangible way. I think the O-line will be a little better, but again, very high bar.  WR is trade off for young talent over experience. I like the talent, but that bar is still pretty high. RB is where we know there will be a decline, but I still think the overall offensive unit will be better.

Defensively, yeah we lose a lot on the DL, and you just don't replace Chase Young, but we have lots of dudes up there.  Lots of dudes with experience and high potential of their own.  It is only going to be a small step back, and that is only because of Chase Young.

LB worst case is equal to last year, but that is 7 upperclassmen who can all play and bring something to the table.

DB, you just have to hope Wade becomes that lockdown superstar at #1 CB spot, and the other guys grow into some roles and two somebodies step up in the other spots. It feels like Proctor or bust at FS, and the ceiling is pretty high. Let's hope he reaches it.

At the end of the day I think our 2019 offense with an A grade goes to A+ in 2020 and our 2019 defense with an A+ grade goes to A- in 2020. But our playoff experience for both the players and the coaches gives us a little extra to make up for that difference.

This overall team should put together a very similar product to last year.  One that was a couple unlucky plays / rule technicalities / bad replay overturns away from playing in the championship. We will be right there again.  

Comment 24 Mar 2020

Yeah, Sueing, Jallow, and Young were the 3 Boots Brothers on the bench there at the end of the year.

Comment 23 Mar 2020
I do think a legitimate question mark / concern is how Towns, Sueing, and Jallow come back off of significant injuries. You also have Young who seems to be perpetually banged up unfortunately. On the other hand if Wesson comes back, and all the above stay healthy, Holtmann has 10 players used to getting a lot of minutes. A good problem to have, but getting the rotations right and keeping everyone happy will be key. I hate I have to say that last part but we're averaging a couple transfers out of the program every year lately.
Comment 20 Mar 2020

I've been doing much the same. Lots of the 2007 and 2012 runs are available in full game format.  Astonished neither of the above 2013 Iowa St or Arizona games are available as a full game.

Nice of the NCAA to drop their most recent - the UK loss in 2011. That was such a good team, and such a heartbreaker.  2-16 Buford just had to make 1 shot to make up for all of it.

Comment 16 Mar 2020
If it all plays out as expected by some, and Wesson leaves, I do wonder about interior defense. We'll just have a bunch of 6-6 to 6-7 guys to run out there and Diallo. Who still seems like a longshot for meaningful minutes next year. And I'm just going off of listed position, height/weight, and previous stats - but isn't Towns very redundant to Sueing? If we're losing Wesson just wish we were getting a bigger body with this last spot.
Comment 12 Mar 2020

I don't see the harm in doing what the NBA has done with an indefinite suspension.  Behind the scenes they can be working the possible logistics of a late April-early May schedule. Let the pandemic play out for another 2-3 weeks before pulling the plug officially.

At the end of the day, it's going to much easier to cancel. And that is what will happen.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

Conferences would name whoever the regular season champ was.

I just hope they don't outright cancel the NCAA tournament, yet. Suspend it please.  I don't know how the logistics would work on the basketball side, and it may be impossible, but a 6 week suspension until late April could be feasible from a COVID-19 perspective.  We don't know where this is all going, but I think with all the precautions now being taken around the country, in 6-8 weeks we are going to have a pretty good handle on this thing and hopefully have slowed it down significantly.  And also have much better data on how truly deadly it is.

But it is probably not realistic on the basketball side to pause for 6-8 weeks, reschedule venues, TV, etc.  Allow teams to still practice.  Probably going to be much easier to say Sorry, it's over. We'll try again next year.

Comment 11 Mar 2020
Might as well cancel whatever TV service you have since there's no sports to watch. Wonder what ESPN is going to do to make ends meet.
Comment 11 Mar 2020
I imagine ticket buyers from the original source - Ticketmaster and/or University ticket offices will be refunded directly. What is not entirely clear, but seems like the majority of the major resellers like stubhub, vivid, etc are going to refund people who bought 2nd hand. While simultaneously not paying out the seller, or pulling funds back from the seller. I bought mine from tickpick and it says I will automatically get a refund in 3-5 days.
Comment 11 Mar 2020

Sound logic. Could be something to it.  We also could shape some type of argument that a sterile quiet atmosphere could help certain underdogs in certain situations. Or a higher seeded team could come out flat and not have their large fanbase to pull them out of it.

Who knows what will happen. The most unpredictable sporting event might be even more unpredictable now.

Comment 11 Mar 2020

I wonder what the odds of the B1G tourney falling in line are?  They are about to host the first games in a couple hours, so obviously those are on.  But tomorrow?  Who the hell knows with the way this is all going.

Better be able to get my money back for tickets if that happens, but bought secondary market.  What a mess.

Glad I don't have any NCAA tournament tickets.

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Dodd is a total boob. I wouldn't trust anything he says. Banning fans is one thing (and the definition of debatable as seen on this site), but canceling it outright is way over the top. I think the Ivy League showed that.

What will be very strange, and create an unbalanced competitive scenario, is if some sites like Cleveland have no fans, and others do.

No matter what the NCAA does, some portion of people are going to be pissed.

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Not exactly the updates we want to hear.  Sounds like Kyle is pretty doubtful for tomorrow night to me.

Very mysterious (and ominous) with Gaffney. Don't know what to make of it. Carton is definitely not returning this season. That ship has sailed. I'm really hoping both these guys get better, get it figured out, and return to the team next year. They both have so much potential.

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Well, I and about 18,000 others will be there tomorrow night to watch the game in person. Go Bucks!

Only thought that has entered my mind is a tournament format like this is additionally dangerous.  In that it is over a dozen games in a 5 day window.  Multiple sessions and groups of fans in and out of the stadium. Pacers had a home game last night.  So I could be about the 4th person to sit in my seat in the last 48 hours.

Not that I think there is anywhere near that type of deep cleansing going on in our sporting venues, but the above scenario compared to a once-a-week football stadium in use allows a much better cool down period for germs to just die off on their own.

Anywho, not going to worry much about it.  Just going to be extra conscious and all over my kids to practice good hygiene while we are there.

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Nebraska is in a situation that they are under-manned and terrible, with nothing to lose. So why not, like the move.  It is likely their last game of the year so there is not much of a commitment for the football guys to help out.

Even with OSU's injury situation, I'd have to believe Diallo is an equally effective short term option as Big Thanos, and a better long term option as far as his development goes.  But it still would be fun to see, even if he was just on the bench as an emergency option.

Comment 10 Mar 2020
Would love to be the #5 seed in the same region with Dayton as the #1, for a possible Sweet 16 matchup. Agree on not being too scared of the 2-4 seeds. I say that and at the same time, whatever 11-12 seed they play in round 1, I'll be worried they lose to. It's just that wide open this year.