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Ivy League About to Cancel Fall Sports. Does It Matter?

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July 6, 2020 at 12:03pm

I am not asking the question, "Should we play football?" or "Should schools cancel fall sports?"

I am asking: is the Ivy League's pending decision (on Wednesday) to cancel fall sports and move football to the spring just the first shoe to fall?

There is an argument that it is irrelevant. Football is not big-time in the Ivies obviously, and not a huge revenue source. 

I think it is a harbinger of what is about to smack us in the face. University presidents and deans care a lot about the Ivy League from a professional standpoint, and once their most respected peers start to make this call, it is going to create cascading pressure. And, as Albert Breer noted, when the Ivy League canceled its basketball tournament, people thought it didn't matter - and then within two weeks everyone followed suit. 

What do you think - Ivy League decision (to be made Wednesday but pretty clearly decided already) is: a? irrelevant decision for big time programs? or b) unfortunate harbinger of bad news ahead?

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